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This woman walked around New York City for 10 hours, what her hidden camera captured will shock and disgust you

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK, New York —  For 10 hours on a recent day Shoshana Roberts simply walked around New York City.

She was wearing jeans and a crewneck T-shirt.

She was silent as she walked.

But as she walked a hidden camera was rolling and recording just ahead of her capturing every step and more importantly every word spoken to her by the men she passed.

The video was just posted on YouTube by a non-profit, Hollaback, devoted to ending street harassment in cities around the world.



The video shows total stranger after total stranger calling to Roberts, approaching her & verbally harassing her.  At the end of the video the filmmaker reveals that in the 10 hours of shooting Roberts was subjected to more than 100 instances of verbal street harassment across diverse neighborhoods throughout the city.

“This doesn’t include the countless winks, whistles, etc,” wrote the filmmaker.

Some of the displays capture on video are downright scary.  At one point Roberts is followed for more than 5 minutes by a stranger.  At another point she is berated by a different stranger trying to force his phone number upon her.

Hollaback calls on women across the world to record incidents of street harassment and share them publicly to bring both awareness to the issue, but also to bring it to an end.

“We envision a world where street harassment is not tolerated and where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces,” says the organization on its website.

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  • Kirsten

    Wow at some of these comments.
    Race or status has what to do with this? I can tell you I get this from every type of person- every race, every age, every class of men.
    It’s not that saying hello or have a nice day is that terrible but it can lead to harassment. Not every person is going to take it too far. But just last week I walked into get some food and another customer said good morning so I smiled and said hello and continued to wait for my order. After that the interactions got much worse and I ignored it. The end result was them chasing me out the door screaming why won’t you fuck me daaaamn girl. This video is just a representation of how many unwanted interactions women are forced to deal with all the time. And when you’re alone it can be scary. If you’re polite they think you’re interested. If you ignore them they get mad and call you a bitch. If you try to verbally tell them off it gets worse. There’s no winning. Sometimes a girl just wants to pick up some food or walk down the street for ten hours without this drama. Just leave a girl alone.

      • Kirsten

        Well clearly nothing has ever happened to you or you wouldn’t be so quick to find this implausible. That’s just the most recent thing like this that has happened to me, and yes it was drastic. But most of my interactions are more like the video where guys are like what I’m too ugly for you bitch? Uhm hi just here to get a sandwich and not be harassed- I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

      • Calvin

        It is true that many women face this type of harassment on a daily basis. There are men that refuse to accept no for answer, or believe that if they keep talking, eventually she will change her mind. No one, especially females should have to deal with strangers being this disrespectful. I personally refuse to speak to most females I don’t know. If I haven’t been introduced by a mutual acquaintance, then there is nothing for us to discuss.

    • Dani

      This happens far too often. I agree with you totally – if someone walks past and makes a comment like ‘have a nice day’, then I’d reply saying something ‘thanks, you too’, but some men take this as ‘I’m interested in you sexually, please advance on me’ and it’s just not right. The fact that you were chased out of a store is unacceptable and is quite frankly scary. It’s not ok, and it most certainly is an important issue that must be addressed. It honestly worries me that I’m scrolling down reading through these comments and seeing women comment saying that it’s ‘not important’ and there are ‘more shocking things happening around the world’. I cannot fathom how we wouldn’t support one another for this, and even say that ‘she should have seen it coming’ – it honestly baffles me. This IS an issue and we CANNOT blow passed it and just say ‘boys will be boys’. Women have the right to feel safe in the streets of where they live, just as much as men do. We should be made to feel equal, we not here for men’s sexual amusement.

    • Matthew Bryant

      So because one person was a sexual deviant every guy who says hello to you on the streets must be? I get that some people take it too far, and I understand that the unwanted attention can get to you. That being said, some people are just being nice. When you accuse men of having ulterior motives every time they call you beautiful you’re just as guilty as the men who assume you want something “extra” when you wear less clothing. Neither is true much of the time. As this video showed, most men who complimented her left her alone when it was obvious that she wasn’t interested in any attention. Maybe we should look at statistical data (especially since this video obviously shows the worst situations instead of the best) instead of assuming that all men are pigs who just want to do every girl that walks by them.

