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4th victim of Marysville school shooting dies; lone survivor tweets heart-wrenching farewell

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Andrew Fryberg, 15, died from injuries received in the Oct. 24 Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting. (Photo: Facebook)

SEATTLE — Fifteen-year-old Andrew Fryberg on Friday night became the fourth victim of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting to die from his injuries.

“Unfortunately, Andrew Fryberg, 15, passed away this evening, November 7, at Harborview Medical Center,” the hospital announced Friday night.

Andrew had been in critical condition at Harborview with a gunshot wound to the head ever since the Oct. 24 shooting.

The lone survivor, Nate Hatch, 14, who was shot in the jaw that day, was discharged from Harborview Medical Center Thursday and returned home to his family.

He tweeted this emotional farewell Friday night after learning of Andrew Fryberg’s death:

Data pix.

Harborview issued this statement on behalf of Andrew's family:

"We express our thanks for the amazing support from the community, as well as from everyone around the world that have been praying for us all through this tragic event.

 "We also want to say a special thank you to all the amazing staff that have cared for our son and brother here in the pediatric intensive care unit at Harborview. 

 "Our family is overwhelmed with the love and care that has been provided to our loved one during this time and you all will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

 "But we also ask that you respect our privacy at this time of our deep loss. "

On Oct. 24, freshman Jaylen Fryberg, 14, stood up in the high school cafeteria with a handgun and opened fire on five of his classmates before killing himself. Four of those victims -- Gia Soriano, Zoe Galasso , Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, all 14, and Andrew Fryberg -- have all died.

(The shooter's suicide that day leaves the total death toll at five.)

Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary  said Jaylen Fryberg lured his friends into the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria with the intention of killing them.

Trenary said the shooter sent the five victims text messages asking them to meet him just before the shooting.

“The five people were targeted, were invited to the table,” said Trenary.

Investigators said the weapon was a .40 caliber Beretta handgun. The gun was legally purchased, registered, and owned by a family member. It is unclear how Fryberg obtained the weapon.

Investigators are still working on a motive for the shooting.

“I think the question that everybody wants is ‘why’ and candidly I don’t know that the why is going to be something we can provide,” said Trenary.

Due to the complexity of the case, the investigation will take months, he said.



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  • Don Shipley

    If we want to do anything to prevent tragedies like this from happening again, we must first educate our children. Whether or not they have access to guns, we need to prioritize our children’s emotional well-being first and foremost. Letting them run wild without any guidance, when they are obviously in need such as shown on the shooter’s social media pages, allows for tragedies like this to happen. Parents need to monitor their kids and set rules and guidelines. It seems too many parents nowadays want to be their child’s “friend” rather than their parent. Being a “cool dad/mom” is now the trend and creates these dangerous situations. Other than the shooter himself, the most blame from this situation goes to the shooter’s parents. They are the ones that failed their child, their child’s victims, their child’s victims’ families, and their community. Let’s educate our children people, not enable them!

  • Skilluus

    When The Village Raises A School Shooter

    The village raised a school killer. In what appears to be a Cult like setting the Wendy, Boozer, Ray and Sheryl Fryberg show raised , fostered, and village-d a psychopathic, sociopathic stone cold murderer.

    Meanwhile back at the Tulalip village where the rest of us struggle with an unapologetic, cowardice family with no moral compass find no comfort in the plagiarizing of tribal songs and ceremonial rituals usually saved for an honorable tribal member. Please stop the drumming and singing you are literally wasting your breaths and your efforts would be better suited going to a real church instead of doing demonic chanting and drumming summoning the hell-bound spirit of your son in deity worshipping madness. Where’s the snakes Ray? Where’s the Kool-Aid Sheryl? Musta passed it to Tony and Stormy.

    A family that has pillaged, plundered raped, and murdered its way to the top of the Tulalip Tribes food chain. Bad Ass Boys. This is the sticker all of them display on their trucks and vehicles to remind the peasantry of the free-pass Ray, Sheryl, Boozer, and Wenchy have on this rez.
    James Fryberg Child Killer is Ray Frybergs Nephew.
    Chritina Cladoosby is Wendy’s cousin and was the Most Notorious Child Killer this Rez has ever seen until Wendy’s breed felled 5 human bodies in one-hunt.

    Wendy’s brood was a killer breed of savage kids that are trained to kill. Each one of them have the potential to snap and commit acts of savagery amongst their loved ones and population.

    On any night this family stays up until the wee of the night chanting devil worship songs and drumming the sounds of evil while their children roams between the yards of the compound wondering when the Villiage is gonna shut down and provide some homework time for it’s dark and cold and reaching mid-night yet the cold children play on a playset that is moistened with DEW and cold as the night.

