‘Serious’ and ‘willful’ safety violations led to deadly Seattle crane collapse

Washington voters approving I-594 to expand gun background checks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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SEATTLE — Washington voters were approving Initiative 594 to expand background checks on nearly all gun sales, initial results showed Tuesday night.

With 1.2 million votes counted, I-594 was leading 60-40% and its rival measure, I-591, which would limit gun background checks, was losing 55-45%.

I-594 would require background checks on all gun sales except for antique guns and family transfers.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said, “Today, Washington has made a significant commitment to gun safety for all. States with universal background checks have fewer women killed in domestic violence situations, fewer law enforcement officers shot and fewer firearm suicides.

“As the first state to pass this by popular vote, Washington has sent a message of hope to other states that progress is possible. We can act to prevent gun violence. We can save lives."

In the only other statewide measure, I-1351 to reduce class sizes in public schools was slightly losing 51-49% and too close to call.  It was a 14,000 vote margin with nearly 1.2 million votes cast.

In Seattle, Proposition 1 to stave off Metro Transit bus cuts in the city by raising revenue was passing 59-41%.

“Great cities need great mass transit – and Seattle is a great city," Murray said.

"Seattle voters have entrusted us with new resources, and taxpayers must have confidence that they will get value for their money. I pledge that the city will use this money responsibly. We are working with Metro on strict accountability measures that ensure that this funding is used to improve transit services here in Seattle in areas of greatest need.”

And Mayor Ed Murray's Pre-K education for Seattle children was passing with 67% of the vote.

“The passage of Proposition 1B is a huge win for Seattle’s kids and for Seattle’s future," Murray said.  "Tonight marks the beginning of the end of Seattle’s achievement and opportunity gap. Tonight marks a significant step toward making Seattle a city where students of all races and incomes are able to succeed in our public schools."









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    • Kat

      that is EXACTLY what it is!!! They don’t read anything. They just take the word of people in commercials.
      Would it be ‘nice’ if this was actually able to control the problems? YES. But will it control them? NO.
      If someone is a criminal, they will behave like a criminal. The laws make no difference.

    • P Arroyo

      @Neal Reau – While many Washingtonians actually can and do read, the great majority are afflicted with the malady of progressive liberalism ─ which is why I know the great majority as libiots.

      Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

      • Chuck

        The sad fact is most Washington voters are typical low information voters. They hear some dumbass Progressive fool saying this is a good idea and they, like Lemmings, just follow along. It is getting very hard to be proud to be an American, and even harder to be proud to be a Washingtonian. We have become San Francisco North for all intents and purposes

        • Pablo

          Chuck.. Sad fact is.. Your post is 2 years too late on the topic yet apparently you are a low information poster, low information person as this happened long ago. Out of the 39 counties in WA state 5 will vote liberal and King county will always vote liberal. The other 34 counties are very red and very American. Putting people down as a majority is a very liberal thing to do.. Best bone up on what a true conservative is and also pay attention to dates of your posts.. 2 years later and you respond? Funny..

      • Rick

        Way to go, Now I see they are going to file many more initiatives to further restrict gun ownership. OH this is all we need you say well guess what. LIARS.

        One bite a time. And you Uneducated electorials fell for it hook line and sinker.


        So called assault weapons ban. Except they are already banned in Washington. But no, your going to redefine what that is.

        Also Going to make mandatory Gun owner ship insurance. Guess what this is the one they want. They are going to get insurance to be so expensive that most wont want to own firearms.

        Also safes and locks will be mandatory. How do we enforce that … There goes the search and seizure part of the constitution, because they will want to check.

        You see, the people that wrote 594 have one thing in mind and they had a press conference saying hey 60% gives us a mandate.

        Congratulations you just took the first step in losing your freedom. Because when you are successful in killing the 2nd the 1st, 4th 5th and the rest wont be far behind.

      • Michael Litoris

        Way to go, Washington! In a country with the highest rate of incarceration in the first-world, you’ve just found a new and innovative way to create whole new classes of paper criminals!

        Have your buddy work on your gun, you’ve just broken the law!