      • Dani

        I never said all men are like this, as I definitely don’t think that. I’m going from what the person above me commented about (don’t think I replied properly) and the video I’ve just watched. I understand that a simple ‘hello’ is definitely not harassment – I’ve been greeted in the street by men before and it’s not fazed me most of the time and I’ve ignored it – but a man cannot turn to a woman in the streets and say something disgusting like some of the things they say in the video and think that it’s appropriate. You say I’m just as guilty as the men who assume I want ‘extra’ from me when I wear less clothing, but I never wear less clothing for any other people, men or women, only for myself. It’s not up to them whether they can sexualise my body. Only up to me. It should never be down to ‘what she’s wearing and where’. It has nothing to do with that. There is only one way to ‘ask for it’ and that is verbally; these men are assuming her silence is ambiguous. And that is what is wrong with these men in this video, not all men.

  • Laura

    The only thing I find shocking or disgusting about this article is how much attention it is getting. People are aware that real and truly shocking, disgusting, awful things actually happen every single day all over the world, right? This is NOT one of them…

    • Mid Null

      This IS a big deal. Why? Because after she posted this vid she received death AND rape threats! SO yes, it IS a big fuckin’ deal. This woman isn’t doing anything except walking quietly….

    • ron

      only thing i found disgusting is the fact that she was so rude,hey how are you ,god bless you ,this is what passes as harassment these days,all i saw was men trying to meet a woman,i didn’t hear anyone get disrespectful,someone gives her a nice compliment and she ignores them,ok cool she can do whatever she pleases but do on to others right…if she was unattractive her whole attitude would be different, people are never satisfied, my opinion

      • Toonakin84

        Look at that ass tho she expects no compliments u girls are crazy u flaunt ur body’s all over the place because u wanna get noticed and when u are noticed u bitch about it this video is fukin retarded if u don’t wanna get cat called dress more conservatively
        2 mins · Like

      • Clara

        Agree :D If i would say hi to someone nd that person would look at me with that angry ‘whats ure fucking problem stupid person’ I would get enjoyed too and maybe say something less nice than GOD BLESS YOU… I was thinking people would insult her or touch or whatever when I saw the title of the article but actually she only gets like the nicest compliments ever… I would feel super good after that 10 hours walk!! I must say, here in Brussels I get same sort of compliments :) I always smile and thank them I great them etc. mOst of the people leave it like that; they just want some interaction, don’t you mis interaction you people?.. only a fiew see it as a strange chance. Just be polite honest en smiling nd the chance youll get in trouble will be very small… the amount of crasy people that are there just to hurt u is reallllly very small. but off corse they exist so always take care off yourself but please don’t be scared already just for a Hi

  • WowGuysYouReallyAreOblivious

    As my name implies, you guys are goddamn oblivious. If the woman was a very muscular male, you wouldn’t have bothered at all BECAUSE IT’S NOT WORTH WRITING ABOUT; IT WON’T MAKE MONEY BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE THIS STUPID.

  • Shakita

    We are living in 2014, which means stuff like this is pretty much normal now and days. I mean if you are wearing any type of form fitting clothing like she was you should expect responses like that. duh!!

    • Dani

      are you serious? a woman should feel safe wearing the clothes she finds comfortable in a place she lives in. she should not have to leave the house worrying that she is going to be objectified whilst wearing clothes that are in no way sexualising her body. these men are sexualising her body without her permission and it has nothing to do with the clothes she is wearing.

