NFL to Seahawks: The Baldwin end zone pass against the Chiefs ‘should have been a penalty’

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Doug Baldwin #89 of the Seattle Seahawks runs the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs defense during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium on November 16, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Doug Baldwin #89 of the Seattle Seahawks runs the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs defense during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium on November 16, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

RENTON — Oops, officials from the NFL are saying.

According to USA TODAY, head officials called Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and admitted the officiating crew should have called a pass interference against Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith for shoving receiver Doug Baldwin on a crucial fourth-and-goal with 6:33 left in the game Sunday.

The Seahawks lost 24-20 against the Chiefs, dropping the team to 6-4.

Carroll received a call from the vice president of officiating Dead Blandino Thursday informing him of the league’s mistake, USA TODAY reported. The league also admitted that an earlier pass interference was not called against receiver Jermaine Kearse.

The call offered some solace for Baldwin, who complained about the officiating after the game. Though the Seahawks had two more possessions after the blown call, they never quite came as close to scoring.

“Pete just came up to me and told me the NFL came back and said, ‘It should have been a penalty,'” Baldwin told USA TODAY. “Pete said, ‘It’s unfortunate. We move ahead. And we’re not worried about it.'”

Baldwin continued:

“The refs are human, too. We all make mistakes.”

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  • BD4

    Vindication! Doesn’t change the outcome now, though. Classy guy, Baldwin, for not making an outburst on their mistake. We’ll get ’em this week!

  • Margaret Mary

    I love how S-O-M-E of these accidental Ref calls do things like COST the ‘Hawks a Super Bowl a few years ago, and then this call playing the Chief’s (that might have made the difference in one very scrappy game). It’s always easy for the NFL gods to say “let’s just move on” when it was not their team that got hosed.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • nicholas

      The other call one was against kearse that wasnt called, there for they were saying we got away with a call on our part that kearse pushed off on for a big gain earlier in the game. As for the call that was at 6:33 left in the game and as bad as the D was giving up big run and screen passes, no saying we win even if we score there. We had 2 more possesions in the game afte that missee call. Happens in every game every week and it doesnt change the outcome just irratates us fans at times. But the refs are human the NFL is a fast game and normal speed and i respect the job they do. More times then not they get the correct call. At that time of the play it does look like incidental contact which would not be a penalty. Go Hawks!!!!

  • Jojo Descallar

    it’s all just sour grapes!..admitting you screwed up doesn’t change the outcome of my team getting a loss record!…and this is NOT the first time that Leavy’s bill screwed my team over!!!!!……

  • Peytondrools14

    Imagine that… refs making game changing bad calls…. never saw that coming.. HA Between the bribed refs, the new rules and the new ownership of the NFL by Peyton Manning & his co-conspirator Papa “I’m a 1% Douchebag” John, they are turning the NFL into a pansy sport. Let’s get rid of the idiots that are running this show, the premadonna’s and get back to playing some real football!

  • Bryan

    Nice job by the NFL for admitting the mistake. It was obvious that the 4th down play should have been pass interference. I only wonder why the play was called great defense and wasn’t questioned by the FOX crew calling the game. Come on Goose! We can only hope that the NFL decides to not let Bill Leavy’s crew (not the first time they have publicly said they blew calls against Seattle) ref any playoff games. I can only imagine the outrage if they made these two blown calls against Dallas, G.B. or N.Y.

    In summary, I don’t expect these admitted blow calls to be reported on Sportscenter.

      • yesac1990

        Even more interesting is Bill Leavy also officiated the Dallas game shocker? He’s just biased against us and its not opinion its a fact.

    • Jessie

      Bill Leavy was actually temporarily downgraded (one day) for blowing a call against GB last season. The call allowed SF to win the game.

  • Dave Latimer

    Leavy and Triplett should both be fined and suspended for not only bad calls or non calls on the Seahawks but their League record overall. They are both the worst officials in the NFL, the outcome of the game will not change because of Blandino saying it was a penalty. But the outcome of the game was seriously affected by Leavy’s crews non call.The NFL should never allow this to happen but year after year it gets worse . Instead of trying to figure out ways of suspending and fining players they should concentrate on rectifying the issue with the officiating.

  • wateverwatev3r

    Seahawks fan stop fucking crying… wat about the Green bay and Seahawks, where Russell throw a hell mary touchdown… cost me 4k that game!!!

  • hmm...

    Chiefs fan here. I was actually at this game and i even had this game recorded at home so let me tell you something: there were multiple penalties that were NOT called against Seattle. Multiple – one by #41. (whatever his name is) for pass interference and one by Malcolm Smith, multiple offsides by Seattle’s defense that were NOT called. A so called first down that Andy Reid had to challenge prior to a Seattle failed 4th down conversation – just to name a few. Now this Doug Baldwin wants to run around accusing people of missed penalties?? Gtfo of here. What about that cheap td Percy had against SD? Did Doug Baldwin or Cheat Carroll say the refs made a mistake by ruling that a td? How hypocritical. Take the loss and move on just like we did after the loss to the Raiders. Doug Baldwin will never get another SB ring with that attitude.

  • john

    In defense of the officials, and this is my ONLY defense, the game is so much faster then it was just a few years ago. So if they are missing calls(???), then either put more officials on the field, or digitize with all the cameras all over the stadiums and use that to determine the penalties in real-time media playback.

    Otherwise… follow the money, and that determine the penalties called.

    I use to follow every team in the league, not any more. Too much interference by the officials. I follow my home-boys, nothing else.

    F*** the NFL. Too bad to, b’cuz I love the game.

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