3-year-old hung up by feet, ‘tortured and beaten to death’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Gary Fellenbaum and Jillian Tait

Gary Fellenbaum and Jillian Tait

WEST CALN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police say a man and his girlfriend are charged with brutally murdering the woman’s 3-year-old son.

Gary Fellenbaum and Jillian Tait were arrested Thursday morning.

On Tuesday, authorities were called to their residence on a report of an unresponsive child. EMTs found 3-year-old Scott McMillan suffering from bruises, lacerations and puncture wounds all over his body, according to WPVI.

Fellenbaum, Tait and another witness confessed that the boy had been beaten with blunt and sharp objects, whipped, taped to a chair with electrical tape and beaten and hung up by his feet and beaten, leading to his death.

According to police, they beat the boy to death using homemade weapons like a whip, a curtain rod and an aluminum strip.

Tait told police the beating began when the boy wouldn’t eat his breakfast.

“Little Scotty McMillan is dead,” Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said. “Over a three day period … he was systematically tortured and beaten to death. He was punched in the face and in the stomach. He was scourged with a homemade whip. He was lashed with a metal rod. He was tied to a chair and beaten. He was tied upside down by his feet and beaten. His head was smashed through a wall.”

Tait said Fellenbaum routinely beat her 6 and 3-year-old boys. On one occasion, she said he strung the boys up by their feet and beat them while she and Fellenbaum laughed.

The 6-year-old boy is now in the care of relatives.

Fellenbaum and Tait are both charged with murder and Hogan said he will be seeking the death penalty.

Law enforcement veterans told WPVI that they had never seen a child abuse murder case like this one.

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    • JDaw

      AGREE!!! Makes my heart ache. Why should these disgusting excuses for human beings get off ANY better than that poor, innocent, defenseless little boy? Someone in the “justice” system needs to do what is right and get justice done for the ONLY person who deserves it here…the poor little boy. Make the murderers sufferrrrrrrrr.

  • jess wundrin

    We are only hearing one side of the story here so we really do not know much. How do we know that the child didn’t deserve it? I am not saying he did – I’m just wondering.

    • Kim

      Please explain to me what a 3 year old could have done to deserve anything like that? I don’t think there are two sides to this story. These abusive inhumane individuals tortured their son to death.

          • Ella

            Humor or not, that is not the least bit funny, and if that is his idea of humor, comedy, or whatever the case maybe, then maybe he needs to seek some professional help. Lets keep in mind what is important here and that is an innocent little boy was brutally, beaten, and killed by monsters. There is no room here for humor, RIP sweet baby boy!

      • Ella

        I couldn’t have said it better myself, there is no other side here, he didn’t want to eat breakfast, and thought the little boy was disrespecting him. The mom is just as bad because even if she didn’t lay a hand on him, she stood by and done absolutely nothing. When I got married 9 years ago, I told my husband if he ever and I mean ever laid a hand on one of my kids he would never make it to his court date. I love my baby girl, she is the reason I breathe, work, wake up, smile, and the list goes on and on, somebody please kill these monsters!!!!!!!!!

    • Aleks

      Are you a complete fucking idiot?? Really two sides of the story? They are children…3 and 6, no child deserves to be treated like that. My God you make me sick!!

    • sara rhea

      That is a completely disgusting thought and I don’t know what kind of rationale would even excuse taking these kinds of actions on a toddler. A 3 yr old isn’t even capable of reasoning they don’t even know right from wrong yet….

    • Futrdreamer

      you’re kidding me right?! the fact that those words could even be a thought in your head scares me. I hope that you don’t reproduce. there is NOTHING and i mean NOTHING that a 3 year old could do that would EVER EVER EVER be enough that this is the punishment that he deserves!

    • Amy

      In all seriousness if you are contemplating whether or not anyone deserved this treatment, let alone a 3-year old baby, you need to seal help to deal with your demons. That sweet angel is in a better place and I pray that those years of abuse are erased from his memory. Also praying for his brother.

