Seattle’s nightly curfew extended through Saturday morning

High school student: I’ve been suspended 3 times for preaching, handing out Bible tracts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Michael Leal says the Everett School District suspended him 3 times in October for preaching, handing out Bible tracts at school. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

EVERETT, Wash. — Michael Leal says he preaches the message from the gospel and hands out Bible tracts every day at his high school — actions that allegedly got him suspended three times in one month.

“Lately it’s been outside, maybe a few times inside, it really depends on where I’m at and where the people are at, as well,” Leal said Wednesday.

The senior at Cascade High School in Everett says he was suspended three times in the month of October for preaching and handing out Bible tracts during school hours on school grounds.

“It’s usually during quiet time, self time, time for yourself, or lunch, after school, before school, stuff like that. I never try to do it to disrupt the school schedule at all,” Leal said.

Data pix.

After the first suspension, Leal said he contacted an attorney to send the school district a different message.

"Students  don't leave their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse door," said Conrad Reynolds, Leal's attorney.

Leal said other students complained and that’s what led to his suspension.

"That's what really started it all right there, just kids complaining, 'He's preaching, we don't want to hear it, it's offending us, it's upsetting us,'" Leal said.

Reynolds said this is a violation of Leal's constitutional rights, saying the student should be allowed to hand out religious pamphlets and preach at school in the halls or the lunchroom if he chooses.

The Everett School District confirmed it did receive a lawsuit from Leal's attorney Wednesday,  but refused to comment on Leal's suspensions or on the details of the suit.

"We believe really strongly that if any point of view is restricted, then that hurts everyone's free speech," Reynolds said.

The lawyer said he hopes to change the school policy when it comes to handing out literature.

In the meantime, Leal hopes his message is getting across.

"I feel my rights were being impinged to speak and to express what I believe in," Leal said.

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      You give to much credit to this young man for the “trouble”. Name another message that’s been around since the beginning of time that causes people either to drink gratefully of or to vomit and run away from? I can think of none.
      One thing is clear to me, when people hear something that is of no consequence or matter they simply shake their head dismiss it and move on… but whey they hear something to confronts the very condition of their heart rather it’s God message He loves us and resolved the separation between the creator and the created and will restore those who seek him to a life everlasting full of joy and peace or a friend confronting someone about behavior that is destructive one of two things happen the receive the message in love and change their ways or they rebel further.
      It is no surprise to me people are upset hearing something that challenges the lies we tell ourselves.

      Joe Camel

      • Sean

        Creator? Really? Just means you’re as dillusional as he is! Never was one, never will be! It’s just a myth created long ago to explain what couldn’t be explained 4000 or whatever years ago.

        • JOE CAMEL


          Seriously are you that naive? If I handed you an iPad would you say no one created it, it was and always has been.
          Even scientist admit with the big bang a beginning they just don’t want to identify the causation.

          I look at the handy work in the heavens and know their is a creator, He has revealed himself to us not just in his handwork but through the work of his son Jesus Christ who died and was raised. An refutable historical fact.

          Fact is you can bury your head until the day comes when we all stand before Him, can’t wait to get your opinion after that happens…

          Remember, “Nothing comes from Nothing” all that is does not come from us but the one who formed us. He is the final causation, that IS WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE, GOD the author of your life.
          Joe Camel

          • Zaya

            Your whole reply is built on,speculation and theory.

            Anyway the law says u v annot preach the word in school and he wont stop. Kids trying to learn about the world without judgement and here he go handing bibles.

            Little boy have a seat

          • Nate

            Zaya, The Law says that the government can not support any religion, that is to say that any paid employee can’t preach because they are paid by tax payers. If you wanted to out law all form of preaching, then a lot of hard science would have to go bye-bye, and, for example, the chemistry teachers would be fired for saying that the air I am breathing was also breathed by dinosaurs millions of years ago because it is preaching the idea that god doesn’t exist, the earth is four and a half billion years old, and the Big Bang (which was still a theory the last time I checked) happened, etc.

        • John

          Going by your premise, then, I guess you believe that we just came about from nothing. Therefore you are just a figment of everyone’s imagination, and as such do not exist. Nothing can come from nothing unless something was created from it, which means there is a higher power that created that something, including you and I and everyone else, and everything else. I, for one, have absolutely NO DOUBT that God exists. No I do not need to ‘prove’ it to you. You apparently have an extremely closed mind, and therefore would not believe anything I, or anyone else told you. I do feel sorry for you that you can’t even see all the beauty in nature, that I guess ‘just happened’ because it did. I’m actually not even sure why I’m responding to nothingness, as you aren’t real, therefore, goodbye! Poof!!!