      • Jeff Va

        Everyone is responsible for what they wear and where. Period. Just like I can’t dress up like a gangbanger and roam around East L.A. and get upset when approached by gang members. And everything is harassment if it’s coming from an ugly guy but if they are attractive it’s welcomed right. Girls don’t want to make first moves but only want certain attention at certain times. Trying way too hard to be the victim nowadays for real.

        • Dani

          I understand that…but you’re acting as if she was walking around wearing a short skirt and something revealing. She was wearing black jeans and a black top that covered her chest. There was nothing about this outfit that would have looked ‘inviting’ to these men. So many people are blaming her outfit in this video and it literally baffles me. HOW can you say that? She is the only person who can give permission to sexualise her body, no one else.This video is not about ‘making moves’ – she’s not interested in these men, she’s literally just walking down the street.

          • Earl

            I’m sorry Dani, is she wearing a different outfit in the video you’re watching? Because in the one I’m watching, she wearing a black t-shirt, that while it does cover her up, it leaves little to the imagination. Same goes for her tight pants. When she chose to dress like this and go out on the street, she chose to sexualize her body. She knows it. You know it. The film maker knows it. The film makers whole point was to capture men’s reaction to a beautiful, sexy woman walking down the street. That’s what he/ she was paid to do. I agree that some of the guys (specifically the ones who chose to follow her) were way out of line, and you can see she starts to get worried about these guys. Now you take the same woman, in a different outfit that is not as revealing (and while hers doesn’t show skin, it’s still revealing) and see what happens.

    • Emma

      Is there something wrong with you? Women should never have to accept this amount of unwanted attention in any circumstances. Ever. We are not here for the entertainment of men and the fact that so many men took it for granted that this girl wanted their come ons is quite shocking. The fact that this is considered normal is very very wrong and women who think it is normal and acceptable are part of the problem. Take a look at Everyday sexism on twitter, and tell me that you don’t find the stories that you see shocking. It’s the same thing, we need to stand up for ourselves not accept that this sort of thing is OK.

  • ThisIsAJoke

    How on earth is there a way to “BAN” harassment on the street? Are these men going to be arrested or ticketed for giving what they believe are compliments? I experience this from men all the time. If I’m walking and someone said hello, good morning, good night, etc. I say it back. Someone calls me beautiful or gorgeous I say thank you with THE BIGGEST smile on my face. Besides the 2 guys that wouldn’t give up and take her silence as “no”, there was no harassing going on in this video. Like someone else said below if she was fat and ugly she would wish she got the attention of some men. And whose to say ALL of these men wanted anything personal with her? Why can’t we see look at it as some people being nice to passer-bys?

  • Sarah

    I don’t see how “hey, good morning” is harassing… Sure, forcing your presence on someone is (like the guy who walked next to her for a few mins), but I don’t see what’s wrong if someone gives you a compliment… Was surprising to see men being so open about it, though. Where I come from people don’t do that unless they are drunk.

  • Wendy

    What can you expect in a social system founded on slavery and genocide and the continued exploitation of oppressed people? All this video shows is that this social system of imperialism and colonialism needs to be overturned. Then all women will be free of such conduct.

  • anonymous

    I wonder if it were tall, rich, handsome, clean cut, suit-and-tie wearing men approaching her, if she would have acted a bit different.
    In my experience, women fall to pieces when such a man starts hitting on her and telling her what she wants to hear. They blush and giggle and buckle at the knees. They love it.
    Women want attention. Need it. The thing is they only want it from certain men of their “type”. To other men they give cold indifference, even contempt.
    With the culture’s obsession with sex and beauty, everybody tries to be super attractive – yet get upset when they attract the attention.
    Women are just as bad as men in regards to flirting, teasing, and objectifying members of the opposite sex… if not worse.
    Time to re-examine our thinking, people.

    • SomebodyElse

      There wouldn’t have been a difference because the project was for her to be silent. It showed how many men expect her to speak or feel they need to say something to her when she’s not walking down the street for the purpose of speaking to anyone. Even if a particular guy would make her want to speak that’s her prerogative. She doesn’t have to speak to everyone that speaks to her.

