Shooting threat written in Auburn school bathroom stall ‘not credible,’ principal says

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

AUBURN — School officials are notifying parents about a shooting threat written in a stall inside a bathroom at Auburn Riverside High School.

The message warned of a campus shooting that would occur on Oct. 30 (next Thursday).

“School safety is my number one concern,” wrote Principal David Halford. “Writing on a bathroom wall does not make something credible nor do we have information to substantiate this threat. We can never be 100% sure, but we do feel this person is looking for reactions.”

The school has been in contact with Auburn police and the Auburn School District’s Central Office. Halford said the school is increasing campus security. Additional teachers will be patrolling the hallways and more police officers will be at the school.

“At this time, I am confident in stating that they (students) are safe here at school today and in the future,” said Halford.

School officials are trying to identify the student who wrote the message inside the bathroom. The incident is under investigation.

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  • JWilliams

    Don’t you think that by publicly calling the threat “not credible”…. it is antagonizing any possible shooter? Maybe a little thought process before poking the bear?!

  • Chris

    A response for all three of the previous comments- It almost certainly is just a prank, it was graffiti on a bathroom stall. Canceling school would mean the prank worked and it would only happen again. Responding with fear would only make the students afraid. This is just another case of a teenager acting stupid. Yes there wasa shooting, not at that school…a shooting in one school does not make another one unsafe. If anything there is a heightened awareness and people will be more vigilant to signs of problems. Calling the threat “not credible” is honest, because it’s not. Other bathroom scrawl is probably less than credible as well…I mean we’re they really “a good time” when you called?