Woman walks into medical clinic with stomach cramps, walks out with life-changing surprise

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Courtesy WHO-TV

Courtesy WHO-TV

ANKENY, Iowa — A woman in Iowa says she walked into a medical clinic with odd stomach cramps only to be told something that completely shocked her, she was 6-months pregnant with twins.

WHO-TV reported Shelby Magnani raced to the emergency room for an ultrasound where the news was confirmed.

Her finance James Croskey says he was shocked to hear the news.

“It`s pretty nuts, still sinking in.”

Also sinking in, the twins already beat some very long odds.

“About one to two percent of all pregnancies are twins but even rarer than that is monoamniotic twins. They have one placenta and one amniotic sac and both of those twins share the placenta as well as the sac,” says Dr. Jennifer Krupp with Perinatal Center of Iowa.

Dr. Krupp says less than one percent of all twins are monoamniotic and those babies face serious complications including a fifty-percent survival rate.

“The entanglement of the cords is what we worry about. We bring the patients into the hospital at 24 to 26 weeks, so we can monitor the babies several times a day, because we know the risk of one or both of those babies dying is fairly significant,” says Dr. Krupp.

Magnani and Croskey realize how different things could have turned out.

“I`m still trying to process.  It`s crazy how high risk mono-mono twins can be, and how good they`re doing now, it`s really a blessing,” says Magnani.

Ava and Anna were delivered by C-section on Thursday weighing just four and three pounds each.

The girls will spend the next several weeks in the NICU at Mercy but other than some monitoring are expected to be okay.

“They`re both just little miracles, it could have been so many things that went wrong that didn’t,” says Magnani.

Magnani and Croskey missed out on the worst part of having monamniotic twins, the worry. Now they can just focus on the best part, being parents to two beautiful little girls.

“I love them, I love them more than anything,” says Croskey.

Doctors expect Anna and Ava to be able to go home in a couple weeks.

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  • Linda Mack

    I knew when I was pregnant, but at 5 was in denial at 5 months. I even had a feeling I was carrying twins because my stomach was protruding bigger than it ever had with single pregnancies. I was in denial, or you can say I hid it because I was afraid the good guy I finally found was going to leave me. This family is truly blessed, it was indeed a miracle.

  • Esperanza S.

    Idk how this woman could tell she was pregnant? Especially when carrying twins! I carried twins and it was torching on my body! They weighed in at 6 & 7 pounds at birth at 35 weeks. During a normal pregnancy, a woman’s hormone level increase to accommodate the growing fetus. When carrying twins, the hormone level is higher, so I don’t understand how she claims she didn’t know she was pregnant?

  • Nancy

    Not to many of you are to smart are you? My guess is she was not a skinny person and not saying she was big either. But just cause your pregnant does not mean you can still get your period. Cause I sure did with my second child. And not 1 of us knows her or her health to make poor comments about her. Grow Up

  • Lucinda

    How do you get to 6 months pregnant and not know you’re pregnant? I needed maternity clothes at 3 months with twins, and people were worrying I’d deliver right there by 6…lol. And I only gained 21 lbs with them!

  • NoU

    Most of you probably haven’t watched that tv show about women who didn’t know they were pregnant until it was too late, have you? One of the story involved a lady who thought she was having stomach problems and ended up pooping out a baby in the toilet. It happens. Maybe not a lot, but it does.

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