Shopper attacked after telling mom to quiet her screaming child

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COLMA, Calif. — A California woman was attacked outside a Nordstrom Rack store after telling a mother to quiet her screaming child.

Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson told KPIX she was punched in the face after telling the mother to quiet down her child, who was throwing a tantrum inside the store.

Hajek-Richardson was checking out when the child, under 6 years old, began throwing a loud tantrum.

“It didn’t bother me that the child was throwing the tantrum, but the volume was very loud, it was hurting my ears,” she said.

Hajek-Richardson said she asked the child’s mother to quiet the child down.

“She came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do. And I told her that I didn’t ask your child what to do, I asked you very nicely to calm down your child just a little bit,” she said.

Hajek-Richardson then apparently got into a heated exchange with the mother.

Hajek-Richardson said she then told the mom off. “I told her to go to hell and she told me I’ll see you there,” she said.

When Hajek-Richardson left the store, the mother apparently followed her to her car where the two again exchanged words.

“She was asking me, ‘Where’d you tell me to go?’ So I repeated again what I said to her, and I told her that I told her to go to hell,” she said.

The surveillance video shows the woman, wearing a red shirt, walking toward Hajek-Richardson prior to the attack.

Hajek-Richardson claims she was punched twice in the face. Police are still working to identify the woman in the video.

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    • Natasha

      She just wanted to run her mouth & tell someone else how to raise their own child.

      Finish your purchase & leave.

      Just because we have freedom of speech, doesn’t mean we always have to use it.

      • Wolfgang Eddy

        What a lovely person you must be, since you can justify damaging someone’s face in a tantrum. I’m talking the tantrum the adult displayed when she chose to assault someone who challenged her delicate and pathetic ego. If your child is assaulting everyone’s ears and you are a lousy mother and don’t discipline or care for your child, you deserve to be called out because the world doesn’t revolve around you. Have some respect for everyone besides yourself. Is this a hard concept for you? Sure, perhaps it is debatable whether or not the young woman had a place to say something (I think she did if the brat was disturbing everyone around it) but there is absolutely no debate that the mother had no right whatsoever to assault and damage the other woman’s face/self. One has a bruised ego, the other is left with thousands of dollars of dental work/damage. That bitch deserves to be prosecuted for assault and battery and stalking. It’s really no wonder that the brat wasn’t controlled now is it? Just look at how ‘mommy’ behaves.

        • kristenmg21

          Here’s the deal. The mom should have quieted their screaming child or left instead of disturbing other patrons, that much is true. But she should have NOT followed the other woman outside. That escalates things. If I am followed outside after an altercation, I would hit someone. This is no doubt, because I don’t like being followed to my car. If I am leaving, it doesn’t mean follow me. It means this is done and I am done talking about it…

          • CriticalDad

            Very true. I’ve left stores with grocery carts near-full of buy-ables because 1 of my kids was losing their minds. Not fair to the kid nor the other shoppers. The attacking mom should be prosecuted for assault, for sure, but also, the yapping “go to Hell” shopper on her way out the door isn’t the center of the universe, either. Everybody looks bad in this, other than smart shopping at the Rack.

      • anne

        Oh, so freedom of speech is a no-no, but the “mother” was free to disturb everyone with her stupid kid AND punch someone in the face. Man I would have punched her back so hard she would never walk again.

  • Natasha

    She should have just kept her mouth shut.
    You put herself in a position to be attacked & then act surprised it happened.
    Mind your business.

  • max

    asking is one thing telling them to go to hell is another. because telling a child to bring it down is so easy to do. okay the mom flipping out and taking her out is gone to far. But my question is where was the kid when she was doing this?

  • Wolfgang Eddy

    Some People are just nasty. I hope they find her and she is prosecuted. Now we know why the child is so unruly eh? And no, people like that can’t handle criticism because they are lowlifes who don’t care in the first damn place. TRASH. What a great example she’s setting for her child. No doubt that fruit won’t be falling far from the tree.

    • gloria

      And telling someone to go to hell is a classy act?? Just as you calling a mother a poor mother or trash. ….bet your children are saints…….or better yet you’re childless. …..rolling my eyes ……Nope she shouldn’t have punched her but then again the mother is already frustrated because her child is acting…..please add fuel to the fire…..

