Marysville school shooter sent message to parents moments before opening fire, law enforcement sources say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — The 14-year-old student who shot classmates at Marysville-Pilchuck High School sent a message to his parents moments before Friday’s shooting, law enforcement sources said.

Freshman Jaylen Fryberg, 14, sent the message to his parents, and also texted a photo of of himself with a gun to his ex-girlfriend before the shooting, the sources said. Fryberg then met his friends at a lunch table and opened fire. Fryberg had arranged to meet with his friends at lunch, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said.

Two students, 14-year-old Gia Soriano and 14-year-old Zoe Galasso, as well as Fryberg, died from gunshot wounds.

Three other victims are still in the hospital. Andrew Fryberg, 15, is in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center and remains in intensive care. Nate Hatch, 14, is in satisfactory condition at Harborview. Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, 14, is at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett in critical condition with a head wound.

Officials also confirmed Monday that the gun used in the shooting was a .40-caliber Beretta legally purchased and registered by a family member. It is not yet known how Fryberg got the gun, Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary said.

Trenary recognizes that students, the community and the media will continue to ask “why” Fryberg opened fire on his friends and classmates. But Trenary said the “why” could take some time to establish, if it can ever be established at all.

Now is the time to focus on healing, he said.

“I don’t know that ‘why’ is something we can provide,” Trenary said. “Sometimes the why is elusive, and it’s more important to focus on the pain and anguish that these families are feeling.”

Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring and Marysville School District Superintendent Becky Berg plan to update the media at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, just before a planned parental meeting at 7 p.m. There, parents of students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School will get a chance to ask the city and school district all of their questions relating to the shooting.

Some parents have voiced concerns that they can’t come to many memorials set up because they fear being hounded by the media. Those concerns will be addressed Tuesday night, officials said.

As many area businesses and organizations reach out to help students of the high school, the Seattle Times reported that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has extended an offer to the school’s football team to hold practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton.

It is not yet known when the team will work out there. but the offer was extended in hopes of bringing the students and community a slight bit of healing in such trying times, Carroll told the Times.

“Our hearts just opened immediately to try to help in any way that we can,” Carroll told the Seattle Times.

Classes at Marysville-Pilchuck High School are canceled through at least this week.

Marysville police announced Sunday they plan to boost their presence in all other area schools. An officer will be assigned to individual secondary schools, as well as random, drop-in visits at elementary schools.They plan an increased presence throughout the week, Marysville police said.

Various vigils are planned throughout the week. Stay tuned with Q13 FOX News for the latest on upcoming vigils and news surrounding the Marysville school shooting.

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Marysville-Pilchuck survivor to school shooter, ‘I love you and forgive you’ >>


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  • Elizabeth Morgan

    This is very tragic… however even as a total stranger you can view this young man’s social media pages and see why he did what he did… Parents of any child that have social media should be monitored by the parents.

  • Don Shipley

    This is proof that this was cold, calculated, premeditated MURDER. The crazy thing is people in Marysville including the kids are MEMORIALIZING this piece of crap. They are actually honoring him along with his victims. I’m sure the parents of the murdered kids can take real comfort in knowing their community stands behind the killer as well. Why, because he was a well-liked popular kid? That makes it okay to kill other children because he had some problems? What does that teach the children living there? It’s no wonder this happened in that community, they have no idea how to raise children and it’s not far-fetched that something like that will happen again at that school given the hero’s honor they are giving this evil piece of crap murdered.

    Remember the VICTIMS, not the killer!

    • melay

      He did it obviously because he was a sick freak that couldn’t handle rejection. His parents should have aborted him and saved the world the trouble of having to lose good kids that had their life in front of them until his evil actions took their live. He should have been aborted.

      • sarah

        First of all he didn’t have anything w Zoe u f morons! He was with Georgia and loved her. These kida that got shot kno the f real reason why he shot them and need to speak up! He was inlove w his gf

    • anon

      I so agree. This situation is the ULTIMATE in not making kids pay the consequences for their actions. He had problems, but those problems give him no right to kill and maim. The very idea that people are memorializing him is harmful and will provoke future cases.

