MUST WATCH: 3 grandmas in Washington try pot for first time and then…

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The three grandmothers (Photo: Screen grab from YouTube video)

[WARNING: This video contains some vulgar language]

SEATTLE — Three grandmothers from Washington are trying marijuana for the first time — and their reaction is going viral.

A group called Cut News published a video to YouTube Wednesday showing three women — Paula, Dorothea, Deirdre — smoking what looks like marijuana out of a bong and a vaporizer.

Legalization is prompting some who’ve managed to avoid marijuana their entire lives to give it try.

Among their reasons for never sampling pot? One of the women said she was “too busy raising children,” another said her vices as a suburban housewife were cigarettes and cocktails.

In the clip, the three women played games and ate snack food while discussing risque topics as the marijuana slowly kicked in.

Cut News said the video was recorded in Washington, one of two states where marijuana is legal for recreational use.

The group said, “We found three grandmas who had never smoked pot and gave them an opportunity to try it for the first time. Then we gave them snacks and had them play Cards Against Humanity.”

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  • David in Seattle

    How can anyone find this cute or funny. Would you feel the same if they were shooting up heroin or snorting coke? This is what is wrong with our country. I am a liberal, but this is beyond acceptable limits. This is just wrong and you are wrong for trying to make seem cute or acceptable. Shame on them and you.

  • Cali Jefe

    Congratulations Alaska, Oregon, DC, Guam and Portland-Maine…even Florida got 58% of the vote, California voted to lower penalties on ALL drugs, and NYC is ending marijuana arrests

    Marijuana is Dominating, Freedom is Winning


  • Rick

    What is so “unusual” about those 60’s something women trying pot for the first time? They were young in the 1960’s. You think there wasn’t pot around in abundance then? The only novelty is that it was their first time. No difference than if you showed a 20 something having their first toke. Perhaps someday this generation will learn that there really isn’t anything new under the sun.

  • Green Envy

    All you Ignorant idiots, Direct quote from HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, “There has never been 1 death from Marijuana in all 10,000 years of it’s known use” “More than 100,000 people die per year from legal prescription drugs alone, and that isn’t even counting alcohol”! If you took the time to research the real reason marijuana was made illegal, you would see there has never been any factual or scientific evidence for banning marijuana, it is about the money and racism! Sounds like all the naysayers need to take a few tokes, before they go back watching Glenn Beck, anyone who is anti-marijuana just shows how ignorant and how little they actually know about it. I am a doctoral student studying neurophysiology, and I smoke marijuana it is the only remedy for my illness, do your research before you spout off about marijuana because you know nothing!

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