Obama on Keystone Pipeline: ‘My position hasn’t changed’

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(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

(CNN) — President Barack Obama reiterated Friday that he hasn’t changed his mind on the Keystone pipeline, as Congress considers legislation on the project that would run oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

“My position hasn’t changed, that this is a process that is supposed to be followed,” Obama said at a press conference in Yangon, Myanmar.

He noted that there’s still a case pending in Nebraska by landowners who are challenging the pipeline. “And until we know what the root is it’s very hard to finish that evaluation, and i don’t think we should circuit that process.”

The GOP-controlled House is scheduled to vote on the pipeline Friday. The measure was already passed this session by the House, but the issue has become a key component in the Louisiana Senate runoff, and the Democratic-led Senate has agreed to take up the bill next Tuesday.

Obama is also waiting on the State Department to complete its analysis on how the pipeline would affect the environment.

“My government believes that we should judge this pipeline based on whether or not it accelerates climate change or if whether it helps the American people with their energy costs or their gas prices,” he said, before casting strong doubt on the idea that gas prices would actually go down.

“Understand what this project is: it is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. It doesn’t have an impact on U.S. gas prices,” he said.

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  • visu

    Now this is a move in the right direction. Keystone should have been approved a long time ago. Obama can’t make a decision on this or anything else. Most indecisive president of all time.

    Excessive regulation, lawsuits, billion dollar fines by the government, gigantic health care payments, no growth policies like no keystone pipeline, illegal immigrants, etc. aren’t exactly helping our nation’s growth!!

    Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. I haven’t had a raise in years despite all my expenses increasing from year to year. My health insurance is up to $450/month from just $200/month. My car insurance is currently only $25/month (from Insurance Panda) and renter’s only $15/month (from Eagle)…both private enterprise… but who knows when Obama will try to step in and socialize those?

    Fortunately, Obama wants to give amnesty to 25 million illegal immigrants. No better way to create opportunity for disenfranchised LEGAL CITIZENS.

    Good work on passing the Keystone pipeline, republicans!

    • Skip

      Things are better than the pervious and devious administration. How how money did you lose during the Bush years? My stocks are all UP-UP-UP and gas is down. Quit pumping they GOP slime.

  • Skip

    The Kalamazoo River oil spill occurred in July 2010 when a pipeline split open and polluted miles of the nearby creeks and river. It took two years to clean up.

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