          • John

            Cute But your argument is nothing more than a poorly constructed straw-man. Does it bother you at all how hypocritical it is to tell someone else that they are closed minded for profoundly closed minded reasons yourself. You have no doubt and yet refuse to entertain a dissenting opinion to see where it will lead and refuse to acknowledge to possibility you are wrong . The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines closed minded as “obstinately resistant to argument or to unfamiliar or unwelcome ideas” And while I was in fact welcoming further discussion by asking for evidence, You simply try to state what I believe for me in an attempt to shut me up. As for going with my premise I assume you are trying to again use the very same argument without even reading the materials provided to clearly and accurately show why this argument does not work. Why the aversion to reading? If you are so open minded then you would have no problem actually looking at the site and considering it’s veracity on it’s own merits.

        • tired worker

          You have the right to belive what you want. I belive in God. I do not insult you right to not believe in God. So what makes you think it is okay to insult those that do believe. i really pity you, Not having faith or hope must be the reason you are such a bitter, cold hearted person who has such a void in his life that the only joy you get is to insult and be rude to people who love God and his son Jesus. I pity you. But I will never pray for you, and thats sad

  • mandy

    It’s to bad this is happening. There will always be things you don’t like around. Students learn how to say no thank you! Issue fixed :D

      • JOE CAMEL

        Mark, You like straw men arguments to equate taking someone’s life to someone telling you God loves you and has resolved the separation your experiencing now from the very one that formed you. Besides where did you go to school? Have you heard of the first amendment, be thankful no is is coming to arrest you for your ignorant post.

        Joe Camel

        • kim

          It is not illegal for a student to exercise his free speech rights, or to proselytize in his free time. It WOULD be illegal for any staff (teacher, principal, etc.) to do the same on school grounds. Separation of church and state is directed at authorities, and not at students. The students who do not wish to hear it should use their words (No thank you), or move away. If he pursues and harrasses, THEN they have a right to freedom from harassment.

          • Michelle

            It sounds like the other students complained because he was harassing them. He admits every time he was suspended it was due to student complaints. If you are a student and someone sits down next to you while you are studying or even hanging out with your friends and starts preaching at you and won’t go away. That sounds like harassment to me.

  • Aubreyana

    If he felt empowered to spread the word I am happy he followed our makers wishes! Stand up for what you beleave young man! Great job

      • JOE CAMEL


        Really your going to take text out of context (Matt 6:5-6) and make it pretext for you somehow above all others are in position to judge this man’s heart of anyone that supports this young man doing just as Jesus did telling folks God loves them and is eager to restore them and wash away their sin. Jesus got killed for saying this…Do you want to kill this young man too for expressing the truth, “For no greater love is this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” , for that God so loved the world (even you) that he sent his one and only son that who (including you) so ever shall believe upon Him shall never taste death but have a life eternal of joy and peace.

        So if you want to read your bible for all its worth I suggest you look up HERMENUTICS…learn the difference between exegesis and eisegesis when attempting to interpret correctly what any author is communicating.

        Joe Camel

  • Jason

    I am just curious as to how these same people that support this student’s attempt to preach his belief to other students would feel if instead of Christianity he was preaching Islam? In my opinion proselytizing should not be done in a venue where other individuals are mandated to be. If he stood outside the school before and after I see no problem with it. But on the premises should be off limits.

    • Fred Heslip

      Darwinism is a belief system that’s based off of theory and goes against creationism yet it is taught in every biology class. How is that any different?

          • Fred Heslip

            @BreaksEverything. All scietific theory is founded off of assumptions that can be either proven or disproven. Evidence of transitory fossils “Missing Link” have yet to surface. Whether you believe in God or not, many scientist believe in intelligent design over evolution. Evolution is a 150 year old loosly regarded explanation where evidence of intelligent design exists in the complexity of cells, DNA, protein molecules, etc. Even mankind cannot recreate the efficiency of nature through all of our inventions and ingenuity. Could you ever expect an explosion in a print shop to produce an english dictionary even over billions of years?

      • Jason

        Because Darwinism is a theory that has been tested through scientific testing and fact and has not been disproven by science. Creationism is definitely a theory but does not stand up to the same scrutiny. The nice thing about science is that if they discover a better explanation for something they develop a new theory or modify the existing one. Most religions do not do the same. Creationists cannot even agree on one version of creationism. There are at least 5 versions of creationism. Education should be focused, not all inclusive, otherwise school would never end. You wish for your children to learn about a particular belief of yours then by all means teach them yourself.