    • Rachael

      SOME women want attention. SOME women go to bars, and want people to tell them they’re beautiful, and have drinks, and meet men.

      Some women want to walk down the street and buy a goddamn coffee without someone telling them that they’re judging their appearance, and worrying about whether or not they’ll be safe as they pass the guy.

  • Concerned

    Everyone has their own personal reason on this subject, which does not make you wrong. I also think there are alot of ignorant comments posted on here. #1 She could of spoke back #2 If the men spoke and she didn’t respond, she has that right, Leave her alone#3 there is more
    just physical harrassment (ingnorant people)#4 it is harrassment to be followed, if he said nothing or not#5 I am not a dog, Don’t Whistle at Me! #6 some Women are actually scared, there has been so many abuse against them for a very long time. If a man seen another man doing or saying anything disrepectful to his sister, mother, daughter, etc you be upset. Im just not sure how they think this will stop any harrassment that is going on, but I know there is a better cause we could be raising money for at this time. IJS.

  • richard

    I appears she just wants some fame. If someone is attractive they want left alone. If ugly they want bothered. If in between or gay they just complain either way. Come on who hurt this girl anyway. Noone

  • Ty

    Agree 100% with comment by Laura “This is not a real issue”, Wear a hoodie, no make-up, stop spending two hours on your hair or get a sex change if you don’t want attention. Try looking into third worlds country issues where people are being beaten to death for having a voice. Or focus on your own self!

  • Alex H.

    To Ty saying, “Wear a hoodie, no make-up, stop spending two hours on your hair or get a sex change if you don’t want attention,” I really hope you are just trolling because your comment is absurd. Women shouldn’t have to make themselves feel not beautiful or uncomfortable for the sake of men not harassing them. That’s about equivalent to telling someone who was raped they shouldn’t have been wearing “revealing clothing.” What about Muslim women who are also raped? They shouldn’t be enticing men with their eyes and their stride? Harassment is going to happen whether women put effort into their appearance or don’t.

    • kibbles

      i think we should just make it into law,that you cant wear stuff that’s sexually appealing in public for both men and woman if you want to show you ass and your tits do it at home if you want to dress like slut at home that’s fine do it at home you don’t see me with tights and showing my hairy ass chest everywhere. its that simple if you want equality then see what equality means. and live by it. woman should have decency its not oppression you simply disturb the rest of society

    • Toonakin84

      Look at that ass tho she expects no compliments u girls are crazy u flaunt ur body’s all over the place because u wanna get noticed and when u are noticed u bitch about it this video is fukin retarded if u don’t wanna get cat called dress more conservatively
      2 mins · Like

  • Sloth

    So saying “have a nice day” is harassment. got it. and yes, if someone hits on you, it NORMALLY a compliment. an immature one, sure, but still a compliment

  • catherine

    I honestly think females have way bigger problems than this. Yes its annoying when guys dont get the hint but if they dont touch or get near you than is can be forgotten. I honestly by doing this is going to happen way more now your giving attention to something whem we should be caring about way more serious issues. We are being blinded with all these small issues and ignoring what really matters. Im not saying guys can get aggressive the 2 guys that where following should of been the main focus. Somethings are not that serious to be getting attention. The same way people post video of fighting now everyone wants to fight so they can have fame whether is bad or good.

  • Matthew Rose

    This is the sort of thing that brings me shame for being male, and, as a gay man, encites me to start an initiative for gay men to protect women from this sort of bullshit. At the least, to teach straight men some manners. Sexuality is rampant in our society in advertising, entertainment and don’t get me started on sports (NFL, anyone?) If you find a woman hot, as I often do in spite of being gay, charm her. How about that, gentlemen? Offer her a compliment, open the door for her, or, instead of acting like a numb-nuts with no savvy, just say hello with a smile and don’t think just because you have a dick that she wants it. Or, for that matter, just because I’m gay, don’t imagine that I want your dick either. Straight men wake the fuck up… you are not nearly as hot as you think, and certainly not as polite as you should be. Sincerely, Matthew Rose

    • SomebodyElse

      Thanks Matthew! It’s that ego telling them that she’s walking down this street and looks attractive because she wants me (and my dick) to say something to her. Let her just walk down the damn street!