    • Monica

      Are you f#%king kidding me? We’re only hearing one side of story!! What in the world would make it all right, to string up a 3 yr old, and beat him to death?? He was a just a baby, no matter what that poor baby didn’t deserved to be beat repeatedly, then finally to his death. I’d like to hear, what you’d think would be the other story, in order to make what they did appropriate!!!
      They should string those two pieces of garbage up, and let them get beat to their death

    • Susy

      There is NOTHING in the world a 3 year old could EVER do to deserve this. No other side of the story is needed. This is pure evil. All three year olds have tantrums and misbehave, but NONE should be “disciplined” to the point of having bruises, puncture wounds, blood coming out of their ears, internal bleeding, blood in the brain, etc. WTF is wrong with people? How could anyone rationalize this treatment of an innocent child?

    • Kerri

      Are you kidding me!? I can not believe this thought would even cross your mind. You must be just as sick as these horrible people! Did you even read what they did to him?

    • jonathen Schietbull

      Unfortunatley this type of crime happens all the time , becoming more and more frequent and more sadistic. Most Parents should not be allowed to have parental rights , and should be a Law to be Certified for Parenthood. The Torture and Murder of Babies is a very serious Epidemic in our State … and their are many Parents of Kidnapped and Raped children that would agree.

    • Ella

      Oh my stars, Jess, did you say what I just read, there are 2 sides to every story, really?? Please tell me what a helpless, defenseless 3 year old could have possibly done to deserve any of that treatment. I personally don’t believe in spanking, but I also don’t judge the parents who choose that type of discipline tactic, but that goes way over the line in regards to spanking. I mean come on, give me a freaking break, 3 years get into things, they throw temper tantrums, they cry, scream, and so forth, but you don’t tie them to a chair, ram their head into a wall, hang them upside down by their feet, and beat them, get real. I am just so tired of a all of this child abuse that goes on this world, if you don’t want children, or can’t deal with them, use protection. This child only got 3 years on this earth and the last 3 days of it were spend in agonizing hell, may God keep him safe in the arms of the angels!

    • Gordon

      Something is wrong inside of your head! You either wrote this to get a reaction or you were born and raised under a tree.
      3 years old, give your head a shake. We are on this earth to progress our children as were our parents and our parents parents and so on. We are to teach not destroy. You should be dealt with now before we have to read about your children.

    • Elizabeth

      Have you lost your mind? or are you a child abuser/murderer also? No 3 year old and 6 year old child/children can do anything that deserves being hung upside down and beaten to death. I say do exactly the same thing to both of the parents and let them hang upside down being beaten to death just as they did their children.

    • ShadowWalker59

      Just another example of just how far the human animal has sunk in the past 40 years or so. More and more of this type of behavior, and the sad part of it all, are some of the most idiotic comments made right here…..’screwing with people’ or not, it’s just plain pathetic, that anyone would even think, of making a ‘joke’ out of this travesty!! I know I’m not laughing, but it does appear that there are those who actually think it funny.

    • Lea

      Jess your a fricken IDIOT and should not be aloud to open your mouth..I don’t don’t care what the child did, he didn’t deserve that!!!

    • renee

      R u fucking kidding me! Jesus they tortured him for 3 days. He did nothing. And the only one that deserves this is the assholes who brutalized and murdered this little boy.

    • elizabeth

      No child deserves that kind of treatment, especially a 3 yr old that can’t take care of them selves. I can’t believe you’d say they could’ve deserve it, you are cold and heartless.

      • Ella

        Oh my gosh, every time I close my eyes, I see this precious helpless little boy and wonder what he must have been thinking himself. My daughter is 11, and I am a overly protective mother and proud of it, I’ll tell you what my husband told me when this story unfolded, my wife (meaning me) maybe overly protective but she puts our daughter first, and foremost no matter the situation. Then you read sick, ignorant comments by some, whether it be joking or not, and quite frankly, I don’t find anything about this topic, situation, or conversation, comical, or humorous, and it makes my blood boil. Lets have the common decency to respect this child’s unfortunate passing, RIP, Scott, you’ll never be hurt gain!

        • F.Y.I.