        • Fred Heslip

          Darwinism has been tested to be true? Let’s look at it from another perspective. Look at the complexity of the world around us. Common sense tells us that the more complex an event, the less likely it is to occur by chance. If you look at a basic DNA molecule which is essential for the appearance of life, it has been calculated that the probability of spontaneous formation of a basic DNA molecule is so tiny that it is considered mathematically impossible. Darwinism doesn’t explain how the universe came to be, what existed before that, why the universe appears to be expressly designed to support life, or how life arose on earth. Scientifically, there is a much better argument for “intelligent design” than evolution. Not all religions are adaptable, but True Religion is adaptable. Proverbs 4:18 states that the light (our knowledge) becomes brighter and brighter. We adapt as we learn more.

          • jayarrgh

            I want you to notice I did not state that Darwinism has been tested to be true. That would imply that it is a fact and not a theory. Only that is has not been disproven. A basic tenet of scientific theory. Using common sense is not useful because not very long ago common sense told us the world was flat. Common sense told us that the world was the center of the universe. The earth is not even the center of our solar system. Darwinism isn’t intended to explain the universe. It is a theory on the how the variants of life have developed on this planet. Nothing more nothing less. I will agree on a creator. I believe in God. Just not the timeline that Intelligent design and creationists have proposed.

          • kim

            Darwinism is the theory from which the scientific fact of Evolution was discovered. Even the Catholic Church has acknowledged Creation through Evolution… Why do you put limits on the Creator?



      You pinned the tail on the donkey here but the problem here is the Donkey represents all the other world views rooted in belief systems and Islam is being taught already in public schools. What you fail to correctly identify everything but Christianity is allowed in school.

      Joe Camel

      • jayarrgh

        Odd that I learned of many religions while I was in school including Christianity. It was called Social Studies and History. Major religions were covered. What none of my classes required me to do was pick one and follow that. I do not know where your paranoid perspective comes from but I truly am sorry for your fear.


      You pinned the tail on the donkey here but the problem here is the Donkey represents all the other world views rooted in belief systems and Islam is being taught already in public schools. What you fail to correctly identify everything but Christianity is allowed in school.

      Joe Camel

    • Shradha

      What is the problem? “If God is for us, who or what can be against us?” Even if all religions can speak, I KNOW the one true God will prevail every time. We gotta stop being weak. This kid knows what it takes.



      Did you get an education when you went to school? Curious before the supreme court has already rule a student’s first amendment rights do not go away when they show up for and education. Or you would of never been allowed to raise your hand and give ignorant answer when called up by the teacher.

      Joe Camel

      • Saje

        Ridiculous. You show me history showing me people marching off to war to “defend Darwinism,” or converting people to “Darwinism” at the point of a sword. Unlike religion, science managed to spread around the world by convincing people. How did it do that? It made hypothesis, then tested them, developing them into what we call “theories” based on observations ANYONE can make, assuming the knowledge and equipment.

        No one has ever shoved a weapon in someone’s face and told them they had to believe in evolution or be hung, burned, whipped, tortured, or drowned. No army of evolutionaries have marched across Europe, burning everything it its path because it had a problem with another scientific discipline. Darwinists didn’t arrive in the New World and see a bunch of scientifically illiterate savages and decide to convert them to Science and Reason. (And if you study up on some of the different social, economic, and political systems among the various tribes, you might be surprised how advanced they actually were).

        If he’s allowed to do this, what’s stopping the Wiccan, the Muslim, or the Satanist from doing the same thing? You can’t legitimately block them.

        The rest of you haven’t figured out a basic truth. The days when you could bully people into accepting your religious views are long gone. And try as you might, you’ll never be able to jam your religion down others’ throats. In fact, the harder you try the more you’ll just push people away.

        it all sounds absurd to me. That doesn’t mean that I’ll mock you for believing it. We each make our own deal with the universe. We run into trouble when we decide that deal should apply to someone else. Follow your own way and let others do the same. If you don’t, you’re going to be competing in the marketplace of ideas with much better ideas than a primitive, intolerant bronze age religion.

        That’s just the way it is.

  • River Burns

    I’m a stundent at cascade high school and I just want to say that he has done more than what he says here. At school he mostly has tried to force it down peoples throats by being demanding with his words, for example I’ve heard him say, “Fear God, you guys are all going to Hell for listening to this music!”.
    Reading this upsets me due to the fact that they are making him sound innocent when he really isn’t!