    • Shellz

      Don, you embellish. You don’t know what the mental state was for the young man. He was 14 — with no idea of how to cope w/ emotions. And, his social media should have been monitored. I can’t believe some of the twitter posts he made — without any attention or concern voiced by friends and family. Anyhow, I don’t see how you can claim he’s a calculated, evil young man. You don’t know what he was going through — I bet he’d regret what he did if he saw how much suffering was going on.

    • Pedro Paulo

      You are completely right. The shooter is being remember as a CHILD when actually he was a teenager.., and many see him as victim when actually he was the killer. Mad mad world.

  • Annie Mandigo

    They keep repeating the fact that the gun used was a registered weapon purchased by a family member. So when is anybody going to realize that just because a weapon is registered it still gets in the hands of someone including minors and then there are victims often with the shooter killing themselves as well. I be leave that owning a registered weapon makes any crime committed with that weapon a criminal act towards its owner. Part of ownership is responsibility and keeping that deadly weapon under lock and key with no availability to the key to anyone except the owner. Just because a weapon is registered doesn’t mean that it’s going to be responsibly capped or used. THAT is the real issue.

  • denise

    My heart goes out for these kids and there family.unfortunately Two of these kids are related to him. So this is affecting them 2 times over.


    We can not turn the clock back. Nothing will change this tradgedy. My prayers go out to all the families including the shooters family and him. We all don’t know what was going on in these peoples lifes. We can all sit back and critisize and point fingers and blah but nothing will cahnge what happened. We all have our own life stories. We ca nnot predict the future. All we can do is pray and hope they can all keep their heads up and move on with life as we all have to in this world. Only god can judge you.

  • Teresa

    I saw that his mother wendy also has a twitter account. It doesn’t appear that she was very active on there however she did have an account and obviously was familiar enough with twitter to be able to check her sons account regularly. Regardless someone should have been monitoring such a vulgar and clearly unhappy CHILD. The fact that she was involved in social media and couldn’t take the time to check in on her sons twitter feed or Facebook page makes me physically ill. It’s unsettling and horrifying to think that teens these days are allowed to have a free for all out there – whether it be in cyberspace or in public and that they are not being monitored or PARENTED by their own mothers and fathers. People wake up. Know where your kids are, know what they’re doing online, know their friends, KNOW THEM. Negligence is shameful.

    How blind are you? You seriously had no clue your kid was a nut job?? The kind of nut job that kills others and then himself? Wow.

  • one more heartbreak

    I’m relieved to see people seeing that there needs to be more knowledge beyond this blatant EXECUTION. I lived there for 30 years – certain of the Frybergs are notorious for never having to be responsible for their horrendous behavior and the damage they have done to people. The shooters family is the worst but not all the Frybergs are vicious. The community knows of these atrocities that Frybergs have gotten away with for many years. There is talk of retaliation and other ugliness. The story isn’t over yet. Like always, the shooters family are acting like it’s just another day in rez paradise and nobody is supposed to notice their grandson/son just executed 3 people, including himself, with 3 more in the hospital, which are only more sad, sad stories. If you haven’t lived on the rez, you don’t know how violent it can be. This isn’t a leave it to beaver community. Violence is accepted you this family deeply spurns (and then some) anyone who ever voices the truth. Especially the younger generations think violence is the answer to everything. It’s not about throwing stones – it’s about the TRUTH of what is really going on here and WHY something could come to pass. I hope people don’t stay quiet about this one – it’s not the poor little homecoming prince having a hissy fit because he doesn’t get his abusive way. He’s a monster, who mimics his family’s demeanor. It makes my stomach turn when I keep reading about “a prominent family” – there is way more to it than what the public sees – it’s all been grandstanded and always has been. A lot of people on the rez are angry about what happened and need to speak up. The spotlight is on this faction of the Fryberg family and the truth needs to come to light so everyone can see what monsters they really are. My kids are involved in this story and I’m not name dropping because it’s just one more horror story. A lot of people are saying what goes around comes around and this one is sitting in their laps. It’s time for this Fryberg family to be ACCOUNTABLE, as they never are throughout the years. Their ugly & blatant disregard and abuse of women is notorious and I’ve been on the receiving end. Justice needs to be served here – somehow. It’s so not what it looks like on the surface and is way uglier than what we are hearing. Yes, everyone is in shock, horrible shock and what is known is ugly enough for anybody. There’s more, so much more. I’m not saying this Fryberg faction hasn’t done good things, because they have. But the underlying thread with them has always been abusive and never having to be accountable for the damage they have done to people who have dared cross them.