    In some ways the children are using this playground as a hiding spot until the chanting and drumming stop because when the possessed father finds the son or daughter or animal and its time to do what Fathers who have been chanting and drumming songs of evil all night do.. summon the pedophile indian within and place his fear inside his children.

    This is the Shery Ray and Wendy and Boozer CULT of Bad Medicene, Rapist of children and men and women. Boozer raped his own boy cousins.

    When the peasantry finally has its chance for retaliation against Rays Cult I imagine all of the bloodline will eventually rot in jail , sued for every dime and stripped of every ounce of dignity(more like a .5 gram of dignity) and respect they have ever had with exception of Tony Hatch , Stormy Paul and Roy Pablo. These guys are members of Rays cult and deserve to rot with their actions of parading around a killer in front of their chidren.

    When his body is exhumed in the middle of the night remember it’s your fault for summoning the devil.

    Jaylen was buried the night before Halloween on the darkest day of the month.. and when the procession began to chant his song that opens the gates of hell…. rain had wet the drums and drowned the noise of a Village that raised a School Shooter.

    • Tootie

      STFU, you are a poor excuse for a human being. Who says this about an entire family that is grieving. I hope you never have to experience the pain that they are going through.
      I will pray for you and your along with my fellow Indian cults.

    • Seatown

      You are and inconsiderate prick for saying all of that! You have no right to pass judgement on any of this and niether does anyone!

    • Piper

      Ignorance like yours baffles me. It ALMOST rates no comment, but I just couldn’t leave this without some kind of response… Cult?? Really? Drumming and “chanting”?? Wow… Ok… So to start with, the “chanting” is singing. They are singing words. Words spoken in their native language. Just because it’s not familiar to you doesn’t make it “chanting”… That’s absolutely RIDICULOUS.
      It is not done to “summon” ANYTHING… This actually made me laugh out loud a little. It’s singing and drumming made to DANCE to.
      You talking about going to a “real church”… Since the advertising for this “real church” is being done by someone like you… Then how many people do you think you are drawing in to attend with your ignorant, racist, bullying rant here? Suffice to say, if it’s a “real church” full of people like you who practice ignorance, blame, judgement, and demean others for their cultural differences… NO THANK YOU.
      Then there’s this… Of the almost countless school shootings that have happened in the past few years, how many have been Native? Ummm 1. There are millions of Native children being raised in homes where drumming, dancing, sweat lodges, etc… Are the spiritual center of the family tradition, and 1 out of all of those has carried out the unthinkable. If it was a “cult” set to “summon demons” wouldn’t most of these school shooters be coming from Native families? NOPE! But guess how many of these school shooters have come from families who go to your “real churches”?? .Google it… The number is A LOT higher than one!!! So it looks to me like maybe your “real churches” might have more of a real problem.
      But…. This is going to fall on deaf ears, you can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to be taught or open small minds.
      Our children are suffering… We need to start listening to them and being proctive for them… Prioritizing them. Stop being hypocrites ourselves.
      Instead of coming on a news website and trying to cause discord, making biggoted comments, blaming an entire culture, and being a negative person, how about going out and trying to do something to help our youth move past this tragedy?
      When we stop trying to figure out why these shootings happen AFTER they’ve occurred, and start trying to find ways to identify at risk youth BEFORE these happen, we might get somewhere.

  • Nadjeewaequae

    I am so sorry to hear that Andrew Fryberg has passed. I have been praying for him everyday. This is not the forum to air grievances or bitterness, rather a place to share some kindness for the people emerged in this tragedy. I have a son and grandsons, some the same age as Andrew and the other victims. I thank the Creator every day for them. So many of us have experienced the loss of family and friends to violence…myself included. We can only hope to forestall violence with compassion, prevention and knowledge. Please spend time getting to know your children and take an interest in their friends lives too, they may need your love as well.

    • Laura Sportsman

      i agree with whom ever wrote all that negativity …the shooter and anyone that let that gun be accesible should be held responsible for what happened but wrighting alota bad and nasty things isnt gonna help..i pray for each and every momma.they are being the voices for their kids..give them comfort and bless them all as they struggle to understand why all this happened…..My heart goes out to Nate…He has had to deal with stuff no CHILD SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO DEAL WITH!!!With that being said bless every family that involved…god bless you all….

    • Sabo

      This shooter was already indoctrinated into killing by his parents letting him go out in the woods and kill live animals. Is that legal for a minor to kill things. Did he have a hunting lisence and a tag for the deers he killed. What parent in their right mind would give his son a gun for his 14th Birthday. Only a dumb one.