    • Brooke Inman

      its good to hear from the view of another student who is whiteness to the whole story. Sometimes you need both sides. Students shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable by being yelled at



      I doubt what your saying is true, the reporters here on this site would of loved that story line if there was anything real about it. To post an article about a zealous religious teen tormenting his peers would be a lot more entertaining and get more reads then a kid is being suspended for exercising his first amendment rights.

      Are you a student and witness this, then report it to the reporter and let them follow up or stop spreading falsehoods to support your own opinion.

      Joe Camel

      • Brooke Inman

        How are you going to tell him thats not true??????????!!!!!!!!!!! he was there! he goes to that school! who the hell you are anyway? seriously? that is just bazar to me that someone would say “no you are wrong im right, you were there I don’t even know any of you and are miles away but you don’t know what your talking about”…… that makes no sense and sounds really stupid.

        • Araceli

          You can also be lying about going to that same school. We can only read you, not see you! As well as exaggerating on your statements, like Joel said, take it to the reporters and they can follow up to find out if your statements are true or not!
          Thank you,

      • kim

        It really depends on who is crafting the story. Any bets this one was a press release by the laywer? The “headline” is a quote from the student preaching. Posted on FauxNews…. fair and balanced? Yes, because several other students have posted about feeling harassed. Hostile work environment is not just for paid employment…



      Did you get an education when you went to school? You do know the supreme court has already rule a student’s first amendment rights do not go away when they show up for and education. Or you would of never been allowed to raise your hand and give ignorant answer when called up by the teacher.

      Joe Camel

    • Venny

      if this line between church and state truly exist when children that are Jehovah Witnesses and don’t want to be part of parties the school provides. why is their religion being accommodated why is it that there was a separate prom for teens of the morman faith. this separation is only there when it’s convenient.

    • Timothy Berman

      Spencer –

      You are correct, there is a line between the Church and the State for a specific reason. That line is muddled by the politically correct leftist propaganda. The real line of demarcation between the separation of Church and state is that the Church is protected under the Constitution to be free from Government influence, sway and political machination. Or, in other words, the Church is protected from Governmental intrusion. The constitution states – a person has the freedom not only to believe, they have the right and privilege to freely express and exercise that freedom as well. This means, a person does not need to go to a Christian school to exercise their freedom of religion. It means the School district violated the separation of church and state when suspending this student three times for exercising his right to express his religion freely. The facts are against your liberal thinking mindset.

  • crystal

    Matthew 10:33

    ‘But everyone who denies me before people, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.’ 

    I don’t believe it was wrong what u did . That’s wrong that they would suspend him for doing in what he believes. One day this world will see .

    • Mark AB

      Matthew 6:5-6
      5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

      • Matthew Mark Luke and John

        He’s not praying, he’s preaching. Bring up what Jesus said on preaching and you’ll see totally different sayings. Christians are told to spread the word of the Gospel and not hide it. Jesus closest friends were loud reachers like Peter and His cousin John the Baptist who was always yelling out. Read the whole Bible at least the whole new testament before you try to use it against us Satan.

  • Fred Heslip

    I’snt teaching evolution in school the same thing? Darwinism is a religion too yet it is taught in every biology class. It goes against the beliefs of many people.

      • Fred Heslip

        What’s your definition of a religion? Let’s use just for argument’s sake. It is defined as an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Sounds like Darwinism to me. :)

  • Mark AB

    Matthew 6:5-6
    5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

  • Wes

    the reason why evovolution is taught in schools is because it’s a scientific fact . The reason why they don’t teach the bible is because there is no proof that it is real.

    • Tired_of_Minority_Rule

      Darwinism is a THEORY. It is NOT a scientific fact. It is as much or more of a “fairy tale” than the Bible and creation. In fact, there is much science and historical proof that prove the Bible. And if you want to believe YOU came from monkeys, then be my guest, chances are good, but I will choose to believe that I come from a creator and that this life is worth more than nothing. Even if I am wrong and Darwin is right, at least I don’t have to go through life hopeless, angry and wondering WHY.

      I have seen too much proof of the existence of God to not believe any other way. I hope some day you see a light too. It must really suck living in the darkness.

  • Kenneth Briggs

    dumb kid had better go to a school that will let him do what he wants then , sorry but he is to learn what that school teaches , he can always go to a church school in his area , that would be better .

    • Tired_of_Minority_Rule

      Just so you know, Christians pay taxes too. WE pay for these schools that teach our children the religion of secularism, humanism, darwinism, global warming, sex ed., legal baby murder, gay marriage. We should not have to then pay for private school to send our kids to. If that were the case then our tax dollars should be given back to us so we can pay for our children’s education as we see fit and let the state run schools be funded strictly by those who want the Christians out.