    • oscar

      U need to watch the video again I agree men shouldn’t cat call any women but there was guys just saying hello and have a nice day being non sociable is not ideal everyone should be nice to everyone that’s the issue that needs an article about. not one putting down society and saying all guys are harassing when they say hello wake up this article has no merit and is a form of racism not all strangers r thinking like what ur saying that’s ignorant if u believe that nonsense. Humanity should be polite not rude to everyone because u stereo type men.

  • SomebodyElse

    She did the same thing the guy in front of her with the camera did…walked silently. She owes the men speaking to her nothing. An attractive woman owes strange men nothing just because she is attractive. Why didn’t any of the men speak to the guy with the camera since they are just “being so polite” to people and don’t have other intentions?

    • John M

      How do you know they didn’t?
      The video clearly has a one-sides message as it is raising money for something that isn’t explained. If people did say something to the man with the camera then they didn’t include it because the video is about the woman and how oppressive compliments and greetings are.

  • Linda Von Hendy

    Ok seriously…so what? I was in NYC back in 1986…I used to be this cute little thing. I got a few catcalls. So what??? I was fine. Now I do agree that the guy who was walking by her for 5 minutes is scarey…but really people don’t make a big deal out of guys saying hey cutie, hey mami hey sweetie….its most of the time not a bad thing. You did an experiment with a woman over a 10 hour period and only have 1 instance that seems creepy. Focus on that!! Some women like when a man appreciates how she looks…creepy is creepy but good natured compliments are nice! I am 55.

    • Ronnie Libra

      If more women were as strong minded as you we wouldn’t have videos like this or “Street Harassment”. Apparently someone is teaching these women that it’s cool to be weak willed victims just so they can get donations for their “non-profit”. I know plenty of women who love it when guys talk to them, compliment them etc. As a matter of fact I would go as far as to say, women like you are the NORM. Women like this girl in the video, who go around with unhealthy, antisocial beliefs about human interaction are actually very rare and abnormal.

      A FEMALE friend of mine on facebook commented on this saying, “She should be grateful she’s even getting cat calls. Take it for another 10-15 years honey…. I appreciate & welcome all the honks, whistles, “daaammn, why you in a rush? What’s your name?”, random guy singing a song to me – it’s flattering! I’m just saying… if I were uptight and ignored all the guys that hit on me, I would die alone and bitter. Have to keep a smile on my face and accept the compliments while I can! I AM in the market and I hear smiling & gratitude helps…”

  • Torres

    I understand about the creeps, the walkung next to her for 5 mins. But why is it bad to say “hey, how you doin?” Or “have a nice day”? Sure a good looking woman might hear it over and over so does that mean our society should be anti social and everyone mind their own business at all times? That world would be a lonely place for everyone. Personally I think this video is over exaggerating on the term “harassment”, if you want to be anti social and tune out the world, wear headphones all day and talk to no one ever.

  • Benjamin Davis

    While I empathize with what the message is trying to accomplish…I hate to think about the kind of world where nobody says anything to anyone while out in the world. Would these same people not want some verbal interaction by strangers if they were accosted by a dog or were somehow injured while walking (e.g. trip and fall causing injury to the point that they are unable to help themselves, etc.)? I’m quite certain…their attitude would change quite quickly and new tune would be occupying their mindsets. Demonstrating against the extreme ends of the pendulum swings seems a bit much to me. Hope the message works for the best benefit of everyone and is not taken to the extreme. IMHO

  • Russ

    Not one single thing in this video was NOT predictable and customary human behavior. Not one single thing. Men in this country express interest in females. This is supposed to be “shocking” and “disgusting”? What a crock. Notice how she asks for CASH at the end…..this tells you everything you need to know about why this video was made.

