Muslim cemetery vandalized; Bosnian refugees fear hate crime

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MALTBY, Wash. – The Bosnian community in Western Washington was shocked to find headstones and memorials destroyed at their Snohomish County cemetery.

The refugees who escaped bloody violence in their home country now fear hate has driven vandals to target the place where their loved ones are laid to rest.

“They’ve died in peace, they can’t rest in peace,” said Meliha Babic, “This is unacceptable for any place to have your headstones turned over and your grave site vandalized.”

For the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Washington State, the Bear Creek Cemetery near Maltby is their final resting place.

Babic’s mother and uncle’s bodies are buried at the cemetery. She said her uncle’s headstone was toppled and smashed some time after the weekend.

“He came here to escape that, to start a new life and to live in a safe area, and now look what’s happening,” she said.

But it’s what wasn’t damaged that has this immigrant community worried they have been targeted because of their faith.

“We have two parts of the cemetery, one Christian, one Muslim,” Babic said. “It seems like all of the damage was in the newer part where the Muslim Bosniaks were buried.”

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said there’s not enough evidence to show hate is the motivation  – but the immigrants believe the vandal’s intent is clear.

“My first gut reaction is that this was a hate crime,” said Babic.

The property’s owners are considering installing surveillance cameras at the cemetery to catch the vandals if they return.

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    • unacceptable

      What race war?! You small minded idiot. These are graves, I would never in my worst moments dare to disturb the peace of people who have died. How about you get out from behind the keyboard and stop being a troll, you terrible example of a human being.


      1st) You are a living proof of how ignorant, dumb and full of hate Americans are. “They would like to start a race war” but they themselves are white, excellent, you genius.
      2nd) “The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said there’s not enough evidence to show hate is the motivation”- AAAAAAAAA we all got it wrong, it was motivated by LOVE perhaps.
      Typical American, they think if they tell non-sense stories in order to justify their sick actions, others will believe them as well. That is why no longer world doesn’t give shit about you.

    • hanna

      This is gold.

      Islam is a religion whose adherents span from Europe to Africa to Southeast Asia.

      And these Muslims happen to be WHITE EUROPEANS from Bosnia.

      I’m surprised you are capable of writing a full sentence let alone capable of using a computer.

    • Selma Hadzic

      OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!vAre you stupid!!!!??!!! What makes it okay when someone disturbs the dead???? How would you feel if you went to go visit one of your loved ones and their grave was smashed into pieces? It was only one part of the graveyard and it was the Muslims.. We didn’t do anything to you. Just because some Muslims decide to do something “stupid” doesn’t mean EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM is bad. Doesn’t anyone get that? We were part of a genocide and we moved here to live in a safe environment and live in peace and yet we can’t even have that. It isn’t any Muslims fault. It was who ever was stupid enough to do this. You are a very mean person.

    • Edmond O'Neill

      Dear Troll Holmes:

      Perhaps there is hope for yet beginning with your emerging from your parent’s basement/bunker where you sit in near darkness jacking off between Fox “news” and Rush Limbaugh. You might lose your “social life” trolling web forums, and venture out in the sunlight, talk to some people, then travel more than a few miles from town. There’s a world out here. Be there, — if you can !

  • Nile

    Shame on the ones who did it. I hope the police will find the criminals.
    @Darr, my friend quit hiding under the rock and as sooner you realize that hate is a sickness more time you’ll have to heal yourself. Bosnians are form Europe and they are “white” people, many of them having blue eyes which I’m sure would be preferred race to you any many others “thinking” like you!
    “start the race war” wow. It’s 2014 and we are still struggling with hate and racism.

    • Sam

      God gave u computer so u can talk shit behind u mf,why dont u come out of shades ,im bosnian and im in Seattle, want to meet up so i can show u who is wanted here and who is not.Huh you brave boy ??

        • Selma Hadzic

          What do you exactly expect?? You just disrespected a lot of people… Maybe you should be deported… Typical? Do you want to talk about typical? Maybe you should look at yourself and see that you are just a typical asshole.

        • Taliban

          Cry cry you hillbilly but that’s all you can do. Let us see you deport us. Watch us drive nicer cars, having better houses, fuck you women and so on.

    • Citizen

      You might be surprised to discover that many people in this country feel exactly the same about you… maybe not based on appearance, but definitely based on idiot thoughts you poop out and have to show everyone to feel validated.

    • Bsw

      Do you guys have anything better to do with your life then sit on the damn computer and talk shit … You idiots get a life you piece of shit

    • Selma Hadzic

      And…. Who are you exactly to say who belongs here and who doesn’t? Stop being racist. What did we ( Bosnian Muslims) ever do to you. Sick people. You’re just another example on how humans are cruel.