    • BBC

      There does seem to be some missing aspects to this story. Where are the parents of this murderer? Where is their accountability? Why is this murderer getting a heroes remembrance?

    • Teresa

      One more heartbreak…accountability, great point. I too wonder when that is going to happen?! When are we going to have answers?

      • one more heartbreak

        @ Jay – we all know it’s never been their way to apologize even when it’s long overdue. I hope they realize, how much sadness they have brought to so many, many people, not only in Marysville, but across the whole u s of a. My stomach still wants to vomit. Andrew still needs prayers and more prayers

        • Ananda

          I don,t know if its appropriate and I dont want to start an ugly public war but I feel somebody has to speak the truth. Please don’t be mislead because Jaylen’s parents have not started a “pr campaign”, they are absolutely grief stricken. They visited Zoe’s family in October. Michelle Galasso, Zoe’s mother, mentioned her meeting with Wendy in her interview. They sent all the food from the funeral to the Chuckulnaskit’s at the hospital and then went to Kurt and Lavina’s home after Shay passed. (The entire family went). A member of Shaylee’s family spoke at Jaylen’s funeral and Jaylen’s uncle was a pall bearer for Shaylee. The other families made it clear they did not wish to see them, which is fine, people have a right to their grief.. The Fryberg’s just didn’t parade their apologies and sadness in front of the media and they never bragged or tried to gain public popularity. It was authentic and from the heart because they are devastated. Not only for the parents, but also the loss of these children that they have watched grow up. Several of these children are their relatives also. They are going to have to live with this horrible tragedy the rest of their lives. No parents deserve to be crucified by their own community, FAMILY AND FRIENDS when they also lost their child. I hope it helps to know that they are full of so much sadness, are just as lost and confused as the rest of us, and care so deeply. I haven’t had the heart to tell them about these posts and I do not speak for them. This is just what we have witnessed. I pray for compassion, grace and forgiveness.

    • Lisa H

      Can you confirm or deny that he shot these kids because they hid the fact that Shilene had an abortion? I’ve been reading that and people are pointing out some posts he made on twitter that appear to be about a baby being lost…

  • Tia Clemmer

    People are sad and confused about what happened. No one knows why he did what he did, only he would know. I think that parents need to watch their fire arms and weapons more closely. I believe that kids do the things they do for a reason. Whatever the reason is parents need to help keep others safe. I grieve for those who are hurt and those who have left. I think we need to make the environment where kids and adults can feel safe.

  • Sara Lovel

    (the things the news has not told you) BULLING attacks on this boy caused so much harm to a community. Live at 11?
    This is a story of jilted love being smeared in the face of a “child” and a bunch of YOUNG kids trying to act like and post like adults.

    The ones to be held responsible for this may still be held to it. Why so many ppl love to attack dead victims is a sham on humanity. Get some fact and search the net yourself stop thinking the NEWS is on your side and read this tragedy for what it is! Bullies allowed to go way to far in an adult way, and a lack for prenatal control’s over the internet of all parties.

    And for the love of responsibility, if you own a gun KNOW where you have it “locked down” at all times!
    How many of these school shooting would not have ended this way if only legal gun owning family members could have been more responsible gun owners? NO initiative,594 scare tacit needed just common sense.

  • Nadjeewaequae

    @onemoreheartbreak …after reading your post I have to say it resonates with me. Most people do not know how violent Rez life can be with generations upon generations of abuse of all kinds festering there. It began as apartheid it continues as isolation. If a people are made to live in social/cultural isolation for hundreds of years, and are subjugated to constant prejudice, bigotry and racism from the rest of the world it’s small wonder that violence becomes the norm. I do not condone violence. I actively work against it. Living on the Rez was not a happy time for me. Being a survivor of abuse and violence myself I got away from that as soon as I could, but not before I lost a brother and a husband to violence . People should look at this situation from all aspects, something went terribly wrong for this young man as it has for so many…the cultural stats for alcohol and drug abuse, violence and incarceration show it. If the government would hold itself accountable for the mistreatment that has and continues to so deeply wound a people, perhaps our communities can finally heal themselves and not perpetuate the hatred and tragedy we know so well.

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