        Help someone clear a malfunction, you’ve just broken the law!

        Hand someone an unloaded gun to look at, you’ve just broken the law!

        Of course, what do you expect? The answer is always the same with this bunch…no thinking, no analysis, just MAKE MANY MUCH MOAR GUN LAWZ! Because when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

        No! Seriously! Forget all those other times! THIS TIME GUN CONTROL WILL WORK!!!!!

        I’d laugh if if it wasn’t real families who will be legally and financially devastated by this. But let’s not think about them, shall we? Think of how GOOD it FEELS to be DOING SOMETHING! YES!!!!

      • CPT P Arroyo

        @JAZZY – When Proglibiots like yourself legislate my status as a law-abiding American into being an instant criminal, then I’d predict many intelligent, otherwise law-abiding Americans will start acting like criminals. It’d be a good time for you to refrain from being downrange.

        Mολὼν λαβέ

    • Madanna

      I find it interesting that many people urge us young people to get out there and vote. However once the results come in and they are not to your liking we still get criticized. Really??? Make up your mind. I DID READ what I was voting for, I know what I stand for!!!

      • P Arroyo

        @MADANNA – Just because you’re young, able to read, and even intelligent enough to understand a complex issue as posed in I-594 doesn’t mean you’re sufficiently mature and experienced to think ahead to the ramifications of unintended consequences such poor legislation causes ─ unless, of course, you’re in favor of less safety, particularly by new and undertrained firearms owners who can no longer get hands-on training by qualified, experienced Instructors. If you’re in favor of one more step (albeit inhumane, in my opinion) toward Zero Population Growth (ZPG), then your young vote urged the State of Washington toward that goal, for which you should be proud.

        De Oppresso Liber

      • Katie

        Good on you, no, GREAT ON YOU, Madanna! Exercise your right to vote and stand up for what you really believe in, the gun toters will get over it, the vast majority of them are responsible, serious individuals who have no problems with locks, cabinets, and intelligent safeguards. I am in Ohio and cannot wait to 2016, I and so many others will work to get the same initiative on our ballot, as will many other states. You did the right thing if you voted for this in my opinion.

        • P Arroyo

          @Katie – If the “… vast majority of [firearms owners] are responsible, serious individuals who have no problems with locks, cabinets, and intelligent safeguards,” why is it that additional background checks, fees for obtaining them, and waiting periods during which those background checks are performed, during which the Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) deprives firearms owners (and students) of the firearms being “transferred,” are supposed to happen each time an Instructor exchanges a firearm with a student on the firing range? Oh, and since you would be unable to answer that in a cogent manner, would you please explain how this systematic series of checks reduces firearms injuries and deaths caused by criminals in the commission of violent crimes with firearms that, being criminals, they wouldn’t be going to an FFL to get themselves and their mostly stolen firearms registered.

          In short, how does making hands-on training in firearms safety impossibly difficult help to reduce crime, either in Washington State (WA) or, as you propose, in Ohio (OH)?

          De Oppresso Liber

  • Hera

    It is a GUN REGISTRY that they are creating. How many people actually read the 18 page Initiative when they voted? The people who FUNDED this destruction of Second Amendment rights was Gates and Bloomberg…who live behind ARMED guards in gated communities. First the government registers the guns, and then the government comes for them..happened in California and NY (two of the highest crime rates in these US of A, only behind Chicago) Good luck for being proud about destroying a fundamental right to protect yourself, that men and women have given their lives for you to have.

    You just spit on every Veteran grave by your actions!

    • Jack Smith

      How true, I hate the fact this nation and the people that live in a protected or uninformed society like Seattle just vote for anything bad about guns, man I’m pissed.

    • Bill

      And spit on our children’s rights as well. You want me to respect your ridicules law lets see you arm the secret service with rocks. All you idiots who supported 594 odiously are not to worried about home land security. Oh you think the military will protect you ha ha ha that’s funny they will be sent to protect military basses, dams, airports, landmarks, and so one. Guess you don’t worry about attacks on our soil. Do you understand public record will now show your to scared to defend your family with a gun so you just made yourself a target!! Also where are we going individualizing states like this? Last I checked we where the “United States” protected by our constitution not the “States” controlled by the government. So I agree we made a huge statement and that is over a million dip$hits live and vote in the Un-United State of Washington. Well history shows you did right by voting yes on 594 Just look how well it worked for the Indians to trust our government and lay down their arms. Well all who where against 594 and did what you could to protect me and my family’s rights I Thank you.