      So why is it that we are expected to pay for education, expected to accept all the secular lies, the distortion of our history, etc and keep our mouths shut? This is absolutely hypocritical on your part.

  • Corrine

    Keep on preaching. We need more young people in this world like you. It’s appalling to me that this is even a issue. When kids are bringing guns to school, doing drugs an just flat out doing the wrong thing we’re really going to chastise this young man who is sharing the LOVE of our saviour.
    The best part of our country is being able to freely practice our religion without fear.
    The message this sends is horrible… you are teaching this young man that he doesn’t share the same constitutional rights as the rest of us.
    Praying for you.

  • john b

    As some who has been giving a vision of hell. Been transformed from violence, sexual sin, enslaved by drugs and alcohol, and definitely not boyfriend of the year. I know about the power of Jesus Christ……good for you my brother

  • Kim Eisen

    This student is violating the rule of separation of church and state. That being said, many schools have tried to accommodate their religious students, by allowing them to form after-school groups, in which they can get together and worship their beliefs. While it’s true that a bible is safer to bring to school than a gun, it is also not acceptable to shove your gun or your religion in the faces of others, or to ask your public school educators to make special rules and accommodations for you to practice your religion. Most people don’t sit at work and act like missionaries. Why are we allowing it in the public school system? It’s okay to be open about your religious beliefs and to have whatever beliefs you want. That is what religion in America looks like, but we don’t sue public school districts for not allowing you to impose your beliefs on other students. If I wanted my child to have a religious upbringing, I’d have raised that child in the church or sent that child to a private, religious school. This particular student is lacking in the concept of boundaries, which is obvious, with so many of his fellow students complaining about his constant barrage of religious onslaught. I respect his right to believe what he wants and he needs to respect the rights of others to do the same.

    • Tired_of_Minority_Rule

      If there is such a separation of church and state then WHY are Muslims being accommodated? This is not even a Muslim country (yet). This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and was a great country and light to the world until we kicked God out.

      The separation of church and state was to protect religion from the state NOT to protect the state from religion. The law was made so the government could not take over and require us to worship a certain way, NOT to make sure that it limits our religious freedoms. So if Muslims are given their freedoms of religion then WHY are Christians NOT allowed?



      Your ignorance on what the separation of church and state is shows maybe though you attended school you either missed or weren’t taught about the constitution. What you are referring to is the notion there would be a state sponsored church. Like the Mosques of Obama and all forced to be members of the state church just because we live in the US. We are not far from that if you consider we are all forced thanks to Obama Care to purchase health insurance. If you do not have health insurance the IRS is now authorized to fine you 1% of your total income for 2014 starting in 2015. We are no longer a free nation but we now have a state church of healthcare we have to join for we are no longer a Free People, you must pay for health insurance to live here. How about separation for Gov’t and Health care?

      Joe Camle

      • kim

        Clearly we are not reading the same constitution, mine says: First Amendment

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petitition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      • kim

        Affordable Care Act is NOT part of the constitution, it is a law that was passed through Congress. Does not bear on religion, this is YOUR “strawman” that you have accused others of using.

  • Sean

    This kid should be kicked out of school!!! I have the same right NOT to have to listen to some loud mouth preaching about something I DON’T Believe in ! I’m so over hearing about constitutional rights being infringed on by religious organizations and religious idiots like this kid! Where are the rights NOT to have to believe or hear this BS everywhere I go? Separation of church and state means more then our government and church. It also means religion doesn’t belong outside of places of worship to those who think GOD and religion are useless and do more harm then good!!

    • Tired_of_Minority_Rule

      You have the right NOT to believe. But let us look at what is being shoved down every American Christian’s throats, shall we? Gay marriage, baby murder on demand, requirement of our taxes to pay for baby murder on demand, Islam, Kwanzaa, removal of all traditional religious displays, Muslims being catered to for their beliefs, profanity, sexual immorality (EVERYWHERE), shall I go on? So, only non Christians have the right to not be offended and those of us who do believe should just stuff it?

      If you don’t believe, then WHY does it offend you that someone else does and their lives are better for it? We have been instructed by the Bible to share the good news. It is sad that such good news is greeted with such hatred and disdain, but it is your right to believe that way, just as it is our right to believe and practice our faith. If it is something you don’t believe in then it shouldn’t bother you. At least you are not being FORCED to pay for it through your tax dollars like we are forced to pay for things we do not agree with.

