10-year-old boy charged in the death of 90-year-old woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP, Penn. – A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy has been charged with homicide after police say he confessed to beating a 90-year-old woman to death.

According to WNEP, Tristen Kurilla, 10, of Damascus Township was visiting his grandfather last Saturday when Helen Novak, 90, yelled at him during a dispute.

According to an affidavit, the 10-year-old boy told police he put a cane around Novak’s throat and punched her numerous times.

The 10-year-old boy’s grandfather was Novak’s caretaker.

Kurilla will be charged as an adult in her homicide, according to the Wayne County District Attorney’s office.

The boy is being held in the Wayne County Correctional Facility without bond.

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    • amanda

      They can and should! I don’t want at murderer walking around society, especially if he is starting this young. Ten is old enough to know murder is wrong.

      • Alex

        You are one of the ones I’m talking about. He shouldn’t be punished as an adult. He’s still a juvenile and HE’S 10!!! Look at the other things, where was his grandpa? I think he’s covering for his grandpa bc things in this story just don’t add up.

        • Alex

          I’m not an idiot. You obviously don’t have kids. When a child is threatened they will do what they are told. I’ve seen it one to many times in court rooms. And you obviously have no manners if you’re calling people idiots bc they have an opinion. Have a nice day David

          • Will Seay

            At 10 years old, you (should) certainly know right from wrong. Serial killers get the thrill out of killing animals at an early age, This child took it to the ultimate by imposing his will upon another human being. He had to know it was wrong. Therefore he must be punnished and it is appropriate that he be punnished as an adult. As far as blaming the Grandfather, unless there are outstanding circumstances, (ie: Financial gain etc…) I do not believe you can place blame there. Certainly this is a sad situation, but Alex, if you just slap this child on the wrist and he re-offends, how would that make you feel. And yes there is a HIGH potential that he would re-offend, perhaps with a child who dis-agreed with him.

  • william perrigoue

    If he gets a slap on the wrist at 10 for literally killing somebody (remember how YOU were at 10) then he will keep pushing to see how much he can get away with. These situations must be dealt with immediately and accordingly. Imagine a kid that gets away with MURDER that gets put in “timeout,” this is the same kid that will threaten YOUR children with extreme violence to get what he wants, and he has a history of such incidents. Say your kid doesn’t give him his/her candy bar, and he brings a knife to school the next day. Would you want him to get away with it or be punished? It would be one thing if he couldn’t help the situation (no thoughts come to mind,) but the fact is he choked the person, then preceded to beat them to death. Punish the”child” to the full extent of the law. If you ddon’t like it, exercise the rights I defend and lobby against the case with things such as peaceful protest and petitions.

    • Alex

      I think the grandpa did it honestly bc things just don’t add up here. If grandpa was watching him, why wasn’t anything done? I honestly think that the boy is covering for his grandpa. Kids will do anything adults tell them, especially if told by parents or grandparents.

  • Alex

    the problem with this that I see is that it’s a 10 year old boy who could have admitted to it bc of something the grandfather told him. Maybe the grandfather did it but is threatening him. Yall should know as a child you will do anything an adult says, especially a family member like parents or grandparents. So before jumping to “oh he’s guilty” look at the other points of view.

      • Alex

        When a child is threatened or told something bad will happen, they will listen. Kids who are abused will also listen. For all we know he could’ve been abused so he listens to adults out of fear. My 2 and 3 year olds don’t listen to me either. But I’m just saying, we don’t know the whole story behind this so until more evidence says other wise there is still other sides to this story

    • David

      Damn right brother! The kids tainted, he needs to be put down. Take him out back and end its suffering. Poor little thing, had its whole life ahead of him. Too bad. Life must go on. Giddyap

  • nicole

    It doesn’t matter he is 10. I have had a hard life and by 10 been through hell and back. I still wouldn’t murder. Someone could tell you to do something wrong but YOU choose to do right or wrong!! Charge him

  • VegasB

    Alex: What about this sounds fishy? Unfortunately, sociopaths are born as such. Being 10 doesn’t preclude him from this disorder, nor does it excuse his behavior. My child is 6, and he won’t even kill bugs. They are very aware of right and wrong at a young age. If he is not tried as an adult now, he will do this again. You cannot cure psychopathy. Read the affidavit. Even his mother says he has mental issues. https://localtvwnep.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/20141013224535480.pdf

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