‘Pregnant man’ charged with stalking wife

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Phoenix, AZ (KPHO) — Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who gave birth after beginning to change from a woman to a man, is accused of stalking his estranged wife.

Beatie, 40, who lives in Anthem, was arrested Thursday and booked into the Maricopa County Jail on one count of stalking. He was released on his own recognizance Thursday night.

Beatie is accused of putting a GPS tracking device on his wife’s car in October of 2012, about six months after he served his wife with an order of protection that required her to leave the couple’s home.

The device was found by an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer when he stopped to help the victim change a flat tire, according to an officer’s probable cause statement.

Phoenix police said the victim, who was identified in the statement as Beatie’s spouse, Nancy Beatie, said she believed it was Thomas Beatie who put the GPS device on her car. She claimed Beatie would randomly show up wherever she was at the time, would mention places she had been and questioned her about times that she returned home.

Investigators said Thomas Beatie admitted to installing the device, monitoring it online and recharging the battery whenever it was low on power.

Thomas Beatie was denied a divorce in March 2013 by Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach because at the time Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriages prevented the union from being recognized as valid.

Thomas Beatie was born a woman and underwent a double-mastectomy but retained female reproductive organs and gave birth to three children.

Gerlach said he had no jurisdiction to approve a divorce because there was insufficient evidence that Thomas Beatie was male when he married Nancy Beatie in 2003 in Hawaii.

He made headlines across the world as the “pregnant man” and appeared on magazine covers and was on several talk shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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  • Jeffrey a Friedberg

    The “man” is not it a man. It is a surgical monstrosity—a false simulacrum, a Frankenstiein MOnsterosotiy. No matter how hard the liberal maniacs howl and cajole, this “man” is a nutcase woman, all the way down to it’s last strand and atomm on DNA.

    So libs, and “the man”: go to h*ll.

  • Anonymous

    “Thomas” NEVER was a man! “He” is really a WOMAN who mutilated herself! Men don’t get pregnant. These people are deranged.
    Biology 101: XX = woman, XY = man. the biology does NOT lie! Stop calling her a “him”, it isn’t a man! it’s a mentally ill lesbian with an identity disorder!

      • Anonymous

        A man who dresses as a woman is still a MAN, so NO. You’re just a dude in drag. Born a man, always a man, so I will treat you like a man. Also, there is no such thing as a “transgender”. You either a MALE or a FEMALE. Seek professional help

  • Tabby Divine La Brea

    News sources have to start using the correct pronouns or they will get targeted by the ACLU and Lambada legal team. It’s just easier to acknowledge the change. It becomes risky for authors to not do so with their jobs and careers at stake. People get fired for mistreatment of LGBT people in the media these days.
    (Thank you author for doing so, had to let the transphobe comment section know)
    “Me and my loved ones have never suffered a heart attack or cancer, so I don’t believe they exist” This is the same mindset as a transphobe. They are not trans, so it doesn’t exist, and when it does they claim it’s mental illness. The only mental illness involved is one that comes from not getting treatment and another that comes with the invalidation people bring with their own “completely uneducated stupid irrelevant opinion” of the subject. I don’t know what Chrons disease is or entails, so I won’t try to even argue it’s validity, yet people try to argue biology of gender with zero experience nor any qualification or personal experience to assess it. So yes transphobia causes a lot of mental illness. It and homophobia are like the biggest embarrassment to the entire species. They serve no function, yet destroy people and families.
    It sounds stupid to not believe in something the medical community agrees on. The medical community agrees on multiple brain genders that are biological in origin and occur from different types of hormonal reactions in the womb at different developmental stages. If left untreated, people die.It is hard for a parent to learn a child is trans , but it so much worse for it to come out in their suicide note if left untreated. Treatment = acknowledgement and validation of their brains real biological gender identity and can include hormones and surgeries to make things right.
    But you folks just keep putting in that irrelevant stupid opinion based on redneck unawareness of the subject and hold back your fear that one day you might have to actually…. gasp…. meet a person like me on a bus or sitting in a table close to my table in a restaurant. In reality if that happened you would probably find me adorable just like everyone else does since you would not even notice :-P
    I won’t return to this topic, so don’t ask for a response unless you are ready to hear silence sounds like.

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