Honor student who brought pocketknife to school suspended for year, gives emotional plea (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich — A Michigan honors student who accidentally left a pocketknife her grandfather gave her in her purse during a school football game was suspended from school for the rest of the year for violating district policy, MyFOXdetroit reports.

Senior Atiya Haynes will be allowed to take online classes, MyFOXdetroit reports, and will be allowed to graduate with her class in 2015. But the honor student will not be allowed on school grounds; a huge blow for a student who hopes to rack up extracurricular activities for applying to college.

According to MyFOXdetroit, school officials discovered the knife as she was exiting a bathroom at a football game and they searched her purse. Haynes claimed she was given the knife from her grandfather and forgot it was in her possession.

But the school district, which has a zero tolerance statute when it comes to weapons, decided differently. She was expelled from school initially, and following her plea to the school board, was mandated to stay away from school and only take online classes.

A crying Haynes issued an emotional plea following the school board’s decision.

“Put your child in this situation,” Haynes told MyFOXDetroit. “Every time you forget your keys to your house, think of me. Think of this honest mistake. I’m a human being. I’m 17 years old. It’s disgusting that you can sleep at night knowing that you can potentially ruin somebody’s life.”

“I think that she presented her case tonight but at the same time, as a school board, we are upheld by the state of Michigan to uphold the laws of the state of Michigan,” District 7 Superintendent Tim Thieken told MyFOXDetroit.

Haynes family said the 17-year-old is considering transferring to a private school.

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  • paulstoneradio

    Reblogged this on PAULSTONERADIO and commented:
    Wow… I can understand that the security guards had to do their job. But after the case was brought to the school board, I would have thought it would have been overturned considering it’s a POCKET KNIFE! I had one on my keychain as soon as I turned 16! My dad gave it to me! Most parents and grandparents see them as good GIFTS for their kids, and now kids have to turn down those gifts because it could ruin their high school educations? We need to re-draw the line here.

  • Janet

    It’s a hard lesson for someone so young…the laws are only written to criminalize the innocent. So disgusting. Schools say they want to see higher graduation rates, yet do all they can to destroy high school careers. My own children have suffered at the hands of the school gods as well. What levels they won’t stoop to in trying to ruin a child’s life. Yup, she said it right – but I hope they can’t sleep at night.

  • 03sv1g

    Dumb. I’ve carried a pocket knife since I was 12. I carried it to school, even used it in class if we needed it for something. When did we turn into such idiots that we can’t use a little common sense and see that this was just a mistake?

  • Kelly Pugh

    It’s a wonder they let kids bring pencils into class. I seem to remember one being used as a weapon in a popular movie a while back. It’s time we took control of our schools again. Notice how banning weapons helped the kids at Sandy Hook… A pocket knife? Sheesh!

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