  • Ronnie Libra

    HAHAHAHAAA! Rush calles this chick out. THIS PROVES THIS IS BULLSHIT. It’s ok for a guy she LIKES and finds CHARMING to say whatever he wants but not for guys she’s NOT attracted to, to say it.. lolololololololol

    “CALLER: And it’s rude. You said earlier, you have never said anything like that. You want to know why? Because it’s rude.

    RUSH: No, I would never. I would never. I’ve never wolf-whistled. I’ve never cat commented, catcalled or any of that. I don’t do it because I think it’s cheap.

    CALLER: It’s very cheap.

    RUSH: I think it’s objectifying women, and even to the women who are… Can’t go there anymore. It’s just… I just don’t do it. I —

    CALLER: I lived in Paris, France, for four years, and one day I was walking on the street, and a gentleman came over to me, and he said, “You know, I….” He said this all in French, but translated, he said, “I am not trying to be rude, but I just want to let you know you have lovely legs,” and I appreciated that. But someone just standing there shouting things? No.

    RUSH: Oh, so —

    CALLER: I don’t think it has —

    RUSH: You gotta be kidding.

    CALLER: — anything to do with whatever. It’s just rude.

    RUSH: Okay, so it’s okay for a guy in Paris to do it.

    CALLER: No, he was polite about it.

    RUSH: You do it with a French accent —

    CALLER: He was polite about it.

    RUSH: — and sound like Jean-Paul Belmondo, and you apologize first, “Gee, I’m sorry to bother you, but your legs are driving me crazy,” that’s okay, but, “Hey, babe!” “Have a nice day!” “That’s a nice ass you got.” That’s not called for. War on Women.


    RUSH: No, no. I’m just thinking about the humor and the futility of all this and how nothing’s new. We’ve been there, done that with this wolf-whistle business. It’s just recycling for a younger generation now. It’s all it is.”

    • Ronnie Libra

      Another message of the above is, learn some game. Get confident, approach women directly instead of catcalling. Apparently they like it more when you are up front with them. Learn the game gentlemen.

  • Rachael

    Why did Fox need to tell people she was wearing jeans and a crewneck T-shirt?

    Does a style of dress decide whether or not a woman should be harassed on the street?

    • Dani

      Unfortunately some people think this is a contributing factor to some of the comments made by the passers by. Some even say she was ‘asking for it’ because of the clothing she was wearing. Baffles me.

  • michael

    So….if I say “hello” and wish “Good Morning!” with a smile to a random female on the street….that’s “harassment”? Would she rather be told to go fuck herself instead???

  • Imminentreason

    This was lame. There was no issue, no shock, nothing. It’s a waste of an article. Nice try creating an issue when there isn’t one. Pathetic entertainment drivel really.

  • Carrie

    This happened to myself and 2 other ladies this past week. We where taking a walk downtown. We heard some one these sames lines. Even being approached by a drunk. The words them selves may not be bad, but the intent or meaning are. You can hear it is the way it is said and the body language. Even the drunk speaking spanish, his intent was clear. We should not have to deal with unwanted advances and feel like meat.

  • surfer2279

    I have to fall on the side of this video being pointless. Of all the interactions shown only 2 caught my attention and after watching it a second time only one would have concerned me. The first was the man following her for five minutes, I watch him and try to see if he is just trying to get a reaction because he picked up on that something was going on our if he was really creepy I can’t tell from the edited clip. The second extended encounter is outlet him trying to get a reaction, and would have been diffused most likely with an “I’m not interested”. As for all of the other”encounters”they lasted mere seconds if that and if she only got 100 in a ten hour span that’s Less than 1% of her time. As far as all the people saying that a women should be able to feel beautiful and walk down the street in peace you must be confused on the definition of beautiful.beauty is defined as 1 :  having qualities of beauty : exciting aesthetic pleasure 2 :  generally pleasing. So if you as a woman want to feel beautiful and enter a public space (especially one as populated as New York city) you must be prepared for the possibility of ” exciting the aesthetic pleasure”of others and in this day and age where it is burdened on men to initiate social exchanges with potential partners then you must be prepared for the crudest of cat calls to the most flattering of compliments.