          Ella- “Lets have the common decency to respect this child’s unfortunate passing, RIP, Scott, you’ll never be hurt gain!”
          Perfectly said, Thank You!

          • Robert

            To FYI, I believe that is what my main and only objective is in this case, but it makes it hard when you read such ignorant comments from people who claim to be human. But you are right, this is about Scott, RIP little guy, and justice will be served)

    • Mrs charles

      Jess wundrin u is PATHETIC tell what a 3yr old would to deserve this kind of BEATING you is such an ASS for making such a COMMENT if you don’t know what to say SHUT to hell UP dumb Ass

    • Jessica

      this person Jess Wundrin I think is searching for a uproar… no one cold be as unhuman to think a 3 year old could deserve it, if she really does string her up along with the kids parents!

    • Green-to-Go

      The missing part of this story is what was done to each of these people as children. Child abuse is learned behavior. The legacy of not interrupting it is that abused children very often grow up to be abusers. It’s a generational phenomenon that, like all family abuse, must be stopped.

      • Ella

        Whether child abuse is a learned a behavior or not isn’t the issue, the issue here is there is a deceased child killed by 3 monsters. Just because you are abused as a child doesn’t entitle you, or give you the right to do it to your own, and if you do, you should burn in hell with the rest of the demons. I think you need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and give your head and mindset checked. I am an undergrad student working on my bachelors in psychology and I’ll be more than happy to get a referral for you if need be. Stop making excuses for them, if they knew enough to go have sex, which they did because they admitted to it in their statement to the police, then they dang well knew what they were doing was wrong.

    • Ashley

      Wow I really honestly pray to God you are not a parent. With a mind set like that it’s no wonder our worlds gone to hell!! I don’t care what a 3 year old did, no child deserves that!

    • Sue

      Wow sounds to me like you have abused a child. You should be hung by your feet and beaten along with the parents. What an idiotic thing to say Stupid!

    • keri

      Are you kidding me …in what circumstance would a 3 year old child deserve to be beaten. to death….and the story said it started because be didn’t finish his breakfast…I am just shocked that you would even day this…shame on you!!!

    • fraserevan

      Guys – their names are “Jess Wundrin” (“just wondering”) and “Justin Thyme” (just in time). Disgusting comments but that’s all they’re here for – to get attention.
      Don’t feed the trolls!

    • Helen Champion

      Jess, I really hope you are writing from prison and that you are not someone who is living free among society. I don’t know what happened to you in your life but it sounds really bad. Please refrain from commenting on this story, it’s already upsetting enough for so many people.

    • Tara M

      You are a sick human being to think that a THREE YEAR old child could have done anything to these two grown ass adults to have deserved being tortured to death. I hope to god you have no children if your own bc that comment alone is reason enough to take them away from you.

    • Krism

      One side of the story? The kids wouldn’t eat their breakfast so they just beat them hysterically laughing?? That’s so fucking fucked up. They deserve death penalty for torturing them both repeatedly and killing their OWN FUCKING BABY.

    • Ella

      Oh believe me Kim, from what I hear that goes on in prison, those three don’t stand a chance, I only wish I could have a front row seat to applaud and laugh just like they did when they were beating that baby. Lets see how tough they are when they are in there with inmates that have and love their kids and would love to be with their kids, I bet you they’ll change their little tunes then. Oh, no, wait a minute I forgot, my husband just reminded they will get put in safe keeping or isolation so they don’t get attacked from the general population. Nobody put that 3 year old in safe keeping or isolation when he was getting attacked, these pieces of trash are just as I said, plain and simple gutter trash!

  • nmbr1cupcake

    Reading this makes me want to vomit. There is nothing anyone could do to warrant what this human being went through, let alone a 3 year old child.

  • nmbr1cupcake

    Reading this makes me want to vomit. There is nothing a person could do of any age that would warrant taking actions like this against someone, let alone a 3 year old child.

  • Desiree Anderson

    That’s is horrible. I hope they family that their child gets justice and i hope the other boy gets a really home and had no issues

  • Paige

    Are you kidding me? What could a child EVER do to deserve what that boy suffered. A spanking or time out is completely different then torturing and beating a child to death. His mother admitted to all of that and said it was routine in that household. My daughter is 4 and at 3 she was just potty trained and just starting to talk. I honestly cant think of anything she could have done to warrant the atrocities this little boy suffered.

