13-year-old victim of hit-and-run on Beacon Hill: ‘I’m a child, they could have at least stopped’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Swollen and bruised, 13-year-old Aubrey Jackson said Tuesday she can’t understand how a driver could hit her while she was walking to school in a crosswalk in Beacon Hill and then keep going.

“I just wish they would have stopped and helped me,” Aubrey said of the hit-and-run Tuesday morning. “I mean, I’m a child; they could have at least stopped.”

She said she was doing everything right — the traffic light was red, the pedestrian walk sign was lit and she was walking inside the crosswalk at about 15th and Oregon. That’s when a gray, four-dour Hyundai knocked her off her feet.

“I saw the car coming and I tried to run a little faster to just get off the street and, as he was coming, he tried to slam on his brakes, but it was already too late, he had already hit me,” Aubrey said.

“It felt like a big boulder just came down on my body … it hit my right side and I just tumbled to the ground. I was top of the car and everything.”

After being knocked to the ground, Aubrey said she saw that the driver “swerved around me and ran the light.”

Aubrey was able to get up and make it the rest of the way to her middle school, where she told the nurse what happened and school officials contacted police.

"My arm is really stiff," she said. "My hand has been pretty swollen; I've been icing it on and off."

The left side of her body took the brunt of the impact and she's covered in bruises.

Anyone with information about the hit-and run is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at  1-800-222-tips.










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  • dab

    She did NOT do everything right. People need to be taught to look both ways before and while crossing any street, driveway, parking lot or anyplace a vehicle may travel. Look both ways and keep looking around for vehicles as you cross. This doesn’t have to be some frantic fearful panicky looking. Just look around like the responsible person you want to be – to keep yourself safe and alive. And, furthermore, if you look as you should and you see a vehicle and the driver may not see you, stop and do not walk in front of it. And also, while looking, as you should, if you see a vehicle that likely doesn’t have time to easily stop for you, let it pass by and then continue trying to cross. Do NOT walk out as if you have some right to force a driver to slam on their brakes just because it’s a crosswalk. You are to let cars close by pass by and THEN cross.

    • pete1427

      Nice try—your attempt at blaming the victim does not change the fact that it was a hit and run
      and that she was in a crosswalk with a ‘Walk’ indicated on the pedestrian signal.
      In no way is she to blame.
      You are absolutely wrong in your attempt to try to pin the blame for this hit and run on the victim.
      She had done everything per the law, and the low life individual that left her lying there in pain left
      because they might had violated the law. It was a hit and run incident.


    OMG!!! some peoples comments kill me!! why do some of you even comment if you are just plain rude and heartless!!! you must need someone to chat with. This person needs to get caught and A.S.A.P….

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