  • Londoner50

    It happens on the streets of London too. Even more so when I was expecting a child oddly, which I found a bit disturbing. However, now that I am 50 years old I have become invisible. It’s not something I miss – being asked for my phone number from complete strangers and listening to dubious chat up lines from A N Other while walking along the street.

  • oscar

    So just saying hello is bad not everyone is trying to harass. people need to be kind to any strangers this is not human I agree there is inconsiderate guys out there but to stereo type everyone is worse everyone should be nice to everyone a simple hello shouldn’t be taken bad depending on circumstances this post produces a sort of racism. Come on people we need to change this attitude and behavior!

  • Toonakin84

    Steve Rogers Look at that ass tho she expects no compliments u girls are crazy u flaunt ur body’s all over the place because u wanna get noticed and when u are noticed u bitch about it this video is fukin retarded if u don’t wanna get cat called dress more conservatively
    2 mins · Like

  • kinder eggs

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  • Jew Lady

    I am not racist at all, I am Isreali so I know there are a lot of “jew.” jokes and there are a lot of cultural things we do… that sets us a apart bad and good, and personally I think it is funny. But, if we notice here they are ALL black guys, i have dated black men before no big deal, but this just goes to show they are very disrespectful to there women. i am just being honest. Black men, like to treat women like “bitches.” its a lot of the media, poverty, and music that leads to this tragedy and NO it is not being racisist it is just true. – Annoymous Jew

    • j

      Maybe because she was in a mostly black neighborhood and all blacks aren’t disrespectful jewelry girl some pretty crappie Jews out their to a lot of them

  • logic

    The thing here is this…half of the people in the video acknowledged her beauty and said what i think were some very encouraging comments…i understand most women don’t like it when guys try to get at women but just say no and say im not interested, the girl was a little thick guys are naturally attracted to that if anything she should be happy

  • Greg Bune

    You know, when I say hello to someone, and they don’t acknowledge me, I feel discounted as a person. It’s as if I don’t exist. This is with women as well as men. I mean, you can’t say hello to someone without them feeling like your asking for a sexual favor? Really? Now I don’t go around saying hello to strangers, but when you know someone and they do this, it’s like..are you kidding me? So I guess the point to this is, don’t say hello. Don’t be friendly. Don’t smile at anyone. They will immediately think you’re a pervert, a rapist or a neanderthal. BTW, in my opinion, the guy who followed her, and the cat calls were despicable. But, as a general rule, I’m not saying hello any more. Let people think I’m a stuck up jerk then. It’s certainly better than being branded as predator.

  • Matthew Bryant

    I noticed tow legitimate occurrences of sexual harassment in this entire video. Calling someone beautiful and asking them how they’re doing is considered sexual harassment now? I can understand how someone could assume that there was an ulterior motive there, but that doesn’t make it sexual harassment. I heard a lot of compliments (some being more specific to certain cultures, but compliments nonetheless), and saw two people who were legitimately in need of being punched in the face (the two who harassed her for 4+ minutes straight). The rest was a bunch of assumptions. I know we’re trying to pretend that big cities are full of low lifes who want to sexually assault women (especially those of races that don’t generally vote for the GOP), but lets try to be a little less bigoted. Thanks.

  • pita

    women should feel safe walking ANYWHERE without being given inappropriate comments. men if you are talking to a women and she does not respond WALK AWAY! you werent all raised by dogs, have some respect. it isnt hard.

