Video shows police officer making ‘kiss noises’ right before shooting puppy with wagging tail

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CLEBURNE, Texas (KDAF) — Sadly, the tape doesn’t lie. A Texas police video shows an Cleburne Police officer firing three shots at a seven-month-old pit bull wagging his tail. It’s hard to watch.

“Why? I just don’t understand why,” owner Amanda Henderson said.

She also wants to know why it sounds like the officer is making kiss noises right before he killed Maximus.

“Every shot makes me go (cringes) and you can even hear him [yelp.]”

Now, that officer is on paid administrative leave, perhaps because of all the death threats he’s been receiving on social media.

“Some threats that indicate that his family may not be safe and we take that extremely seriously. Again, we want to reiterate we`re not going to tolerate vigilantism in Cleburne,” Cleburne Mayor Scott Cain said.

It all started with a 911 call from a woman saying she was trapped in her car by three dogs. When the cop showed up, his body cam recorded him petting one of the dogs.

“I haven’t witnessed any aggressive behavior,” he said on his walkie-talkie.

But did something change? Minutes later, three shots rang out.

Neighbor Tatiana Martinez says she was there that day. “They told us that the dog was dead in front of the kids. Animal control said that the cop had reported that Max had charged at him.”

Charging? According to the video, it looks like Max was wagging his tail.

“In the video you don`t see any aggressive action from our dogs. We don’t raise our pets that way,” Henderson said.

Henderson and her husband say they’re considering a lawsuit.

The city is bringing in the Texas Rangers to investigate this disturbing canine case.

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  • Slam1263 (@IKnowBO)

    You make that noise to get the animals attention, so you can put it down easier.
    But you really should use only one shot.
    Now, before all of you nut bags go haywire, police will shoot animals at the least provocation, especially bull terriers.
    Please keep your dogs safe, and in your yard, once they are out of your yard, they are considered a menace.
    Don’t be a bad human.

    • Nopnopenope

      Put it down easier? Please tell me what the Dog did that merited shooting it? I’m trying to understand you putting that here as it makes zero sense.
      You don’t have to make “that noise” if the dog was “charging” you. In fact, you don’t use that noise AT ALL when an aggressive dog is coming at you, because that isn’t going to stop it or make it “easier” to put down.
      I know you’re just explaining that they will, but the video doesn’t lie, so your point has no bearing on this situation to even make.
      Just another cop who thinks he’s big, bad & tough for shooting an animal that did nothing. They need to restructure this failed law system that makes you have to BE SMART as apposed to a certain amount of stupid to be an officer.

    • jason

      well if thats the case’ then the public should be able to execute and shoot their police dogs when they show wrongful aggression. life is a two way street right? tit for tat.

  • Joe

    Now you know why conservatives oppose big government, because the job attracts bullies and control freaks who will use government as a weapon against you. I.e. Louis Learner/Obama and the IRS weapon.

  • Kathy

    Looks like Cleburne is no place to live. Paid administrative leave. That’s what normal people call vacation. Police should be embarrassed this department exists.

  • 03sv1g

    Neither of those dogs looked like they were being aggressive to me. Why did he single out the one on the right to shoot? They were both just standing there. I’m no fan of pitbulls but this guy needs to lose his job and be sued until he’s so broke he puts that gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.

  • Paul Maggard

    you have this punk ass pig on video murdering a puppy for no damn reason other then to satisfy his itch to kill something and then you say we take threats seriously and give him a paid vacation Mayer you need to be fired stripped of your title and never be allowed to hold any official job again. You sir have failed your community this guy is caught on video murdering this puppy there is no need for an investigation all you need is this video of him Murdering this puppy he should be fired then charged just like others that have killed in cold blood animals not be getting rewarded with a paid vacation

  • Mark D

    In our state animal cruelty is supposed to be a felony. Police seem to be exempt of this law even when video evidence of a dog shooting here showed total unprofessional conduct of police. The dog’s owners were awarded a large judgement but the police faced no charges