  • Jack Smith

    Unbelievable, people think gun laws will change bad behavior, Seattle and the metropolitan areas think this is a cure to the terrible school shootings and the violent gun crimes in their neighborhoods, now average people with guns will now be criminalized. Thanks stupid people.

  • mike

    Looks like I’ll just hop the border to Idaho and buy guns. No problem, I go to Post Falls/Couer d’Alene all the time. Just unfortunate that people who voted for I-594 are not smart enough to understand where the real problem is….Guns dont kill people, disturbed individuals do. Mental health and the ability to recognize sick or disturbed people needs to be more funded and parents need to pay attention to their kids, take an interest in what they do, and truly be family units rather than everyone just do their own thing and ignore each other.

  • The World is Ending

    I feel safer already, just think, no more armed robbery, no more gang shooting or drive by shootings yep just thing no criminal will ever be able to buy a gun again; Therefore no more gun crime in Washington.

    • mike

      You have to joking guns will always be available to those individuals who want them (criminals). Money will always be able to buy guns, legally or illegally. Safety isnt guaranteed due to no guns. Their is no safety, thats why having a gun makes sense.

  • jim shaw

    The ONLY people affected by this law are honest responsible citizens–the criminals will get guns without concern for this dull-witted law. It is unconstitutional to restrict gun ownership by any law-abiding citizen.

  • P Arroyo

    I’m all for ZPG (Zero Population Growth), but I don’t think this is the humane way to accomplish that. Because qualified, law-abiding firearms safety and skills Instructors will no longer be able to give hands-on training, the accidental discharge rate will likely rise. (If trained, the shooter could be called negligent; without training, the manner of shooting is more likely to be the result of ignorance, and therefore accidental.) Commensurate with the rise in accidental discharges, the “negligent” homicide rate and accidental suicide rates should rise ─ this after a decades-long decline! Nice going, you Washington State libiots!

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  • Rick

    screw them.. This new law is un-constitutional and therefore does not apply to me or any other AMERICAN… I do not accept any law that limits the 2nd amendment in any way.

  • TTim LaBardi

    ever people are a bunch of dumbasses I was there really a bunch of fraud going on because I’m pretty sure people are that dumb are they?the 2nd amendment is my concealed carry and any lawthat we have to vote on about our Bill of Rights is no valid law at all.we already have a right to bear arms and no one can infringe it so Washington is just done something illegal

  • Dan Schroth

    I hate this place should of never moved here I cannot believe that the people passed this bills they are idiots who think this police state will protect them. I am moving the hell out of here this month!

      • 03sv1g

        If you can find someone to do the check for you. No system set up to do it, other than through an FFL and I’ve heard many of them aren’t going to do it. Even if they do, they’ll charge whatever they want, driving up the cost of the gun.

      • Just Obsurd

        3 mins? Have you ever bought one? 3 mins? yeah right more like a couple weeks, even with a CPL. WA already does background checks. Not to mention mandatory registrations, why do you need 18 pages to add private sales or gun shows to an already existing list? Now its near impossible if not impossible to teach a friend or family to posses handle or hold your gun. How is safety to be taught? Not to mention the felonies if they were to borrow or use it. For example, I was walking from the parking lot to the store, my friend went to the bank my path forced me to walk alone in a very harassment based situation where my safety was not certain. Both my friend and myself have a CPL, they lent me their gun for the situation I was about to be faced with in case my life was in danger since I didn’t have mine on me. Next time I could get a felony making perfect, clean record, citizens, the felon. THIS WILL NOT KEEP GUNS AWAY FROM THE CRIMINALS. This just creates a registry for them to be repossessed. Just wait, you’ll see, leaving your safety left to the discretion of your government who is to make your decisions for you. Where’s freedom in that? Don’t they already get to tell you what I best for your kids, and family and what insurance in now mandatory? When someone breaks into your house just call 911 the’ll be there in a jiffy…(if you’re still alive and your wife hasn’t been raped yet.) and if you do have a gun in the house that you have had a background check on, don’t think about handing it to your wife to use when you are not home, you might just send her to jail.