  • Betty

    I’ve told people / women in COSTO to get control of their child or leave. LOTS of parents have children who can behave and do. There was time when parents took their children out of the store until their child could be quite. NO ONE should have to tolerate a screaming, fit pitching child. Children who do this – do so because their parents have NO desire to teach their children to RESPECT other people. Wake up folks – your little darling/princess/price maybe the joy of your life and that’s great. But your kid is just not special to anyone else in a store. As for the woman who went out jumped the other – sign a warrant and put her away. Perhaps some time AWAY from her child – will help the child

  • Kat

    reading the comments already posted makes me have mixed feelings on it.
    Firstly, sometimes it does help wake up a parent who’s otherwise failing to address their fit throwing child, when someone says something… however, if you say something to them, they might retaliate for sure… so before you say something, you need to feel confident in your ability to physically defend yourself should something crazy happen.
    Secondly, we as a society, need to try to be sensitive to the ‘why’ some children are throwing fits. Some parents don’t have a choice but to take their child to the stores with them… and maybe, just maybe, that child has sensory issues to smells, lights, crowds, all sorts of things. And ‘children’ aren’t always able to verbalize what’s bothering them, hence they turn to fit throwing.
    I totally realize that with this story it doesn’t address anything regarding what was triggering the fit, so I’m not assuming anything here, just reminding us all that we should try to be sensitive to things like this before jumping in with two feet & ending up getting the crap knocked out of us. (myself included here) ;)

    • misty

      I agree. While I wouldn’t resort to getting physical unless someone first touched me or my child, some people do need to learn to keep their mouths shut unless they know the childs back story. My Son throws major melt downs. I try very hard to control the situation in public, I bring treats, I sing (not very well I may add but sometimes he responds well to it). I try all I can. Leaving him home isn’t an option. My son is two and non verbal. He is in therapy and we are in the process of a diagnosis. ASD is believed to be an issue. Some people need a little understanding.

  • Stephanie

    there is no reason for the woman to attack her. BUT once again this is a prime example of some young girl running her mouth and writes a check her ass can’t cash. You can’t walk around and say what you want to whoever you want. And kids throw fits. Giving into them (giving them what they want to make them quiet) is doing them more harm then letting them throw the fit and leaving. Which is what it sounds like the mother was doing. Her kid was screaming and she was trying to pay for her stuff so she could leave. Once again the mother should have never acted like that (especially with her child around) as a mother I can say I have a higher standard then that. I want to teach my kids to behave properly and not like ghetto street thugs. But the girl needs to keep her mouth shut. It’s funny how she was a bad ass until it came down to the wire.

  • 03sv1g

    I just love how people who have never been around kids think that if they are throwing a tantrum, all you have to do is tell them to “calm down” and it magically transforms them into angels… LOL What was the woman supposed to do at that point, knock the kid unconscious to quiet him down? The lady was checking out, which means she was leaving. Dumb bitch could have avoided a beat down if she had just kept her mouth shut for another 30 seconds.

  • Katie

    There is no excuse for physical violence but being a parent is really hard. A child throwing a tantrum in public is embarrassing and stressful. We need to support eachother not bring eachother down.

  • max mataco

    the world will not get the smiles and hugs that your child(ren) give(s) you. So why should they get to experience the tantrums that the child is allowed to have? I have been a guardian to very young children and everyone is controllable. I honestly believe parents who let their kids turn truants need to re-think the gigs they have gotten into. You are raising beings that will lack social skills by spoiling them with your laissez-faire attitude to discipline

  • Gabriel

    Racially motivated attack – we are broken – a black person is just waiting for a any excuse to explode… The Obama apology didn’t work at all…

    • truthrising

      how did this become an issue of race. I have checked and I see no mention of the mother being black. You cannot tell what race she is in the video either. No one else replied about this racist comment. Every race has violent people.

  • Lareina Vasquez

    This is a disgusting display of what a mother should and should not do in front of her child, I do not agree with the woman who was complaining to the mother of the child either. However as a mother of 6 and which most of my children are grown. I have left the store when we could not get their tantrum under control. I have a large issue with the mother of the child which I am certain seen the entire incident showing this child that violence apparently is the answer when in fact VIOLENCE is NEVER the answer. We as adults have a duty to all children and adolescents to show them by EXAMPLE how to properly handle issues when we do not like what another person says or does. We all need to lead by example not only to our own children and grandchildren but to all a better resolution other than VIOLENCE. I only hope and pray that this mother comes to terms with her anger issues and chooses a better route to deal with a situation in the future for the sake of not only her but her children as well.

  • tired worker

    Working in retail, I have become used to all the parents who just let their kids scream and swear because they are not getting their way. I can’t say anything to them but if another customer complains to me I can call security and they will have to deal with it. Sometimes if the child is carrying on and they pass me I will look at the child like I would with my own and they will calm down, usually until they are away from me. It should have ended in the store but the woman chose to make it something else once she followed the other woman. Hope they find her and charge her. Might be the only way the child will learn that you can’t just do what you want.

    • anne

      It was her business since she was next to the kid and she had every right to be respected by the mother. If the mother was beating her kid with a crowbar, would the bystanders have to mind their own business too? You are one of those selfish entitled cunts, if you pulled this stunt on me I would have put you into jail and ruined your life in no time.