    • Amber

      Your country, are you that much of an idiot? Correction it is our country. People fought for our freedom. Understand that. OURS not just yours. My daughter is Bosnian-American and I am married to Bosnian. Quit being racist. Muslims are people too who have feelings and emotions. Quit being an ignorant asshole.

  • Kico

    Some things only these ignorant, not all, Americans will never understand !!! First of all this isn’t your land. Second, us European immigrants are the ones finishing college and starting businesses improving America’s economy. Third, your grandparents were European immigrants. But the main point is Serbs and Bosniaks are both white. So to Americans its not a RACE/HATE Crime, but to us its way more than that. So yes this is definitely a hate crime, on basis of religion and ethnicity. -EDUCATE YOURSELVES-

  • DetroitBIH

    This is so sad! I don’t know why a human would do this! America is suppose to be Freedom! You can’t be free & safe in this country! U don’t do this to no one even if it’s Christian, Muslims, Hindus etc…. just not right Idk y ppl r putting religion in this! It’s freedom of religion! I hope state gives them money to fix it! & those ass holes who did it get caught! KARMA is a bitch!

  • Anela

    First we have all these hate comments about immigration and now Bosnians! It is always from these poor ass white people who struggle paycheck to paycheck. They are so miserable with their own life that they have to hate on others. Most Bosnians came here in the 90’s and they already have their own houses and are productive citizens of this community. Paying property taxes, giving to charity and educating themselves!
    You can also see the education level of the people who leave nasty comments such as the race war.
    King 5 did a much better job reporting this than Channel 13. I loved the heartfelt words from Armin’s mom but I wish the Babic girl would have tied this into uniting the community especially the Bosnian community as well as what viewers and community members can do to come together and make this right.
    I hope that instead of Bosnians being mean to each other, we can use this as a learning opportunity for all of us to support one another and come together as a community that others strive to be.

  • Anon

    HA! Of course the media won’t consider it a “hate crime” because it wasn’t white Christians who were targeted. But if it was Bosnians who did it to a Christian/Catholic cementary then they would be labeled “terrorists”. This world is full of pathetic sad people. We all come from the same place, & we all die & go to the same God. You think vandalizing another religions possessions is going to get you any closer to God? You think being ignorant & saying all Muslims are terrorists will make God proud of you? Think again. I truly feel bad for ignorant disrespectful assholes, their lives must be so fantastic…not.

    • mumin

      nemora se tako govorit srbine, ali ona hanuma dosta ruznih reci izrece, to da je ovo final resting place, a brate nije, tu se samo ceka na Sudnji Dan u zagrobnom zivotu, pa ce onda da se presudi, a ovo sto je ona poeziju neku pricala ‘they can’t have peace’ za televiziju, ti rece proda veru za veceru, niko od vas nije lepo postupio, nit ona s takvim komentarima, nit ti o njoj. Da nas Allah sve troje uputi na pravi put, na put onih kojima Je milost svoju darovao, a ne na put onih koji su zalutali, i ne na put onih koji su Njegovu srdzbu na sebe izazvali, amin.

      Boze nas, sveti se Ime Tvoje budi kraljevstvo Tvoje, kako na nebu tako i na zemlji, kruv nas svagdanji daj nam danas, oprosti nama duge nase kako i mi oprastamo duznicima nasim, ne uvedi nas u napast nego izbavi nas od zla, amin.

      Allah kaze u hadisu kudsij: “Ne trazite hranu za sutra, pa ni Ja ne trazim molitvu od vas za sutra”.

      zar to nije isto ko kruv nas svakodnevni daj nam danas, nije molitva daj nam sutra i preksutra, i u srijedu i petak, nego danas.

      • Jebac srpkinja

        Ko je tebe ucio vijesti matereti mile. Gdje to Allah sta kaze u hadisu cccc. Hadisi su vezani za govor poslanika SAAW a ne Allaha. Njegov govor je casni Qur’an. Presipitaj sta I gdje to ucis.

