‘It’s frightening’: At least 19 Redmond homes hit by burglars in 4 months

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

REDMOND — A rash of home burglaries on the Eastside has neighbors on edge. In the city of Redmond alone, crooks ransacked 19 homes since the beginning of June.

The burglaries are happening in the middle of the day when most people are at work. The thieves are after cash, electronics and jewelry.

“It’s frightening,” neighbor Cathy Rivera said Wednesday. “You lock everything up. You do what you’re supposed to do, you get alarms, and yet they’re still managing to get through.”

Burglars targeting the Overlake neighborhood might think they’ve hit a gold mine.

“Everyone works and you come home to find you’ve been burglarized so it’s a big surprise,” she said. “It’s frustrating.”

“It’s a reminder for people to keep their doors and windows locked,” said the Redmond Police Department's Janessa Rosica.

Redmond police said crooks are entering homes by either smashing in back windows or doors, or simply crawling through unlocked windows or sliding doors. But before they break in, cops said, the thieves sometimes knock first.

“It was pretty crazy,” said homeowner Phillip Cady.

Cady said his family interrupted burglars last month in Sammamish.

“My wife came home and we’re pretty sure that they were still in the house because they had a car parked out back here and were just offloading stuff into the car,” he said.

“We normally keep them open so everything is being kept shut down now,” said Rivera.

Cops in Redmond are on the lookout for a white Lexus sedan and a red Toyota Paseo that might be involved in the burglaries.

Rivera now hopes the crooks will leave her family -- and her neighborhood -- alone.

“Stay away,” she said. “I mean, don’t they have anything better to do than to victimize these people?”

Fingerprints from recent crime scenes are being analyzed.

Police said homeowners should call 911 if they hear someone knocking on the door asking to speak to someone by a name they don’t recognize.

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  • The Victim

    The cops dont care. We have been a victim and a ton of my friends in Bothell have also been victimized along with those in redmond. Glad to see this atleast make the news. One thing common everywhere is cops just dont seem to care. Wonder what they would do if their house were burlgarized? One common answer when you go to the chief is, we dont have the resources. So they rather spend the time to give out tickets ( money making ) than make these cities a safer place for the residents to live ( expense ). I guess there is no accountability on police or reviews to see how safe their cities are, they are probably rated on how much money they make …

  • Pissed Off

    All the damn cops in Redmond care about is milking the citizens by issuing bogus speeding and traffic tickets so that they can buy new cars… Apart from traffic violations, and stupid DV charges, there is nothing else that the cops do… Now burglaries are on the rise… So they better step up and use all that money they are milking from us citizens to catch these damn crooks!!

  • Elise

    torture troll cyber bully Producer Lindsay Show, Torture Tactic Troll, That Likes To Victimize Others, and Never really Stops! even when YOU politely Ask torture troll Producer Lindsay Show, to Stop! that’s who!

  • Neal shen

    My house in 162nd court ne just got stolen from theifs, they took my moms purse and stereo system, breaking in from the back yard doors.