  • kelleycheryle

    Jess Wundrin you must be the most ignorant person on this planet to think any child “DESERVES” any type of beating even close to that !! Did you go through that as a child or what ? Those people are not human they are animals that need to be taught a few lessons (you also ) on how and what to do /how to raise a child . You must be as sick as they are !!

  • 03sv1g

    They’ve admitted to the abuse. No money should be wasted on a trial for these sick pieces of garbage. Beat them to death TODAY! I volunteer to do it if nobody else will.

  • Megan

    Omg this is so sad! I have 6 kids and my 7th due any time and I would never in a million eyes think to punish my children just because they don’t want to eat or any reason really I barely stick them in time out! How can a “mother” watch and laugh at someone beating her children! I hope they get the death penalty and someone does to them what they did to little Scott! Rest in heaven little man the pain is over! :,(

    • Ella

      Congratulations to the baby coming and thank you for being an awesome mom as well, we need more moms like that In this world. Their lawyers will come up with some kind of stupid defense, you mark my word, they were on drugs, they have a mental problem, blah, blah, blah, they did it because they could, they are evil, and they got enjoyment, we know that because not only did they laugh while they were beating him, but had sex afterwards. They knew exactly what they were doing and then the other girl that has a baby with the guy knew and witnessed what was going on did nothing, she ought to be charged with murder to, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!!!!

  • donna nelson

    my tears are falling…what could the 3 year old possibly be doing to force him into a defenseless murder….carma is a bitch,but i cant see them ever getting what they deserve!!!!!

    • Ella

      Excuse me Pinguo, what exactly does color have to do with this? I am not racist, in fact one of my daughters is biracial so I would appreciate you leaving racial slurs and ignorant comments such as color out of this. I don’t care what color was involved, these people are monsters, I hope you don’t have kids, if you can’t leave racial comments out of it, then maybe this website isn’t for you. Go to ignorantpeople.com, that one may suit you better!!

  • Denise Wilson

    I fear this world is getting uglier every minute. The heartless ugly brutal murderous crazies are in the news every day. And my question is always the same….”who does this ? He was just a little baby. ” I’m so sick of it. All crimes against those who cannot defend themselves should be punished by death. And expedite it. Guilty today notify family that in 5 days the convicted will hang. Yeah I said it. Hang em

    • F.Y.I.

      I absolutely agree on the expedited execution. There is no good reason to spend years of time, space and money on imprisoning and a medically painless execution. Hanging would be the perfect justification this case needs and deserves.

  • Elizabeth

    These people are obviously either demented beyond words or possessed of some evil. In any case there is no excuse or reason for their actions. They are just pure evil. Please string them up and beat them daily until they also die. They deserve that and more. Thank God the baby in is heaven and out of the torture zone. Does anyone know what kind of “Relatives” the little 6 year old went to? Didn’t any of the relatives ever visit the children and see the signs of horrible abuse going on? According to what the mother stated, this abuse was a regular ongoing thing in their house. Also, who raised these sadistic putrid demons? Is the little 6 year old going from the fry pan to the fire? Better check the Relatives out. Animals have more love and compassion for their young.

  • Michelle Domingo

    Seriously Jess, your right there is only one side to this story because they killed the little boy. So, you’ll never hear his side of the story. How sad is that? They took a life, an innocent life. For you to ask a question a question like that and that you’re just wondering makes me wonder about you; tell me Jess would you torture your child like this?

  • Caitlin

    Sick. Those Sick fuckers should kill themselves.
    Something is definitely wrong With a society where even the most obvious abortions of God live to have their own children.
    Usually I would never say something like that but in this case – to live/die that way at a mere 3 years old – i’d say he was better off not living at all …
    The parents -teachers- authorities -……somebody …..anybody …..should’ve taken these two out back as children and shot them.

