‘Don’t come in or you will be shot!’ Lakewood man told home invaders: They went in

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — Having been tied up and pistol-whipped, a Lakewood man had nasty cuts on his forehead from a terrifying home invasion.

“We are a little shaken up, but we are doing fine. Spent the night at the hospital, but we are home and we are fine,” the victim, who asked not to be identified, said Wednesday.

Outside his home in the 11000 block of Briar Road SW on Wednesday, you could still see the damage caused by three armed men who kicked open windows and doors. The robbers tied up the victim and his wife who are both in their 60s.

“He was able to stay pretty calm after being pistol-whipped pretty severely,” Lakewood police spokesman Chris Lawler said.

The thieves ransacked the home for valuables and at one point went outside. That’s when the homeowner freed himself and his wife and then shut the door and grabbed a gun.

“He made some good decisions — he retreated to a bedroom,” Lawler said of the victim.

But the thieves fired shots through the door, breaking into the home again.

“He said, ‘Don’t come in or you will be shot!’ They had a chance to retreat and they didn’t,” Lawler said.

The homeowner fired two shots as the thieves ran into the bedroom.

The victim told Q13 FOX News he had no idea why the robbers targeted them.

“They kept saying, 'We want weed, we want money, we want gold' -- and we have none of those things,” the victim said.

Lakewood police say the home invasion was completely random.

“There is no link from this victim to any marijuana dispensary or any business like that; we don’t know if they targeted the wrong address,” Lawler said.

The armed robbers got away, but an hour later a body was dumped at the Palisades Apartments in Federal Way. A person called 911 saying they heard a gunshot.

“Come to find out that call was fake, to get some response there for medical aid,” Lawler said.

Lakewood police say the dead man is one of the thieves who broke into the Lakewood home. The random home invasion has neighbors still shaken up.

“I was scared so I didn’t come out ... looked out the window,” neighbor Vann Lak said.

The homeowner was treated for lacerations to his head and his wife had cuts on her hand. Lakewood police say the couple was courageous.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday's Lakewood home invasion was not related to a home invasion Tuesday in Midland, where two men tied up a couple Tuesday afternoon and escaped.

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  • John Fuller

    If I ever tell intruders, “don’t come in or you’ll be shot” I’m not going to end up with injuries on my head… They may as well get three jail cells ready for three King County inmates… better yet they may as well get three caskets ready and make funeral arrangements for three dead home invasion robbers.

    • Cole

      They aren’t showing up to state any comments, because it blows their reasoning for gun control out of the water. Now, the UK is actively pushing the idea that “Pointy knives” are not needed and are dangerous…they are starting to have an outright ban on them..they also have something similar to a ‘gun buyback’ except with knives! Can’t make this stuff up!

  • Jmason

    And why isn’t Fox respecting the wishes of 2 crime victims who said they didn’t want to be identified? I am extremely disappointed that you would completely disregard their feelings. Not only has their address been made public but their photos, too? There are still 2 of the home invaders on the loose not to mention the friends and family. This is reckless and cruel behavior. Disgusting.

    • JKesterson

      SHAME SHAME ON YOU FOX 13. I AM SO DISSAPOINTED IN YOU! I AM SHOCKED AT YOU. The man asked not to be identified. What are you taking pictures of their home, and of the man? Exploiting victims!!! So that the friends and family of the monster the man shot can retaliate against them Ferguson style??? If your organization has any decency at all, take the pictures down. It doesn’t make for a better story to show the home or the man. If I were them, I’d hire a lawyer and sue you. You are putting this family at risk!! If you have ANY INTEGRITY AT ALL…take the photos down.

  • Cole

    THIS is why we have the second amendment and why anyone who voted for I-594 is point blank stupid!
    The ultra rich Gates and Bloomberg (people who hide behind armed security) are the people who pushed making criminals out of law abiding citizens.

    Wonder if the 2 armed robbers had the background checks done? Hmmm…Gun control works doesn’t it?

  • Ryan Lang

    Too bad he didn’t put all three of those sh#% bags down! And another shooting death in front of the Lakewood dollar tree yesterday, wish more citizens had guns…..

  • Mike

    No description of the dirtbags? How about the name of the bag of sh!t they dumped? Maybe someone will know who he associates with. Pretty crappy reporting.

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