Newscaster gives us the Ebola message everyone needs to hear

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK — FOX News’ Shepard Smith took three minutes to give us the facts on Ebola Wednesday.

What he gave was a calm, collected set of facts. He encouraged everyone not to panic, and reminded viewers that unless you have been contacted by the CDC you are at no risk of getting the disease.

What do you think about Smith’s delivery?

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  • Joe

    All I remember from this guy was his reporting during hurricane Katrina, he was on the bridge crying about racism because the poor colored people sitting on the overpass while some rich people were air lifted off the hotel roof by the city government. After they told him Ray Nagin was a black mayor, his crocodile tears dried up and he changed the subject to something else and quit slobbering all over the place.

  • Worried USCitizen

    1. Guy dies > spreads it to two nurses – god knows how many other people we don’t know yet. According to the nurses in the hospital they mishandled everything including the trash that was created while caring for the patient.

    2. First nurse was a lonely hermit so she only infected her dog, she is also very freaking pretty so there has to be someone who was jiving for her guy or girl. So far haven’t heard about any love interests, or family situation only that she had a dog.

    3. Second nurse was a fun loving people person so she got on plane flew around even though she had mild fever and it was against protocols. Haven’t heard about family situation on this one.

    4. CDC dude with clipboard decides his clipboard powers are greater than any chance of getting Ebola so he escorts second healthcare worker to plane with no protection while everyone else is wearing space suits.

    5. Government is notifying all the people that were on the planes that they could be infected. Wondering how many of the cleaning crew were told that the plane could have been infected, or the baggage handlers. If the nurse was a slob and left snot rags all over well…

  • katrina

    yea they also said it wasn,t coming to America, is it here ? , so I find no comfort in one persons word. no one knows what will happen next

  • Cindy Martinson

    I think the information is delivered in a concise, clear way. I think people need to get a reality check and I think this does it well.

  • Christina

    I think he did a great job ;) and I don’t care what other people want to say I believe this man is being truthful. I will not live in fear but of course I will be cautious..I think the political agenda is at work here as well..
    Perhaps a total panic is what some people want. I’m not playing into it…

  • Damion Blackthorn

    #1, I don’t trust Shepard Smith…wasn’t he the one that was crying Racism in New Orleans during the hurricane?? How many times has he been wrong? And he says, if something changes, he’ll report it?? What does that mean??
    And he believes the guy from the CDC and Obama? How many lies have we heard from them and Shep tells us to believe them?? No Way!!! I’ll pay attention…I’ll watch…if I want to be afraid, it might help to be somewhat prepared, would it not?? I just don’t believe this guy…..!!

  • Michael

    I look at it this way. The US Government brought the people here to America to get the best treatment and so they could be closest to their families. On the other hand, I see it another way, the infected are here so that the Government can take samples from them for some reason. The patients are being placed at each end of the country which I feel it has a more reason than just getting them treatment or the locations are willing to take them. The first thing that come to my mind is that if the infection spreads through the country, purposely or not, this will thin out the population. Some might say it is a form or population control, or a way to war on US people to submit to the power to be, and to follow instruction. We all know that it would un-stabilize the economy to the point it would weaken the American dollar and possibly the armed forces. The US is sticking their noses in other counties wars for some time now, all stemming from Iraq and President Bush. Truthfully, I think there is more to the story then is being told. This is the time to spend more time at home and away from others. Time to stock up on supplies before it gets any worse.

    • Jeff

      I definitely agree with you. There is no way the government has a facility that already has the Ebola virus, along with every other virus known to man in a central location so that all of our best doctors and scientists can research it and find a vaccine. Personally, I think they should come up with something like that. I would name it the CDC… But that’s just me.

      Secondly, the best use of all of your time and money is probably spent on a huge stash of supplies while you build a cabin in the woods and live like they did in the 18th century, because the life expectancy was much much better back then. I guess you’ll just need to give up on the massive government conspiracy that we call “the internet” to complete your grand plan.

      Best of luck!

  • BUSH

    He still does not address how the two nurses contracted….last I heard, one nurse broke protocol, what did the other nurse do wrong? Nobody is addressing how they contracted the virus if it is only transmitted by fluids…

  • JoAnn Gerbing

    I really like how he personally promises that there is nothing to worry about. How does he back this promise up? If you believe Obama and the CDC…then you are a fool. Obama has done nothing but lie to us for the last 6 years and the CDC took their epidemiology money and spent it on voter outreach. Shepard Smith is part of the media establishment. I can hardly wait until he gives us the same speech when he’s panicked because he is showing symptoms.

    There is no way to tell us there is no outbreak.They also told us it would never come to America, that our hospitals were equipped to deal with it if it did, that there was no way the staff could catch it..blah blah balh…The incubation period is 21 days. we won’t know until right around the elections if there is more from the nurse flying around with a fever….

  • tucker

    Shep smith is afraid and trying to calm his panic by spewing spin.I guess if he says it long enough he will believe it. I never watch him because I remember him from Katrina and knew he was insane, crying for others to help while he was standing right there.

  • John Wesley Wayne

    just a warning, Ebama may know this is a terrorist plot. Started easily in a 3rd world country and let spread as it has there. The same things were spoken about HIV and Aids, Today we have many people die from something they did not understand. In order to completely isolate someone who is infected is to place them in a separate, sealed building. giving each caregiver more than a mask. They need self contained breathing suits that won’t let the airborne pathogens enter their lungs. All waste from these people including bodily need to be burned in a contained burning oven so the particles and residual pathogens can be destroyed to complete carbon. If this is our black plague, which originated from China, who knows truly where it originated. It is best to keep isolated as much as possible, avoid closed spaces, elevators, buses, planes and the such. Keep clear of public gatherings, Now there is no safety in numbers.There is no proof that the contagious state of a victim is as they state. People need to be responsible if they have the symptoms and report it asap. Otherwise the government may seek out these carriers and destroy them without treatment. These victims will be zombie like if the roam the ares they live. Usually governments do not react rationally when the situation becomes critical. Be careful my neighbors, seek safety for you and your family. Those who live isolated lives today most likely will and are better prepared.Now is the reason we have guns and the right to have them. Most of all PRAY that many will be saved rather than die as a result of this.

  • transaprincess

    Oh please these INCOMPETENT fools who run our state couldn’t control EBOLA if it came to them with a short skirt and no underpants and said, take me, I’m yours….

    California can’t even control its borders. We got people crossing here who are carrying all sorts of diseases, and you think we got a hold on EBOLA? Oh please…..pass me another Martini dear..And Gov. Brown, well, darling, are your ready for your press conference….oh, yes, tell it to us darling US experts you brilliant minds….how everything is so okay….

  • Alice Smith

    Do these media stooges really take the American public as being this stupid? I’m guessing that he’s calling the doctors that have spoken out in warning as being ‘hysterical’.