  • Texas

    I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I’m sorry I cried like a baby. The dog was not charging at him, the officer was and is a asshole. ASPC should have been called. I believe the officer just wanted to the dog. His paid leave should be unpaid leave and give him a court date for animal cruelty. It is against the law what he did. ASSHOLES

  • fredakirchner

    Coward ass move, that dog didn’t look aggressive at all he jus wanted 2 play target practice wit poor puppy, I am scared of dogs, I wouldn’t have been scared of this puppy, he looked happy and was greeting him!!! Looks like the puppy wanted 2 play!!! And another thing if the dogs were aggressive he would have had 2 shoot the other one 2, cuz the other pup would of attached hilm for killing his friend….. this I do kno pit bulls r crazy loyal…….

  • tired worker

    He should be fired and sentenced to jail time. He shot a wagging tail puppy. The next victim will be your chil or friend and he will give them the kiss of death to.

  • Shane

    Kissing noises looks bad for this cop, he’s calling the dog toward him so he can justify shooting it.. If it had charged him we would all be behind him on protecting himself but this is clearly not the case in this situation.. Terrible!!

  • Shane

    Slam1263…must be a cop or married to cop.
    Was the cops life in danger?? Could he not get into his squad car & call animal control professionals to take of it?? He just wanted to kill a dog, prob a flash back to when he shot dogs over in the Gulf War, Afghanistan or wherever this DUMBASS was serving

  • Robert

    He is on video shooting an innocent puppy, and he STILL GETS A PAYCHECK from my tax paying dollars?!? Un Acceptable. If the City did their job and duty, this man would be fired with pending lawsuits. No wonder the public is threatening him. Eventually the public will ALWAYS have to enforce the laws. SAD

  • Alicia

    Yup, I’d fucking kill that cop and his whole family plus friends for that shit. How dare he? And to be on “paid leave”. Hahha best believe id shot him, his kids and his bitch wife in the head.

    • animallover

      You have issues. You make a claim like that & you don’t even know if the dog was charging him? Really? You’re taking about killing innocent people & you believe you’re BETTER than him defending himself? Get therapy toy ignorant sheep. You’re a follower without a min if your own. You let the media think for your… pathetic.

    • the people

      Ur. An idiot…. we dont need to read ur dunb ass link… anyone who has owned a dog will tell u tail wagging means happy…. those dogs were nothing but happy… and yes u can see the dogs NOT charging…. theyre liyeraly standing therr wagging there tails smiling.

  • Kenneth Briggs

    what wasthe lady doing in her car and was she in the neighbor hood where she lives and the dogs live and she knows the dogs or the dogs know her . maybe they came to greet her , but the dumb cop just shot the pit bull why ? looks like the dumb cop does not like dogs , not all pit bulls are bad dogs . time to get rid of this bad boy , I see a lot of law suites a coming with this bad boy cop .

  • dogmother

    Seriously? The owner’s are THINKING about a lawsuit? Hope they sue the pants off of the department. Chicken (s)–t cop. The older I get the more I realize the human race is the most evil species on earth. I love dogs more than I like most people. ….

  • Derek

    What The Hell??? A grown ass policeman is afraid of a 7 month old PUPPY, to the point he has to shoot him 3 times??? Come on! And then he gets a paid vacation?!?? That is outrageous, plain and simple. Thank god for video cams to show what this coward SOB did. And I didn’t see any charging – only happy behavior, with both dogs wagging their tails. If he was being aggressive, he surely wouldn’t be wagging his tail. This is disgusting.

    • Comedian Dre Parker

      See…eveerybody that said this was uncalled for and cruel, was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! He should be fired, sued and maybe even jail time! but when you start saying he should be dead, killed etc. then YOU are wrong! human life is important. don’t go to far with your anger towards this idiot cop.

  • Derek

    Does not matter if dog was charging him or not.
    Dog was in public.
    Therefore dog dies.
    The owner of the dog should be sued and arrested for public endangernent.

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