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Puyallup police ask for public’s help in cracking down on graffiti

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PUYALLUP — Police say graffiti is on the rise in Puyallup and they’re asking for the public’s help to get it under control.

From downtown to the River Walk Trail, police say, tagging is popping up all over the place — from road signs to park benches and even brick walls.

Residents and business owners say tagging is a blight in their community.

“Look at the brick there, can you see it?” asked business owner Kristy Hobson. “It says ‘slave’ on an almost 100-year-old building.”

Hobson owns Kristy’s Boutique on West Meeker Street. Somehow, someone scaled the building and left their mark, but its meaning is lost on Kristy.

“You just can’t get it off. So if you had to resurface it, you’re talking thousands,” Hobson said.

“It ruins just the whole atmosphere, it’s bad,” said Anne Gilman who shops downtown. “I love Puyallup, it’s got a great atmosphere.”

The tagging can be hard to spot, but once you start looking for it, you can see it’s everywhere.

“They’re disrespectful,” said resident Linda Kelly. “I feel bad for the owners, they have to pay for the damages.”

Puyallup police are now asking for help from the public. They want folks to call 911 when they see someone tagging.

So does Hobson.

“It doesn’t really fit into Puyallup," she said, “We’d like to see some pretty daffodils.”

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  • Skip

    It will be difficult to change this tagging trend. Over the last 3o years it’s become part of the international youth culture. You might want to see the movie called Exit Through the Gift Shop for a peek inside some of the taggers that gained fame. Most of what we see around the NW is visual litter –not art.