  • Jessica

    What does US Law do with Terrorists?? Take away all rights and treat them as “unhuman” This should apply to people exactly like this… Treat people the same way you would want to be treated. Hopefully they get Death, wasted of good air!

  • Josh Carpenter

    jess wundrin you should be examined by mental health proffessionals and if you have children you should be investigated just by saying the child may have deserved this makes me very concerned i am a father of a 6 yr old boy and having a child makes you understand how precious they are please seek help right away jess wundrin

  • Willow1987

    I’m just wondering if your trying to be clever and get attention by making a comment like that or if your really that fucking dumb to think that a tiny defenseless little baby could do anything to warrant being tortured and murder in such a horrible way! If you are that incredibly ignorant then you should be sterilized bc people like you should not be allowed to be around children let alone have one of your own! People like you are what’s wrong with the world today! Next time think before you speak!

  • Steelersburgh

    Hope they don’t flag you Jess for the jury…. You’d set the damn murderers free!!! You can’t buy common sense. For a mom to laugh as they rammed his head thru the wall!!!!! Where is the gray area of that!!!! Obviously you are missing some GRAY matter!!!!!

  • tracy

    WTF……….how can a mother do this shit to her child? how can another woman do nothing about it? how can this happen and no one knew? fucken retards! here in SAS we have peoples justice….forget the justice system……get them n do the same to them…..very theraputic for those that cared for the baby!! ide do it…….and i know plenty people would join me! im crying just haveing read this!!!! :( :( :(

  • tracy

    fucken hell “jess” how can u even say a little boy of 3 deserved that?…..NO child deserves that! and U are an ignoramous for even suggesting that shit? wtf is the matter wth u? how would u feel if he was yours? fuckit!!! i cant believe anyone could think that shit! and yes do us all a favour DONT have kids u wouldnt cope and your kids wouldnt survive!!

  • Steelersburgh

    Everybody in that trailer park should be held accountable I find it really hard to believe that nobody heard his screams and cries for over three days!!! And the fact that this was not the first time he had been abused this makes me sick that nobody ever question it all those other times

  • Shannon

    This story has haunted me the last couple of days. I know I hate those people, but if that little boy was still here, he would not want anyone to hurt his mother, no matter what cruelness she put him through, innocence in a child makes them forgivers……..amazing. But now that he is no longer here, I hope those people burn in hell. I wish nothing more than them to suffer for eternity. I would’ve rather been tortured in place of that child. I so wish I couldve taken his pain for him. I don’t understand why some can hurt children, we adults are supposed to protect them, hold them, love them, teach them right from wrong. This is truly sad and has broken my heart. I cant get little Scottie off my mind. I have cried the last 2 days since hearing this. Wish I could hold and hug him. Wish he had a loving home, hope he had some sort of love in the short life he lived. XOXOXO little one. Your story took a piece of my heart.

    • Remember

      The first time I ever saw anything like this was 30 years ago. There was a story on the news about a little boy named Eli Creekmore whose step dad had beaten him to death with the mothers knowlage. The grandmother had taken photos of the child as proof to the police, nothing was done. And a 3 year old boy died. Today I can still see the pictures of the boy that the grandma had taken. Cable was still very new at the time, and the news had no problems showing those pictures and boy did they get a reaction, for about a month. Make no mistake, this kind of thing has been going on for countless years. All over the world. Look it up on line. It is not getting worse and it’s not getting better it’s just very news worthy. They make sure to put sites like this up, because they the news, like jess wondering want a reaction. A year or two ago the news talked about how in China they have to put security at the entrances of schools to keep people from going in and stabbing the kids to death. In other country’s they mutilate girls and sew them closed, if they die o well they must have been evil. Or the little girl they found in Newyork about 15 years ago who’s name I never caught, the one they found in her own pee just to keep herself warm or a little baby in washington state who was suffocated by her known to be mentally ill mother a year ago or the man who came home from work and drown his own baby 50 years ago in the town I live in now. Does anyone remember them. It has happend every year, every day and in just about every country forever. When these things happen it is all abuse of our children, the people who commit these horrific crimes will pay for it, if not in this life then in the next And the parents of Scotty will pay, even if they are placed in protective custody, other prisoners will find a way. You are all good people, your job now is to not let the story of Scotty die in a month’s time. Remember him and all the others, send letters to your congressmen, have your friends and family send them as well, congress will listen if enough people contact them about an issue. Also what happend to Scotty is rare. There are children being abused every day who don’t die. Remember them as well.