    • Tired_of_Minority_Rule

      And separation of church and state is to keep the state from dictating the religion, NOT to keep religion out of our public places. Christians pay taxes too and we are forced to pay for things that go against our core beliefs. We have to pay taxes to pay for schools that teach our children the religion of global warming, the religion of humanism, the religion of secularism and darwinism ( a theory) is taught as fact. So, if there is anyone being attacked, it is Christians. The fact is, we have the RIGHT to share our beliefs and practice our beliefs, just as you have the right to reject them, but you do not have the right to decide that we should be banished because we do not believe as you do.

      What is so sad is you sound like a very angry person. Maybe you should try Jesus. He might just change your attitude And your life, for the better. So much wasted energy spent immersed in anger.

      • Jake

        Being shoved down throats? Gay marriage is a worldwide movement, it should be on everyone’s mind. The fact that you refer to pro-choice as baby murder on demand simply highlights that you aren’t educated on the matter. And yea, you should have to pay taxes on things that were passed through the legal system just like everyone else. Since when has Islam been shoved down anyone’s throats? Let alone Kwanzaa? And religious displays should be removed if one religion is overly represented, or other religions should be more represented, which you also have a problem with.

        Also, I noticed you repeatedly use “We” like you actually represent all Christians. I know PLENTY of Christians who are pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, and I know some who celebrated hanukkah with their friends and supported their choice of religion like they celebrated Christmas with them in return.

        Separation of church and state doesn’t mean anything. It is a phrase Jefferson used as a metaphor. But if we want to know it’s actual meaning look at what James Madison described it as: “Congress should not establish a religion, and enforce the legal observation of it by law”. Kids are required by legislation (and thus congress) to go to school, so it makes sense that they shouldn’t have to observe religion while there. I agree that EVERY religion should be able to share beliefs, but not at school, or any other government property.

        Global warming isn’t a “religion”, it is a scientific fact. Period.
        Humanism isn’t a “religion”. It is the belief that humans need to deal with human problems. Should be obvious.
        Did you know that germs are also a theory? I suppose we should also stop teaching that as if it’s fact?

        These things aren’t an attack on Christians, that’s an attack on ignorance. If you really want to equate that, go ahead, but it seems counterproductive to me. And believe me, Christians are not some minority group that is being bullied. They make up 70-80 percent of the country, and almost every politician, who are making these rules in the first place. If you actually think that is being attacked than maybe you need to rethink the meaning of the word.

        And yes, he is angry, and has the right to be, religion in school is a sensitive and important topic. It doesn’t mean he should change his fundamental belief on the universe and life itself over it.

  • 03sv1g

    People who have a 24/7 obsession with cramming religion down other peoples’ throats have mental health issues. Get this kid out of school permanently before he decides to “take everyone to heaven” by shooting them all.

    • Timothy Berman

      I am very interested in factual and empirical evidence that you have supporting this audacious assertion here. And, when I mean factual and empirical evidence, I mean from peer review journals within the Mental Health and Behavioral fields. I am presupposing you will not find anything to back up this false dichotomy statement you have just made.

  • Jake

    I’ll make sure to bring some satanic bibles tomorrow! After all, if people agree their religion should be taught, shouldn’t mine?

    You want me to keep mine at home? Keep yours at home.

  • rhehudio

    He is forwarding the aims of a deathcult that promises happiness after life is done.. This is appauling.. We need people to aim for todays problems, not some made up systems of control to cuckhold americans.

    What he is doing is forcing the charlatan beliefs of a disproven mythology upon the impressionable.
    For that, i think he should be forced out of public school systems.. Church and state are seperate for a reason..
    If someone walked around handing out satanist propaganda, everyone would see it differently..

  • Fran Barker

    I wish more people would stand up like this youn man, maybe just maybe we could get a prayer and the flag salute back and get this country back to being what it’s suppose to be ” in God we trust” Amen

  • LuvsNature

    I am glad the schools are putting a stop to this. Where will it end? If we allow one religion to do this then we must allow all religions to do this. Makes me wonder how this kid and his peeps would like it if there were someone preaching a conflicting religion to him or to others at the school? Lets just keep religion out of school! If you want a Christian education please feel free to go to one of the many Christian schools that are in place. Thank you.

  • Humberto Arroyo

    Clearly this young man deserves the right to preach. He isn’t causing harm or hurting anyone based on the insight that the article gives an insight on. So why are students even bothered? If they don’t want to hear what he has to say, ignore him or avoid him. It’s simple as that.

  • Lee

    Praise God for this courageous Christian. He reminds me a lot of the things my daughter faced in high school. She didn’t back down and I hope this young man continues to stand for God.

    • B

      there is no God ….. just a bunch of weak-minded people that need some sort of direction in their life who lean on that image of a higher spirit for them to lay their own guilts and problems upon so they feel better about sinning.