        • 03sv1g

          I don’t know where you’re buying guns, but you need to go somewhere else. I have my CPL and on multiple occasions have walked into a gun shop, purchased and handgun and walked out the door with it in less than 30 minutes for the whole process.

      • Robert Moughon

        One thing you forgot to mention… every time one transfers a gun, even to a family member as a gift, the law requires the collection of sales tax based on fair market value of the gun. So in addition to paying to have the transfer, you will also have to pay about 10% of the value of your gun. Think about that, if you wanted to lend a shotgun to a friend for a weekend hunt, It would cost you 20% of the value of that shotgun. Talk about getting it with both barrels.

  • Robert

    A real shame Washington has voted in more placebo legislation to address violent crime that only impacts law abiding citizens, not criminals. Common sense clearly is not common in Washington.

  • Brandon Evans

    This has got to the stupidest thing Washington state could have done! I am willing to bet you if you ask 50% of people who voted yes for I-594 if they read threw the hole law I am willing to bet most of them say no! All this did is start a down word spiral for this state and for this country next thing we know were going to be ask to register bullets then were going to have a law on how many bullets we can have in a weapon then its going to be how many bullets we can have in a house at one time and then what there going to come and try to take our fire arms?! How exactly is this going to close the “loop hole” if criminals really want guns they can still get them like they always have you know how easy it is to find a gun on the black market were the seller does not care if there is a law or not all they want is the money! or the person could easily go into someone’s house and steal there guns! But by god they better go register them and wait 2-3 weeks…. All this law does is attack us law abiding citizen were going to be the ones who suffer the most from this not the criminals or the “loop hole” and how are they going to track guns that we have now???? how are they going to track if we hand a gun to a friend to look at or to shoot and we didn’t go to a local gun dealer and file for a transfer and pay the fine and wait the period???????? this law just makes no since to me at all!! I am ashamed to say I live in Washington state now were the laughing stock of the United States of America were the only ones who say its legal to walk around our streets stoned but if you want to ensure your safety and walk around with a firearm were going to make your life a living hell. Because a couple of cowards are scared of a weapon and half of those cowards are protected by ARMED SECURITY. Now these people who are against guns if there life is ever in jeopardy the first thing there going to do is call someone with a gun to come save there life.

  • Just say no

    Welcome to Jones-town, how’d that lie flavored koolaid taste. BTW hopefully you’ll get bumped off welfare and you’ll have to fund your own health care.


    These sheeple will vote on any thing they see on tv the 541 group didn’t push hard enough now we are stuck with a law that is not only unconstitutional by federal constitution but the state one too and they are out of their minds if they think I or any true gun owner is going to abide by this illegal law they are crazy I will move to another state first, yes I am pissed but what else can we do ? we need our own Bloomberg to fund a counter stack. I think the counties of the state need to be evened out so there are more of an even chance when it comes to voting for crap like this or any other laws it is not right that 3 very large counties can dictate what the rest of us will or will not do.

  • jazzy

    The Felons are out in force today. They are furious that the voters closed their easy, legal access to guns. Thanks Washington voters from all sides of the state, both sides of the aisle, for passing this common sense legislation!

    • 03sv1g

      People who rob, rape, steal and kill obviously don’t obey laws in the first place. You’re delusional if you think they’ll obey this one…

  • Gearmoe

    Seeing 594 pass was not a shock, however it was disappointing. Disappointing to recognize I live in a State where law goes to the highest bidder. The Initiative itself will only clog the already constipated system and not prevent any criminal from acquiring a firearm. To think it can is flat out stupidity. A number of people are obviously lemmings, reacting to emotion, believing rather than thinking and understanding. 594 will likely see a challenge in court for a number of reasons, certainly as it is impossible to enforce.