      • Piper

        This argument cracks me up SO much! Hunting has been done since the dawn of time for sustenance, clothing, and tradition. (Before guns, it was done with spears, bows and arrows, etc..) While people now don’t have much tradition anymore and see this as something sinister, when taught to be done correctly (especially by tribal elders) it is taught to be done with respect and honor. For HUNDREDS of years guns have been used by people OF ALL AGES AND CULTURES for this purpose, and in many countries. Only in the past couple of decades has the school shooting issue become an issue. Explain to me how, if children have been taught, for SO long before now, to use guns for both protection and hunting, why school shootings have only RECENTLY become a problem.
        Yes, the practice of giving a child a hunting rifle for his birthday is a little outdated by today’s standards, especially in the city…BUT It’s not vile, bad, unheard of, and certainly not unusual. He wasn’t being indoctrinated to kill people…if that were the case, all those millions of kids before him that have learned to hunt would have killed their schoolmates too. That hasn’t been the case, obviously.
        Most of these people who are getting online to blame the parents and create animosity should really be using this energy to go out and try to help the community to heal instead. The kids at the school need to see people coming together to help, not creating more divisiveness and anger which can lead to more of the same types of situations occurring in the future. Our children are silently suffering, causing things like this to happen. we need to focus on THAT and finding out why, so that we can solve the REAL problem here.

  • Ordinary Jo

    Washington has taken a step toward gun responsibility laws by passing I-594 and defeating I-591, which closes the loophole, and requires background checks on all gun purchases. We need to take another step and require parents to use gun locks or lock their guns up, so children do not have access to them. Each year, thousands of children die from gunshot wounds due to unrestricted access to firearms. Children do not have the emotional maturity and understanding of the finality of death that adults have developed. Our toxic, and violent attitude as a society toward guns leaves children with the idea that they can solve problems through gun violence.
    Are we holding the adults whose negligence in providing the firearms accountable?
    “When one child shoots another, it was because an adult was negligent, and that adult needs to be held accountable,” With rights comes responsibilities, and when it come to kids and guns, the onus is always on the adults to be the responsible one.”


    This is so sad, I am really sorry and my blessings go out to “ALL” the families and their loved ones hurt and effected by all this. I have kids and can’t even imagine what these families are going thru. I hope that they never read some of these stupid comments below. MP be strong and keep your heads up. You and all kids are our future an no one has the right to judge you.

  • Lynne

    From Marysville.. I have been hearing some alarming things re Our Community.. One lady previously worked for the tribe, Said she knew right away, hearing the name Fryberg.. Another knows the next boy who was targeted at the table, then the gun didn’t work.. I have also been warned about talking much.. Seems this Tribe has much power here in Marysville! Special privileges, and more..

    I posted on a FB forum about all the sex and drugs he was following, and posting.. That night I received an email:

    ► I agree totally with your post about jaylen fryberg, wanted to share something that i didn’t want to post on the page because I don’t want to get called a “monster” for daring to say negative things about him. I work with a woman whose son goes to MP and has known Jaylen Freyberg since grade school, she told me that her son said that he was a bully, that he openly threatened to come “shoot people in the fucking face” if they reported his bullying, and that he told her openly gay son “you are going to get aids and die”. Doesn’t exactly sound like the little pure soul they are portraying to me.

    Copying 2 comments from elsewhere, comment #1:

    ► “The shooter’s family is notorious for abuse towards women. MEDIA NEEDS TO LOOK DEEPER into the domestic violence legacy & accountability story this really is, starting with the grandparents. It’s so more than parents not paying attention to their kids – that’s nothing new.

    Yes, the family is .prominent, in some circles, but more than that, their dirty deeds color their prominence in the real world. That doesn’t make the PREMEDITATED EXECUTION any less potent. So many of us are reeling from the devastation. There are many of us that know the families.

    But there is way more to the story. Violence is a way of life in this age group and
    even older generations- it’s been way out of control for years. The grandfather
    is renown for his disregard for women and those are very mild words. This story
    isn’t over yet – there is talk of retaliation in the youth. MEDIA — LOOK DEEPER INTO JAYLEN’S BACKGROUND – THE REAL TRUTH.”

    Comment #2:

    ► “To understand this specific situation, you need to understand the relationship
    between the Tulalip Indian Reservation and the small bedroom community Marysville that borders it.

    I went to school with kids from the reservation, their violent actions and words where excused by school admin or teachers because they where “Indian” and the tribe would handle it. It’s difficult to describe what’s that like for a kid to grow up with these attitudes, but basically it feels like these few people (more like gang members) can be violent and cruel to many and because they are Indian they get a pass.

    After the shooting I noticed one of these kids (who bullied my friends and I from
    grade 6-11) was now a prominent tribal leader, the same person who was a direct
    role model for Jaylen and many other Indian kids. Now folks are sharing “team Jaylen” banners around Facebook…what?! Unfortunately it seems there are much bigger problems happening in Marysville”

    ► One of his tweets.. Jaylen Fryberg @frybergj · Jun 25
    When my dad calls some dude a “Fucking Queer!” hella funny

    Sounds like daddy is a bully..

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