  • tdm253

    why dont we just start knocking off the christians till their so called god comes and saves them. once there is only a few left of them left, maybe, just maybe, they’ll realize there is no one coming for them and shut the hell up. screw any religion that says you’ll need to change to be considered religiously sound to that sect.

  • B

    after the 2nd suspension, and him showing he didn’t respect the authority and guidelines outlined by school administration in regards to preaching…. he should of been expelled for the year. We don’t that crap in our schools.

  • alani alexander

    Freedom of speech! Better to preach than to shoot up schools! Proud u stand up and stand for your belief!! I would like to say I am not about all this fight on what religion anyone is .. respect the fact all of what any cause or belief. We should not take down people for there love and care in people and relying on positives instead of negatives. He isn’t corrupting on others. He isn’t shoving drugs or guns in peoples face. Those other students are old enough to have their own minds to say sweetly and politely that they do or don’t practice Christianity! I did and have no problems even in the work force to listen to people and not take offense in how people feel or do in their lives. Suspentian is a waist of our lives. Pull it on a student that doest respect a teacher and fights. Or dealing drugs. I loved listening to students in school have such a positive place to be after school and talk amongst each other about it at school. They even helped each other with their schooling .. come on people . Peace and love . Not political religion hate!!!!!!!! I love this student for his worth!! You’ll go far child!!

  • Lawrence Beerbower

    Now we can sit and quote scriture all day.
    Even one who does not believe in Christian ideology can quote scripture and make good many arguements.
    That is not going to address the argument here.
    Matthew 10:14
    If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.
    John: 8:47 Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.
    That is just a sample of how one picks and chooses their scriptures.
    But here we have an issue of rights being infringed upon and the Constitution within it’s own frame work does say you have these rights as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others.
    That congress shall make no legislature establishing a national religion and all have the right to their faith.
    This does not mean you have the right to impose your faith upon others.
    The bible also goes into great detail on how one is to share their faith and what to do if they do not listen.
    The school sadly has become an extension of government. for they take money from the government and are dictated as to what is allowed or not allowed within the school facilities.
    I for one agree that K-12 public school is not the place for any religon. Religion should be taught at home and in the churches and if you wish to persue it further then spend your own money and go to college an learn more about it.
    I personally see nothing wrong with what this young man has done. But I believe the message was clearly sent that the school wants none of it.
    So Constitutionally they do have the right to ask him to cease and desist that activity while on school grounds. We all pay into the school system be you relighious or not. therefor all do have a say in it. In the end it is alright so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. In this case there were complaints about his activity and therefor at that point it is an infringement upon the rights of others and to their education.

  • Kat

    I’m a student at cascade, and i can tell you, this kid is rude and disruptful. He has told many other students (including me) that they were going to hell and the fact is no one is telling him he can’t practice his religion, they just don’t want students yelling their beliefs at other kids who dont have the same beliefs(that causes angry parents and more lawsuits). Even other christians at my school are annoyed by his preaching. He is purely a disruptive influence, and i would go as far as saying by doing what he’s doing, he is turning people off from the religion.

  • G Wolf

    For those of you who are against the kid, you have proven Gruber right. That people are “Stupid” and you are one of them. // I, for one, would like to have met someone like Michael Leal in my High School Days (over 40 some years ago). My life outcome may have been very much different than it is today. From the time I was born to the day I left home, to join the military, I use to get beat everyday from my……mom. Otherwise now known as child abuse. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s, I met a person like Michael handing out tracks. One thing lead to another, went through Christian Counseling and my life turned around for the better. If I had been exposed to someone like Michael 10 to 15 years earlier in HS, I would have made a lot less immoral mistakes. // I say, let Michael Leal do what he is doing. He may touch someone’s life and change it. He may even change that certain person who is thinking about shooting people at school. IF other people feel offended, then that is good. The Lord has touched their heart.

  • AB

    Separation of church and state. Religion belongs in Church, not in school. Schools are supposed to teach proven facts, not faith. Christians wouldn’t want me coming to Church to preach to them about how wrong they are, I don’t want my children being indoctrinated and accosted by religious nutjobs.

  • tired worker

    You know if I don’t want to hear something or I do not want to be handed something. I just say “No thank you” and walk away, I don’t go whinning to someone that I am offened. This country has turned into the biggest whinny bunch of loser, It is embarassing. He isn’t the one causing the trouble, it’s the whinners who are making a issue of this. I hope he wins the lawsuit and maybe a few more people will grow a pair and put a stop to the destruction of our country with this political correctness crap. If the US offends you move to the Middle East and complain to them.

