Why did a popular student, athlete turn a gun on his classmates in Marysville?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Students and family members embrace after leaving Marysville-Pilchuck High School in the aftermath of a shooting on the high school's campus on October 24, 2014 in Marysville, Washington. At least two are dead, including the shooter, according to authorities, with several more wounded.

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Seven days ago, the gunman in the Marysville Pilchuck High shooting was crowned homecoming prince: Jaylen Fryberg is seen in a YouTube clip happy and waving.

He was a popular kid before Friday’s shooting rampage — a teenager who has left behind many unanswered questions.

Witnesses say Fryberg, a freshman at Marysville Pilchuck High School, pulled a gun and without uttering a word opened fire in a crowded cafeteria, shooting five students, including two of his own cousins.

A family member tells Q13 FOX News that Fryberg kissed his mother goodbye Friday morning, like any other day, but his bullets sent his classmates scrambling.

"I will not promote the motivation by spending any time on the shooter," Marysville Police Chief Rick Smith said late Friday, refusing to even confirm the identity of the shooter. "It would simply dramatize someone who perpetuated a violent crime."

But many want to know why a well-liked athlete -- and a prominent member of the Tulalip Tribe -- would turn the gun on others before killing himself.

A family member says Fryberg got into a fight with some students, possibly one of his cousins, over a girl.

His Twitter page is riddled with emotional words. Three days ago he tweeted, "It breaks me...it actually does..i know it seems like i'm sweating it off...but i'm not and I never will be able to."

Then Thursday, his last tweet reads, "It wont last, it`ll never last."

Friday, people close to the tragedy were in pain -- and at a loss for why this happened.


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  • Jana Wheeler

    My heart and prayers go out to all involved with the tragedy in Marysville. I pray you heal from it. May God be the source of your healing.

    • Cody

      Has nothing to do with “their culture” …wtf…Really? Who know the why beside him and God…nothing in a Natives Culture would promote this tragedy! If you thought process us that simple you need to expand your horizons…

      • Jana Wheeler

        We are not part of that circle. We have no reason to know why. The only ones to know that is the shooter and God. He will be answering to God.

    • Phil

      It’s the National Rifle Association, not the National Pistol Association. The weapon used was a Baretta 40 caliber handgun–which was legally obtained by the shooters father. I’m sure that the NRAs stance is that all weapons should be safely & securely stored/locked up.

  • scott

    rot in hell you little punk a bullet to the head is what this shit heel deserves it’s p o s like this that’s whats wrong with society today

  • Joe

    All they teach in government schools now is how to rely on government and to vote democrat down the line, rather then teaching financing, self-reliance, and emotional growth.

  • Suzanne

    when your 14 no one takes into consideration , to the turmoil a broken heart throws your mind and body into.GOD BLESS them all

  • Josheppi

    I read his Twitter feed. My question is this: why is a 14 yr old kid having sex? Does any 14 yr old know how to handle the emotions that go hand in hand with intimacy? His twitter feed is disgustingly VULGAR. Where was the parental guidance? Where was his faith? To whom or what higher power did he have allegiance? If we instill no morality into our children, we reap what we sow….

  • Meli

    This is very said story and my heart goes to the community. We do need God in back in the schools but we need Him truly in the homes. Parents allow there kids to do almost anything they want. Tweak, sex, date, smoke, curse, watch porn. … We have to wake up or it’s going to get worse. That’swhy I dont carry a gun. Christ said those who live by the sword will die by it. If God be for me who can be against me. If you don’t believe though get a gun. You need it. Vengeance is the Lords not yours. The cause of this Satan and his demons. Processed to the point of suicide. If your not on Gods team whose team our you on. There are only two. God or the devil. Light or Dark. Right or wrong. Life or death. A seed terminated and grew and the fruit was produced. He is not the only one there are more. Repent ask God to forgive you if haven’t of sin, believe and receive Jesus Christ into your life. And keep yourself from being used for darkness such as this boy. What caused Judas to betray Jesus? Orwho did?

    • Josheppi

      Meli – I basically agree with your sentiments, but I have not seen a post so chock-full of spelling and grammatical errors in quite some time! Wow….. how embarrassing!! And it takes away from what you said. You obviously had some good things to say. So why not take an extra 30 seconds and proofread your post and correct the spelling and grammar?

  • Traci

    Let me start by saying my hart and prayers go out to all that were involved. Here are some of my thoughts about what has been happening with our kids and the recent school shooting here in Washington. If you read the Twitter account and Facebook account of Jaylen’s one will find that all these kids were sexually active with each other. Zoe was Jaylen’s girlfriend until she decided to have sex with his close as a brother cousin….sex at 14 people…..and THEN the cousin and she TELL HIM! Seems as though the idea of taking the teaching of morality out of school and replacing it with Sex Education has made GENIUS’S out of our 14 year olds! Adults have a psychologically HARD TIME getting over rejection when they’ve been sexually intimate with the one who’s moved on…IMAGINE the confusion of a 14 year old!…then add on that the one you lost to was your, CLOSEST COUSIN! Teens spend TOO much time on Twitter and Facebook and they SHOW and speak of EVERYTHING in order to be “seen”. Sad as this is…it won’t be the last time when a kid kills over lost love. It’s not the gun. It’s the parents who SHOW these kids what is acceptable in life. Come on Mom’s and Dad’s open your eyes and ears our kids need us to guide them and help them and to be there as parents not as their friends…………

        • Ellie

          I think Jaylen may have had sex with one of the girls in the group at some time, but also had girlfriend who went to different school at some point. The girl he had sex with wanted him, maybe not, but I think yes, but he was likely blinded by the sex and confused emotions. His “I present to all” relationship was with the girl at other school. Even young people like to have their cake and eat it too. But hey, the group girl started relationship with his cuz, which he found betraying by both of them since he had already had sex with her, and while it is, fortunately most people on the crappy end don’t kill over it but some have, and I think the group overall caused him strife with the other school girlfriend which brought things to a head during that week that he could not deal with and he decides to pay them all back. There seems to also be a hint of some buddies,so helpful of course, minding his business and saving his other school girl from his lying, cheating, unworthiness. “Friends” can be so helpful that way!

  • Saywhaaaaaaat?

    I am still waiting for more details to emerge about Shilene George. Shilene was his homecoming date and longtime girlfriend. He sent her a pic of him in the cafeteria with the gun moments before he shot his friends. The night before the shooting, Shilene posted a pic on her FB page that stated, “I ain’t gotta explain shit to anybody!” I can’t help but wonder if she knew this was going to happen or if in fact she motivated Jaylen to do this. He may have eliminated Zoe and the others to prove his love to Shilene who broke up with Jaylen earlier that week, never planning to commit suicide until he had a moment of realization of what he just did. (This is just a theory, I have no facts to support this.)

    • Ellie

      or she breaks up with him and this is a comment about that (as much to him as anyone) so he’s getting no reprieve form her, so he blames his interfering buddies and shoots them the next day; seems he also wanted to include others he invited to be at the table.