In Seattle, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a shooting victim, calls for more background checks

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SEATTLE — Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., who was shot in the head by a lone gunman in a 2011 assassination attempt, is pushing for new gun control measures, including additional background checks.

Giffords, who was critically injured in the shooting and had to learn how to walk and talk again, met with domestic violence victims and gun control advocates at an invite-only event in downtown Seattle Wednesday.

“We stand for common sense. We stand for responsibility,” said Giffords.

Seattle is the final stop of her cross-country “Protect All Women” tour.  Giffords has made appearances in several cities to bring attention to women and domestic violence.

“Change our laws,” Giffords said. “Please join your voice with mine.”

Giffords supports Washington state Initiative 594 to require additional background checks. Gun rights groups are against the measure and are pushing Initiative 591, which would prevent Washington from enacting background check laws stricter than current federal law.

“She’s come to our state to tell us how we should have our laws and again I resent that,” said Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “They are selling it (I-594) as background checks on gun sales, but it goes far beyond background checks on all gun sales. It’s all gun transfers.”

Giffords also visited Washington state in January to support  I-594.


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  • greg

    she & her husband are parasites. If they actually wanted to contribute to society they would fund existing law enforcement to catch and PROSECUTE (Satterberg’s a RINO deadbeat) the criminals. Instead they’ve picked up the perverted Bloomberg notion of oppressing the law abiding as a path to influence the criminals……parasites they be. Go home Gabby – although you’re likely less welcome there….

  • The World is Ending

    Rather than more gun control how about more criminal control? Some basic things to do if someone is committing a crime and they kill someone in any way even hitting them with a car (while running from police) it is Capitol murder and warrents a sentence of death. Or if they use a gun in any crime they get an extra 20 years. Steeling a gun is a life sentence, and should be considered an act of terrorism.

  • Tigre

    What is missing from all these “meetings” is persons whose lives were saved because they owned a gun. There are many more than liberals will admit. 594 will prevent the honest woman from buying a gun when she needs one. The abusive husband, who intends to kill her, has no problem breaking the law and buying an illegal gun on the black market. You think you can prevent anyone from owning something by passing a law? Then why don’t we pass laws against harmful drugs?

  • Joe

    Liberals are just wired to have uncontrolled impulses to jump on band wagons, what she needs to put restrictions on are criminals, insane followers like her shooter and illegal aliens seeking a better life of crime as they move their gangs north.

  • Joe

    These libtards are pissed off that we have a voice on this issue, they would just confiscate all of our guns right now if they could. Not only did Louis Learner smash our rights using the institution of the IRS to smash our free speech, then there is that old liberal not job from the Seattle city counsel caught stealing and destroying sings for Initiative 591 in order to silence our voice and shred our constitutional rights for frees speech and right to bear arms.

  • larry

    And, the nut who injured her gave lots of warning signs, but was still on the loose/ This so-called background check only distracts from the real problems: Crazy and violent people out on the street! 594 is symbolic nonsense!

    • Joe

      Not just 594 is symbolic nonsense, but like Obamacare, it’s designed to deceive us, and build a database to come confiscate on the day of reckoning. A death of a thousand cuts, the boiling frog, the camel in the sand storm. Rats have proven since the Obama that they lie, cheat, manipulate and oppress.

  • James Blair

    i594 is a joke. It does nothing to stop criminals and only punishes legal gun owners financially. There is NO such thing as what they claim is a gun show exemption. If you have no permit, you can’t walk out with a gun. Period. Law Enforcement has been trying to do it for years an not caught anyone doing it. What will another law do to stop criminals?

  • Tom

    The republicans have made no attempt to put forth a control of those who have access to weapons. They failed dramatically when they were told by the American people that the murders in Sandy Hook were enough but then the NRA threatened to pull support for any of our representatives who tried to curtail the profits they would lose by adding responsible gun controls and background checks. Every selfish leech who would stand in the way, crying and whining paraphrases for the gun lobbies at the consequence of innocent lives, deserves to find out what it means to be a victim of wrongful death and murder at the hands of so-called righteous 2nd amendment advocates who have no knowledge or understanding of the amendment or it’s intent. They play the role of puppet for those making a living off their weak minds. Sadly The results of their playing cow boy for the NRA and the gun lobbies are featured in this latest link. Gabby should be admired and applauded for trying to stop this constant vile result the republicans are 80 % responsible for. Here is the link:–abc-news-topstories.html

  • Paul&Kathy

    We don’t need another “poster child” for gun control. Brady was enough. Guns are your RIGHT.
    Don’t throw it away because some Liberals want it. *********** Vote NO on I-594 *************

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