Burglars posing as aggressive vacuum salespeople? Don’t get cleaned out

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT, Wash. — Police say a group of three people might be breaking into homes after posing as vacuum salespeople. The group consists of possibly four people — one woman and three men.

Police say they might be linked to at least three break-ins.

Everett police say the group is traveling around in a 1993 maroon Ford van.  Its believed they are going door to door, acting as vacuum salespeople to gain access to a home to case the interior and then later break into the house.

The group might be connected to a burglary in the 2100 block of E. Grand Avenue, on 7th Street and on Waverly Avenue.

One homeowner, Veronica Marler spoke with Q13 Fox News and says the group was aggressive in trying to get into her home.

"She just came and knocked on the door and wanted to show me this carpet-cleaning stuff. I told her no, I was busy. I had to go. She was very persistent, she wouldn't take no for an answer at all," Marler said.

At one point she had to slam the door in her face.

"It was kind of weird; it was, why do you want in my house so bad?"  Marler said.

At no point did the salesperson show any kind of identification or a license to prove she was a representative of the vacuum company.

Police say its important to ask for that information upfront and to never let anyone inside your home.  Also, you should contact the company yourself to schedule a time for a cleaning.  If you think there is something suspicious about the salesperson, call 911.



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  • Paula

    I suspect these are the same phony people I chased away from my neighbor’s house. She texted me for help when they wanted to come inside to use the bathroom after she refused their services. One black male and one hispanic male.

  • Amy

    This also happened to me last Tuesday. She was very persistent when I told her no she told me I really meant yes. When I finally got her away from the door she asked to use the bathroom. She did not initially say who she was with and her badge was on backwards so you could not see her info.

  • Irritated Vacuum Dude

    You know this really sucks.
    I actually work for Kirby and we have been in business for 100 years and we still to this day only advertise via word-of-mouth/ in-home demonstrations.

    For us that are actually trying to become successful and actually make enough money to live, this is hurting us in so many ways.
    Secondly, this article is completely devoid of any hard evidence.
    From Veronica’s statement, it just sounded like one of our sales personnel was being persistent, which they are trained to be, because obviously we operate on commission.

    Correlation does not mean causation, just because there were break-ins in the area does not mean that some dedicated and harmless sales personnel are the culprits.

    Lots of “might be’s” in this article, but of course most people who read this won’t even care.

    • Irritated Homeowner

      Well, irritated vacuum dude, I had an actual Kirby salesman come to my home about 14 years ago and he was SO rude and SO persistent and absolutely refused to leave my house that I will NEVER EVER buy a Kirby product EVER. And I still tell people to not buy Kirby for that. So take that word of mouth to your sales training sessions.

      • Kathleen

        I agree. I can’t believe any company is so backward that they would still sell door to door. 1. A good product will sell itself without pressure. 2. Letting ANYONE in your home you don’t know is rediculas in times like these! 3. Ever heard of the internet for advertising? 4. Is anyone at home? We’re all at work !

  • Tactical Turtle

    I live on the west hill of Kent near Reith road and Military road. A white woman around 5’3″ in her mid to late 20s wearing a purple coat and dark red hair knocked on my door at 8:30pm Wed (10/29) aggressively wanting to enter my home for a dry foam cleaning demo on my stairs. Her sales pitch was very weak and did not identify herself with a business. She would not take no for an answer until I shut the door in her. I recalled her saying something about her boss being down my street doing a demo and she needed to do a few more to meet her quota for the night because she was planning a trip to Vegas and getting married soon. Her most bizarre comment was when she said her and her boss will be in my neighborhood until 2am that night doing dry foam clean demos. Yes, I said am not pm. When she knocked at my next door neighbor, I heard she didn’t make eye contact with him and kept looking over his shoulder. She told him that she would be back later that night to clean my house. At 11:30pm, that same woman returned to my house and knocked loudly. Obviously, I didn’t answer the door as I was half asleep since I had work in the morning like most people. When she came back, there was a dark red or maroon older Chevy van model parked at the edge of my driveway with the engine off, lights off, driver side door open, and a black male standing away from the vehicle watching the same woman at my door. I didn’t get the plate number. Unfortunately, this alarming situation did not end that night. Obviously, that woman was scouting for home invasion burglary opportunities. I figured if they came back, it would be two nights later on Halloween when kids trick or treating is the best diversion and cover. Actually, that same red van drove by my culdesac twice on Sat 11/1 during the day and again at night. My neighbor witnessed the van both times that Saturday and swears it was the same vehicle from the prior Wednesday. With all the recent news stories about residential burglaries around King and Pierce county, I wasted no time addressing the need for a tactical home defense plan. If that red van ever returns to my property and breaks in, that same woman and her male home invasion crew won’t need a defense attorney for unlawful breaking and entering at court. I have my own demonstration ready 24/7 to show them in the name of lawful self-defense.

  • Nick

    They came to my home about three weeks ago in the Lynnwood area.. At 9:00PM of all times. He showed up in an older white van and as soon as he got out, the van drove off. Suspicious right from the beginning. I have heard about these guys before and I really didn’t even give him the time of day. He surprisingly wasn’t as persistent as I expected he would be.. Probably because I had a bunch of people at the house.

  • Kim

    I have some pictures of two men different individuals trying to clean our carpets while talking to my husband they were more interested about what was in our house then talking I died my husband we thought it was sketchy and we took pictures of the two gentlemen they had no identification of company on their person or on their van we thought it was sketchy so we took pictures and did contact the police if you want the pictures of the gentleman we can send them to you we have The plate number and pictures of their faces

  • roger

    this is really bad thing and fraud people with company brand name is selling the duplicate vacuum cleaner for the cash and use the tag of big company.

  • Katherine

    Im pretty sure these people hit up my house today… Older maroon van… I called the police they had no license to sell and i have quite the story. If no suspects have been arrested please contact me. I have a license plate and the police have the name of the driver. The police let them go even after i mentioned this story.

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