      • Nette

        I never heard about the father drowning his own child, because I am under the age of 50, but child abuse have been going on for a very long time, especially in the single parent home it has been going on.The abuse starts off with the very first generation and passes it on to another generation of parents or parents who will more than likely harm their own children the same way or worst. You figure with all the stories reported on the news, it should have been laws of prohibiting this from happening, but it still continues every year. Does anyone care, makes you wonder. And I think you’re absolutely right there needs to be enough done.

  • Ella

    I can certainly understand why people are so outraged, because I am one of those that are outraged as well, it just seems like more and more innocent children are being abused and killed at the hands of those who are suppose to love and protect them. Then, when they do get sent to prison they are kept in isolation that our tax dollars are paying for, to me that is a slap on the wrist for these monsters. If they are tough enough to do this type of sick and evil crime then put them out there in general population where the other inmates can have a free for all, beat to death, and call it a day. I’m not sorry for the way I feel, because this little boy only got 3 years on this earth, and the 3 years he did get were spent being tortured and abused. I don’t even satan would take these people, EVIL MONSTERS!!!!

  • Donna

    Put them to death and let God sort them out. This is so horrible I can’t stop crying for the pain that these children endured. I lost one of my babies theee months ago andi cant for the life of me unerstand this. Why didn’t they give those children to family or put them up for adoption so they could be loved and cared for? I would do about anything to get my baby back but I know I can’t. Children are precious. My prayers are going out to the other children and family.

  • jenniefer

    People like should not be around why kill a innocent child.hope justice is brought it’s sick hw they could hit him so bad so so sad.

  • jenniefer

    People like this should be done the same how they hurt the child.why kill a innocent child.hope justice is brought it’s sick hw they could hit him so bad so so sad.

  • Jasmine

    We sit behind our screens damning the behavior of people who could have been our neighbors and in some sad cases remind us of our own parents- I firmly agree an eye for an eye. Death row takes too long. But perhaps WE as a country should entertain the idea of legislation requiring a process of licensing to reproduce. You need a license for nearly everything in this country- including adopting or fostering a child. So many children are neglected and beaten or given up for adoption due to ill fit unprepared parents. Why just increase the punishment- why not resolve the root of the evil.

    • justmylucksucks

      Jasmine are you proposing forced abortions? That’s what it would require to enforce your “not well thought out ” licensing idea.

  • Nette

    That bitch and loser boyfriend are one sick individuals. There are some people who don’t need to be called mother. The ugly really fair white bitch up above is one of them. Some people just have children just so the damn state can care for them. The woman needs a clue of how to treat others like human beings, not garbage. Those poor boys went through hell on in the custody of the sick bitch mother and wacko, low life, no job having, scruffy looking boyfriend. If congress don’t get off their asses and do something about the safety of children from their own abusive parents or parent, this will continue to happen, it will not stop. People will continue to live off the system and mistreat their own damn kids, abuse them and kill them will continue if this is not put and end to. There should be serious consequences for stupid ass people who do shit like this, serious! Serious! Serious, consequences. The government funds should be invested in education and job creation, not low life child abusers to live on and they are not caring for them like they supposed to.

  • A taylor

    Just wondering????? !!!!! Wtf??? Are you a human being? No you are not!!! To even suggest by any stretch of the imagination that a 3 yr old baby could have DESERVED to be tortured beaten etc..you are one sick M fer…

  • A taylor

    Jess wundering????? !!!!! Wtf??? Are you a human being? No you are not!!! To even suggest by any stretch of the imagination that a 3 yr old baby could have DESERVED to be tortured beaten etc..you are one sick M fer…completely agree with Kenneth..those adults deserve to have the same treatment until they almost die…every ..single.. night.

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