  • Amber P

    The fact that this passed ANNOYS me. this is only making it more difficult and time lengthy for good people to purchase their guns. This wont stop domestic violence in the slightest. if you think otherwise, PLEASE explain to me how suddenly criminals with magically stop being criminals. THEY DONT FOLLOW THE LAW! THAT IS WHY THEY ARE LABLED AS CRIMINALS. give me a break.

  • Just Obsurd

    60% didn’t vote it. Do your math Washington. Out of 1,212,955 votes that have been collected (there are still votes in the mail and coming from overseas from registered voters, those votes count too) only 724,330 people voted yes. In order to be 60% we would need 727,773 votes of those currently collected. What about all the votes that are in the mail to be collected? Those votes count too. How do we pass a law when all votes haven’t had time to be considered??? I don’t get how these are not considered.

  • Unprofessional

    Gun owners before the vote are grandfathered in. This initiative just makes it that more annoying to buy/own a firearm after the fact.

  • Mostly Rock

    This goes to show, we as a society are too damn lazy to read. I would love to say that these idiots deserve losing their rights, but their stupid decision is going to hurt a lot of innocents, and people are going to suffer from their idiocy for generations to come.

  • Nomorenannystate

    Actually, Mayor Murray, the message sent is money trumps truth. Agenda driven billionaires trumps constitutional rights. Irrational fears trumps relevant data. The most revealing aspect of the “message” Mayor Murray, is creating ineffective punitive laws that have no bearing on criminal behavior, trumps enforcing existing laws that actually serve as a deterrent to those who lie on the NICS form. Well done. Congratulations on spending $10 million dollars on your deceptive campaign rather than investing that money into prosecuting people who feloniously falsify information on the NICS form. Because prison time for failing the background check couldn’t possibly be effective, according to your “gun sense”. Oh, and see you in court. If you think this erroneous law is going to be taken lying down, you are in for a rude awakening.

  • BD4

    Too funny. Nothing intelligent to say so insult the voters. Some of us who voted for it DID read it, DID understand it, and felt it was a reasonable law that does NOT interfere with your 2nd Amendment rights of the law abiding citizens. Unless you are a convicted felon who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place, the fears expressed on here are irrational. National gun registry? Laughable. Feel free to leave the state if you disagree with it. No one is making you live here.

    • Nomorenannystate

      Clearly, you didn’t read the initiative in its entirety, or you have failed to comprehend ramifications of the language. No law abiding citizen has an issue with background checks. I’ve been through plenty myself. The problem with 594 is the transfer clause. If you truly want to be informed, this is a good read by a competitive shooter and hunter:

      Potentially interpreted to make loaning a firearm a crime, even to a family member or friend

      Any loans of a firearm requiring the same effort as as FFL purchase is invasive and tedious. It is already the law that you cannot give a gun to a felon and that felon’s aren’t legally allowed in the same room as a gun. You may not understand as a shooting sports competitor or from a hunter’s perspective, but there are genuinely about a million more everyday scenarios where guns are loaned, whether for a minute or years. There needs to be an exemption for CPL holders (in arms trade, these are referred to as good guy cards, as they show the owner has gone through an increased background check), at least. Gun owners are already dogmatic, wary and self-policing when it comes to safety and transfers, and even private sales of handguns will often require a CPL. Here are a few example:

      -I’m in a shooting pit outside Wenatchee with my friends. I give one a handgun to shoot a few rounds at a steel target. Class III felony.

      -I’m in Centralia doing a 3-gun competition. Before the match I have a problem with my AR. I give it to my military buddy to fix. Illegal.

      -My wife, a valid CPL holder, wants to carry the subcompact today. Hmm, who is this registered to again? We’ll have to transfer it now every summer so I can use it for that season.

      If the intent is to ban private transfers, it can shore up the language to make clear that “transfers” are “permanent.” Federal law also makes it clear that strawman purchases are illegal. It could also require a simple bill of sale for all firearms (placing the burden on the seller to keep a record of his transactions). Mostly what I would like to see are exemptions for CPLs, LEO, family or military who already carry a card identifying them as a legal owner.