  • dean

    this is bullshit.. very funny but bullshit.

    for starters literally how many of the males in this video did actually appear to appear polite in most cases and not overly aggressive ( of course to only be rudely ignored ) . all this little experiment wanted to prove was to pick out the more aggressive guys and paint every guy with the same brush as being a annoying, over bearing and some sexually crazed woman chaser. i know myself as being a guy and in everyday situations most of the politeness comes from males, unfortunately not the women most of the time anyway. but i will admit some guys can be ” too much “.

    all i do know is the women could make A LOT more effort when out there. don’t winge and post silly little rants about all guys just wanting to get into your pants and chasing you down the street. us guys are the aggressors, as you are all not. so until a lot of you grow a pair yourselves and approach guys sometimes then what we see is not going to EVER change anytime soon i’m afraid.

  • Joe

    This video is fake. All the men that “cat called” her was lied to. The producer told the men it was for a prank show and they agreed to help out because they wanted to be in a video. The video is definitely a propaganda work to reach into the pockets of the people who felt angry at the men or sympathy for the woman. Cat calling is bad but it is protected by the free speech clause. So there is no real reason strategy to stop cat calling other than taking money from people.

  • Pearl

    I am glad I watched this video. It made me realise that I am not alone and I feel more empowered by the fact that some sensible people out there understand and know what harrassment is and they trying to do something about it. I really know what it feels like to go through such things that this woman has went through. I am new in Canada. Since the day I have been here, from the time I leave my house to the time I cross the streets, and go to work, I can be in meetings, and I can be shopping in a supermarkert or just getting lunch during a normal work hour or even when I am taking a cab, a train, a plane, a bus, checking in at hotels, people ask me all the time, especially men, what are you, where you from, what is your mix, what is your ancestory, I really want to know. Serious this happens in the first few seconds when they meet me, sometimes girls just walk up to me and say “Wow, you’re a mix, you pretty,” they are nice about it and then leave me alone. Then most men go like, ‘so where is your accent from, I really want to know,,,,wow its so nice’. And I can tell you it happens all the time, minimum ten times a day. I dont mind people greeting me and saying hello, I see that as being harmless but sometimes if I smile, then they just get into my personal space and stare at me. I just ignore them and act like I am in a hurry as I dont want to offend them. I decided I had enough, and I just stopped smiling at people, I was scared to even be polite and smile at people because I was afraid they would come up to me and ask me my name, where I am from, what my mix is and it just goes on. Whats even worse is that I talked to my friends and people about it here in Canada…and they go like…”Oh, well, dont worry, its just a Canadian thing, we just friendly people…totally harmless and we just want to get to know you.” I think its rude for a total stranger to want to know a persons DNA history if they dont know that person well enough. No one was listening, no one was listening to me, and no one could understand the pain I went through every time a total stranger asked me these questions. Until one day, I decided, this is it, I am not responding and I just dont acknowledge people. I act like a robot, totally detached and then people dont bother me that much. It hurts to be polite, to have manners and to be a lady. All I can say to other ladies from these experiences I had, do not ever feel obligated to people and feel that you have to be nice, and be polite because thats how you were brought up, sometimes its best to just walk away without answering the questions and dont make eye contact if you feel unsafe with that person. I know its hard sometimes for us ladies….but practice makes perfect.

  • chris moody

    You cant end street herrassment so stop it with. This scam of a fake ass charity. Its worse then the video you posted. Of course you look like a middle eastern person just tryin to make money. Off of americans… Hahaha! End street herrassment?! Youre scum.

  • Franklin

    This does happen all the time. I have witnessed this on many many occasions at local malls, stores, and just walking down the street. It is especially bad in the bigger cities. Woman are being abused all over the place. Woman should be treated like diamonds and gold not trash under your feet guys. They too have feelings and can be easily hurt by your comments. How would you guys feel if your daughter, mother, girlfriend or wife were treated in this way as they walked down the street? Think before you open your mouths because that lady is someones daughter, wife or girlfriend, have some respect.