Drunken Halloween parties leave more than 40 teens suspended from high school athletics

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tahoma High School (Wikimedia Commons)

COVINGTON, Wash. — Dozens of students who were at Halloween parties where drugs or alcohol were present have been suspended from athletics at Tahoma High School.

Tahoma School District officials said the students violated the athletic code of conduct.





The district sent this letter to parents:

Tahoma High School has disciplined 41 student-athletes in connection with two weekend parties where alcohol and/or drugs were present.

Student-athletes who attended the parties will forfeit a portion of their athletic season, including any athlete whose team is currently involved in post-season play. The investigation to determine whether additional students attended the parties is continuing.

School officials also are aware of negative comments on social media that name individuals or groups of students and blame them for reporting the parties to school authorities. School officials take all threats seriously and are investigating any threatening language directed at students or staff. Appropriate disciplinary actions have and will continue to be sanctioned.

“It is disappointing that these students made poor choices affecting both themselves and their teammates,” Principal Terry Duty said. “Our student-athletes are well aware of the Tahoma School District Athletic Code and the consequences of these poor choices.

"We hope this will be a lifelong lesson for our entire school, both those who choose to attend the parties and those who elect to do the right thing and not attend.

"We have been overwhelmed with support from our school community and students who applaud the consequences for students who knowingly disregard the rules designed to protect them.”

Officials provided this breakdown of how many athletes were suspended from each sport:

  • 14 Football
  • 4 Girls Soccer
  • 2 Boys Soccer
  • 12 Cheerleading
  • 2 Fast Pitch
  • 4 Wrestling
  • 7 Baseball


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  • Tomas

    As a Tahoma parent I have mixed feelings about this.
    I’ve read Tahoma’s code of conduct and those of other school districts. The Tahoma one goes beyond the others.
    What they did was wrong and should be disciplined.
    If this occurred on school property, during school hours or at a school activity, then yes this was appropriate. Since this was not the case, this should be handled by the parents and law enforcement.

    • nicole

      Actually Tahoma’s code of conduct for athletes has been established since the mid 90’s I believe I was a sophomore when it came into effect. I believe that the school should have a right to discipline athletes for their conduct as the athletes are generally looked at as leaders in their communities and within schools. Good for Tahoma for standing by their rules and standards. Overall it makes for a better community.