      -Creates a mandatory, de facto handgun database

      The problem here lies in enforcement and solvency. Having a record of the original owner of the gun does nothing to solve crimes (unlike with a car, where a license plate number is sufficient for hit and run, or felony checks). If you sold a pistol privately today and it turned up in a crime next week, it could have exchanged hands a dozen times even if you sold it to a legal transfer the first time. How would knowing your name solve the crime or reduce the next chance of violence? What sort of criminal charge would you deserve for originally owning a gun? If you sold a car to a 18 year old who drove it drunk into a pedestrian, should you be charged with that crime? Running up the ladder of who owned it first is a way of deflecting personal responsibility in a tragedy to the weapon, instead of the user.

      In any event, how is it possible to enforce a so-called universal check? Why should spouses, family or inheritance be subjected to these taxes (transferring a firearm through an FFL is roughly $50-75, in the current economy)? Universal background checks are simply impossible, and for what its worth, wouldn’t do anything to stop most crimes. Those who have psychiatric snaps could have got them legally before, the criminals have other means.

      I understand you might think a database is a useful tool, but I can see no way this database could be used to prevent crime or solve gun transfer problems since it would only effect legal owners who sold guns legally through a transfer. In fact, the Supreme Court has ruled that criminals cannot register under 5th amendment protection. All this does is make every gun sold before I-594 goes into effect a “free-trade” gun, because of course you bought/sold it before the law. It would solve nothing at a significant individual privacy and financial cost.

      In closing, sorry for the wall of text. I appreciate the intent of the initiative, to protect the innocent. Should that come at the cost and privacy of a mostly (98%+) innocent community of gun owners?

  • john

    A well regulated militia witch is us we the people being necessary to the security of a free state meaning if the state is trying to take our freedoms we will take our freedoms back the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed means stop trying to take our guns read its plane forward bad people do bad things doing back ground checks an all that goes with that is doing nothing bad guys will always get anything to hurt people with i wear a gun every day it dose not leave my side an i don’t ccw carry i open carry im getting sick an tired of having to pay for my rights an freedoms that our people fight for what happen to freedom of choice maybe if we didnt have all of the rules an unconstitutional codes the world would be a better place but we cant do that cuz its all about that fake money that has no value if you all dont wake up to whats really going on an what they are trying to do than you deserve what ya get i beleave in god given rights an common law witch is called and means free man………………………..

  • Jimmy Vick

    The real criminals do not give a crap what law was just passed… I have responsibly shared and discharged firearms with both friends and family my entire life. I will continue to loan by .300 to my friends when they want more firepower for an Elk hunt and I will continue to barrow his mini 14 for feral hogs. The rich statist goons who pushed for this can take their armed body guards and blow me.

    • Jimmy Vick

      I got 93%, I subjectively answered one question on the Heller supreme court ruling incorrectly. One interesting tidbit regarding the 1939 supreme court ruling that a sawed off shotgun “lacks any reasonable relationship to a well regulated militia. Since the weapon would not be useful to a militia, it was beyond the protection of the Second Amendment.”. Sawed off shotguns were frequently used in WWI for sweeping through and clearing trenches. Also in WWII for clearing houses and caves.

      • P Arroyo

        Nice going, JIMMY VICK! And thanks for the info, too. While we were issued full-legal-length shotguns in R[S]VN for “sporting entertainment,” I had to get a recaptured shotgun off the books and saw it off to my own specs. Sure wish I hadn’t had to leave that (and special munitions) behind when I was forced to come back Stateside (to the “Land of the Big PX”).

        De Oppresso Liber

  • Josiah

    Where is the source on “States with universal background checks have fewer women killed in domestic violence situations, fewer law enforcement officers shot and fewer firearm suicides.” from?

  • Josiah

    All I-594 does is create a huge hassle for law abiding citizens. Criminals by definition don’t follow laws, if they’re going to kill someone they are going to kill someone even if there are guns or no guns. I wonder if my gun hating Language arts teacher would read this. Knowing her, she probably would.

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