        • name

          Hadis Kudsi je Allahov govor koji nije svrstan u Quran. Na kraju krajeva ni poslanik as nije govorio po svom hiru, ovako kako ti govoris, pa nemoj psovat jarane, i ostavi srpkinje jarane. Ukucas fino u google hadisi kudsij il fino lijepo pitas hodze sta je to, a ne da pametujes vamo i trazis greske koje ti mislis da su greske a nisu greske, zivices jos kojih 70 godina, proce ti to u pametovanju, idi uci i nauci nesto jer bices pitan u kaburu sta si radio sta si znao. Osim toga zabranjeno je covjeku kleti se u ista drugo osim Allaha, tako da ja se ne kletem materama umrlim grobovima cevapima i tako dalje kao sto ostali srbi bosanci i hrvati vole da se kletu, tetkama… idi jarane uci, nisu hadisi “vezani” vidim ja iz te rijeci ‘vezani’ mogo si rec oni su ‘oko toga’ heh, da ti neznas puno toga, a nisam ni ja znao, bio sam i ja tu gdje si ti, zato jarane otvori Kur’an Casni i Hadise, i Hadise Qudsi, ako ti treba sta ostavi ovde email poslacu ti knjigu

    • downtime

      SER(b)ONJA, đe si ti Kačevandino pilence? Ti se izgleda pališ na ovakve stvari? Vidi se da ti je Kačevanda dobro uzdrm’o mozak. Hehe koja si ti bijeda? Niste vi džaba tako mrki. Učini sebi uslugu pa idi izvadi DNK analizu, da vidiš s’kim ti je prababa imala najviše posla; s’ Bošnjom sa Dinare, Turkom iz Anadolije ili kojeg zeme iz Albanije. Žvaljo jedan, čije li si kopile?

  • mumin

    Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
    Don’t worry you can not disturb the qabr life (grave stage of life) of those who have left this world, unless you cry for them when it was He who created them who took them back to Him, it was He who created the worlds and the skies and everything in between them, the Lord of humans, Lord of dawn who took them back, for every human will taste death. There might be other ways that hurt them a little and I don’t know them, but this is not one of those things that hurt those who have left this world. All was done here was a few stones was broken, and was walken on above the graves which is probably a sin, and the breakings also, but no it don’t hurt them none, for they are alive and they don’t miss anything.

    Thank you very much, but no this is not their final resting place. Final resting place for all humans is either heaven or hell, and God-willing for these people final resting place will be heaven after the Day of Judgement, for no one will enter Paradise but with Gods grace, and He is the Most Gracious the Most Merciful, Allah.

    So before you go poetry writting saying “final resting place, and they can’t have peace”, remember lying is a sin, do remember to tell the truth, be honest, for it is enough lies for a man to just repeat whatever he hears. Do be correct, do not trade the truth for something that you think sounds nice, or that you think will have an effect on people when you say those words painted with lies, trying to make an elephant out of a mouse, do not trade truth for lies.

    God-willing they have peace, and when God gives someone peace, do you think some broken stones a human or few humans, or the whole army of humans from the first man Adem as and all of the humans that will be born can go against God, the All-Powerful and All-Able, Who just says “be” and “it is”. No I don’t think so, be patient son’s and daughters of Adem as, and Eve as, for God creates us from one man and one woman, and there is no patience and peace but with God, and who can take away that which God gave you but Him. Ok I know it was a rhetorical question but the answer is noone but God.

    There was a man who lived alone on an island for a thousand years, there was a bush which gave fruit, and a little stream of sweet water among the surrounding sea of salty water which he ate from and drank from. All day he prayed to God thanking Him, and he ate and drank, and he praised God, thanking Him for all of his thousand years which God granted to him. He will be told that all of his thanking for thousand years isn’t even enough to thank God for the blessing of eye-sight.

    Wi will only enter paradise with God’s grace, His mercy, His will, not because we deserve it.

    None of us deserve anything we have, if it wasn’t for animals God wouldn’t even send us rain.

    Slave of Allah.

    You don’t need to know my name, Allah knows my name, and He sees all.

    • maryam

      to those gullible who have been deceived by American media which write all against Islam! you are and have always been deceived by politicians of your country. American people are mostly ignorant of real Islam. they don’t know that ISIS is a make-belief. ISIS terrorists serve the American Government and Israel. people do not know the history of Israel. it is the worst regime that aims to destroy all other nations, to obtain power by war, racism, war and war. i am a scholar. please search reality by your own reason not by your media. media is lie. rich authorities tell lies about Islam. the prophet Mohammad was the best and most kind person in the world. i love the prophet. also, I love Jesus Christ. if American people would knew how English and American politicians play and manipulate people around the world, they would never be deceived. read the history of crusaders, you know how the ancestors of Israeli politicians played with Christianity. the love war to remain powerful. they use the name of religion, they kill Palestinian people to usurp all their lands. they are not really Jewish. they are missionaries belonging to secret societies. real jew ism is not war, real Islam is not war. real Christianity is not war. Israel and American politicians are in love with war. they do everything to destroy others, say, Muslims,to remain powerful.

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