  • Ehlohnae

    Honestly no one sent their children there to listen to a student preach or harass them with religious hand outs. If you listen to the other students he was being agressive about the whole matter which is not acceptable. This boys lawyer is a damn idiot if he thinks their argument will stand. If an institution providing specific services does not wish to have someone soliciting or handing out any products or religion on their property and their “clientel” has expressed a dislike of such then they handled the situation fairly. They could have easily forced the student to leave the school for good.

  • Michelle

    What if he were handing out literature on atheism? I bet people wouldn’t be up in arms about his suspensions! If what he is doing causes other students to complain, it needs to stop.

  • Ehlohnae

    Honestly waving his rights around while he violated the rights of the SCHOOL and the OTHER STUDENTS is assinine. Religion has no place in schools because not everyone is the same faith. Religion is kept off these places to MAINTAIN EQUAL RIGHTS to all of the people. If he was being suspended for wearing a cross on his person then i would find that a reason to sue. However this child was harassing other students with sermons and agressively trying to force propeganda such as booklets in their hands. That is a clear violation of every persons rights on that campus. THE RIGHTS OF ONE DOES NOT OUTWEIGH THE RIGHTS OF THE WHOLE especially in this matter. There was nothing truly unjust that is occuring to this one child. No one beat him up or tried to kill him. His Rights are the same as everyone elses there and he is forgetting that as a whole. Honestly his lawyer is a moron for trying to back him in a case such as this.

  • Timothy Berman

    Reblogged this on Christian Authenticity and commented:
    This article has garnered much conversation about separation of Church and State. Does a student have the fundamental right to attend a public school and freely express his faith without fear of intimidation, threat’s or even harassment from other’s? In our modern society, the courtroom of public opinion seems to lean more and more heavily toward atheistic vitriolic statements that attack Christianity, Christian beliefs and values and even Christian’s themselves.

    Granted, I was not present there as an eyewitness and there are always three sides to every story. However, the question I ask is this: Have we gone so far to allow public opinion to become more matters of fact rather than engaging in healthy dialogue about differences of public opinion without showing forth our willingness to wrestle in the mud pit like pigs?

  • Kayla

    As a student at Cascade I have witnessed this individual during lunch telling people that they will go to hell and that they need to follow his religion. For those kids who have different religious beliefs it is offensive to have an other student telling you that you are going to burn in hell for not believing in what he believes in. He was not suspended for sharing his opinion. He was suspended for not complying with the administration, who have asked him to stop because other students felt they were being harassed by his comments about where they will go when they die. This is not an issue dealing with freedom of speech but an issue about harassment and bullying, which is what he is doing by telling kids that they will burn in hell because of their religious beliefs.

  • ef

    He’s making other students feel uncomfortable. What if someone had a separate religion, or didn’t like it? It would have been a matter of time before someone snaps and beats him. Happened to my friend once, he felt the preacher was pushing religion onto him daily.

  • Phil Moon

    Here is the core of this whole story. Mr. Leal is claiming that he was suspended for preaching about Jesus and handing out literature, all in a respectful and calm way.

    The school (in the very act of suspension and in off camera statements) says he was disruptive and disrespectful of others right not to be verbally assaulted (my words). Students at the school, on camera and off, as well as on the internet, claim that Mr. Leal and his friends are disruptive and shove Jesus down their throats. He allegedly does not understand what ‘no’ or ‘no thank you’ means.

    He, and all students, have the right to bring their holy books and read them, talk about them, even create a school club (like the chess club) where they can bask in the glory of them; only not during classes and they cannot be disruptive. According to students other than Mr. Leal, they have had to put up with his loud and in-your-face style of preaching; no-one likes to have people yell at them and they should not have to move to avoid this Christian bully. If he acted like this on the street, he would be told by police to move on or risk arrest.

    It is possible (though unlikely) the school really did suspend him for pushing Jesus, rather than for shoving him down other’s throats; if so the school will have to deal with that unfortunate choice.

  • Athena

    Here’s the deal, if you feel free to talk about ANYTHING from your personal life stuff outside of work or in this case school, then I feel that I am free to talk about my personal life too. You can’t have it both ways. You either let people have conversations about life outside or you don’t. ….. if ya really want me on my soap box. Tell one kid he can’t preach because you think he is being judgmental but let comments fly from the kids making fun of others because of what they wear. Hmmmmm people don’t want to hear that they are wrong, especially if they all ready know it.

  • WendyR

    The school is correct in suspending this boy. There are plenty of empty street corners, sidewalks & off school property where he can “share his faith”.

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