      • Ben Franklin

        Pfft. I love internet tough guys. Armed with a keyboard, a screen, and an unknowable amount of distance, anyone can talk tough. Here’s the deal. If I’m checking out at a store and my 3 year old starts having a tantrum, guess what… I’m not going to abandon the checkout process for your goddamn comfort. I’m going to finish buying the crap I needed to buy and then take my tantrum-throwing child out of the store and out of your life. You speak of “entitlement” (because it’s our society’s newest b/s keyword) yet you ignore this “entitlement” that you have thinking the whole world should provide a comfortable experience for you when you deign to grace us with your presence in public. The mother was a moron, plain and simple, but not because she didn’t silence her child at all costs. No, she was a moron because she continued to engage the other woman and actually got physical. The “victim” was a moron for thinking that a parent who is already enduring a tantrum would actually give a shit about her dumbass input.

        Feel free to ask me to “quiet down” my tantrum-throwing kid. If I’m not at checkout or near to it, I’ll gladly leave the store until my kid calms down. I’ll do this on my own. But if you try that kind of crap when I’m already at checkout, I’ll simply tell you, “Your opinion has been noted. Thank you for your input.”


    If someone told me how to handle my child in a very rude manor as to which I think this lady did, I would of reacted the same way. How ever I wouldn’t of waited until she got to her car. It would of been handled where it started. All I can say is wait until she has a child, karma is a great thing.

    • anne

      She was the one who should have punched the mother in the face to teach her some manners. You control your child and teach it respect so it doesn’t become a spoiled, entitled brat. I’m sure your kids willl be in jail one time or another and you only have yourself to blame. respect others who the f do you think you are.

      • Ben Franklin

        Nothing is more “entitled” than an adult who thinks we should all goose-step around quietly following all of your own personal rules of conduct. Young children throw tantrums… often for no reason at all. They do not respond to logic. They do not have the cognitive ability to do so at such young ages. What, exactly, do you expect to happen? Maybe a good ole’ fashion beat down? I’m sure the child will quiet down after getting whacked a few times. I’ll bet dollars to donuts you don’t have any kids. And if you do, then I’ll expect to see a couple more goose-stepping assholes to be marching around the US beating their kids into submission in a few years.

  • Mindy Pye

    I heard this story this morning and while I agree that the mother was completely out of line and violence is never okay, the woman that was attacked had no business telling this mother to control her child. Her comment that “it hurt my ears” says it all. The woman whining about the toddler is clearly immature, clearly NOT a mother and has no business offering parenting advice. Those with children understand that little ones can at times, get loud and act out and throw a tantrum and that parents have little control over what’s happening at that moment. The best thing to do is to remove your child from the store if you can but if you can’t because say, that screaming toddler is sick and needs medicine that you NEED to purchase at that moment, other shoppers need to grin and bear it and move on glad that they can actually leave that chaos behind.


    Yeah, no one has the right to tell you what or how to handle your kids. Obviously this woman does not know what it is like for a mother to have to put up with the screeming child at the store! does she think the mother can fix it right away?? It is not the mothers fault nor the child!! sometimes things just happen that we can not prevent. It’s not the we are bad parents or choose not to follow everyones nosy advise! if you have kids you should know and you should specially know not to even tell to the stressed mom what to do with her kids at a time like this!!! People always gotta put their two cents in but once they get slapped in the face they cry about it and call the cops?? she should of minded her own bussiness. No it’s not right to hit someone but it’s that spur of the moment when you say the wrong thing and the wrong time!!!

  • societyisstupid

    Words to physical violence and you find this acceptable? Stop trying to make this an acceptable form of behavior by adults. This act reminds me of the “knock out game”. Only a few people even noticed she left her screaming child while she exercised her maternal duties of physical violence. I sure do wish the Laws of Hammurabi were still in place… You can make out the race of the attacker for the record. Took me all of three minutes with a video editor.

  • anne

    Who the hell does this “mother” think she is? That child will think it’s okay to scream and attack and do whatever you want to get what you want. That’s how you raise entitled brats who end up in jail because they didn’t want to control their impulses. Hope she got sued and paid dearly for her stupidity.

  • Ben Franklin

    Aggression and aggressive violence is never the way. And it certainly is no way to act around your child who will, invariably, begin to act as they see their parents acting. However, the “victim” would have been a lot more helpful if she tried some distraction techniques with the child or tried to align herself with the mother who was already dealing with an extremely stressful (and embarrassing) situation. An even better action would have been nothing at all. Just endure the obnoxious noise for a few more minutes until they are checked out and gone. There’s no need for your input, thanks, especially if it is critical and non-constructive. To be sure, the comfort of a stranger is probably the farthest thing from the mother’s mind.

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