WSP: 24-year-old Everett woman killed, passenger critically injured in I-5 crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — The driver of a 1969 Corvette involved in an incident with an SUV in the northbound lanes of I-5 near Everett Mall lost control of her car, veered off the highway and slammed into tree Friday, killing herself and critically injuring her 31-year-old passenger, the Washington State Patrol said.

However, reports of racing being a factor have been denied by her father, who says he was just a few cars behind her vehicle when the crash occurred.

The woman who was killed was identified as Jourdan Bradley, 24, of Everett. She was a registered nurse at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett.

The driver of the white SUV fled the area and the vehicle is being sought by police.

Bradley’s passenger, Phillip Chumley, 31, of Everett, was listed in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center on Saturday night, upgraded from critical.

The Washington State Patrol said both Bradley and Chumley were ejected from the Corvette upon impact. The force of the crash cut the car in two.

The State Patrol said in its accident report that witnesses said that the Corvette was racing a white SUV on I-5 at Milepost 188 when it veered off the highway and plowed into a tree.

However, Bradley’s father, Mike Bradley, says that Jordan was not racing when the crash happened. Bradley said that he was following a few cars behind his daughter and saw the SUV swerve towards the Corvette. He said that she lost control trying to avoid the SUV and crashed. He believes that those who told investigators that she was racing the SUV weren’t telling the truth or decided that because she was driving the Corvette, racing must have been involved.

According to Mike Bradley, he was helping his daughter move furniture to the home she had just purchased when the crash happened. He said that Bradley and Chumley had been dating for a short time before the crash. He says his prayers are with Chumley as he recovers from his injuries.

Jourdan Bradley was an organ donor, her father said, and others will benefit from her decision soon.

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    • Garret Bradley

      This woman was my beautiful baby sister. Her mantra in driving that Corvette was, “Why race ’em when I know I can take ’em?” She always criticized my road rage. She was a woman who loved life and had accomplished so much at such a young age. I miss her so much…

      • Chelsea Baty

        i am so sorry for your loss, Garret. horrible, horrible tragedy. do not listen to these FOOLS. my mother in law worked with her, and my brother knew her. all who knew her said how sweet and amazing she was. these people and their disgusting comments!

      • Stephanie

        So sorry for your loss. I work at the hospital, but I have not met this girl. Stop reading these comments. It is only going to make your pain worse. Some of these people are ruthless. They don’t know this girl. Nor, do they know the whole story. My thoughts and love are with you and your family.

      • Dani

        I’m so sorry for your loss. I saw her car on the flat bed Friday afternoon. I know first hand how people drive in that area and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the driver that hit her just came on over into her lane and pushed her off the road. I feel so badly for her and Phil and your families. So much life ahead of her.

    • Michele Hampton Barnes

      As a mother of two, you should be ashamed of yourself for saying something so heartless. Just because the media *says* she was racing, doesn’t mean that she was. We may never know the full, TRUTHFUL story. Trust me, the media says what they want to grab your attention. I am living proof that they get it wrong all the time.

    • Brittany Hansen

      Quit being so judgemental! She was NOT driving like an idiot. My cousin was NOT an idiot driver everyone is making her out to be. You should be ashamed of yourself with ASSUMING she was wreckless! We are a grieving family that loved her very much! You being a parent yourself should think of how you would feel if you were in OUR position! Hope you can take some time to THINK and learn the FACYS before you assume!

    • Mark Bradley

      Get the facts straight before you judge! She was cut off by a speeding driver. Sad how people like you are so ignorant and quick to judge! I can only pray for such stupid people as yourself. Learn to have some compassion for others! Who is the idiot here?????

    • VInce

      Did you read the article? The father of the girl was following behind her and said she got cut off. Since you’re the “Mom of 2” maybe you can be more sensitive of a father that witnessed the death of his daughter. If that’s not bad enough the article is open to people like you for insensitive attacks. Maybe a goal of 100% literacy isn’t such a good goal in the US if this is the trash it can produce.

    • Tom Farrell

      Wow momof2 you are truly an ass. Why don’t you go away and leave your mean comments to yourself. These folks are in enough pain without your help. Your comments are truly evil.

    • David Paul

      So it’s her fault “Mom of 2″…. you’re not a little cold. I guess you think it’s her fault the people she had to swerve around and not hit in the Suburban (likely Drunk or Stoned or had drugs, why else would ANY HUMAN not stop after hitting a car like that). I’m losing faith in humanity here, then comments like yours “Mom of 2”. Drinking and driving isn’t condoned, but this was a freak accident and extremely awful!

      People make mistakes, let’s all pray for Phil to be OK and pray the people in the Suburban finally fess up and turn themselves in and tell the truth. All I can say is many prayers are being made for everyone and their family involved!

    • Mark Bradley

      I pray for god to forgive your ignorance, Shame on you MOM OF 2 (@SAHMOF2CUBS). God have mercy on the children of this awful person.

  • Erica83

    I’m sorry but no one deserves to die no matter what the circumstances are. She was a beautiful person and my thoughts are with her and her boyfriend and family.

      • Rockett

        Hope your children never make a “choice” that cost them their lives. Hope others don’t judge your children for the “choices” they make. “Choices” don’t diminish the pain you feel when you lose a loved one. We all make mistakes, we usually live through them. This was an accident and as a parent you are being judgemental and heartless. Especially since the facts are still unknown. Think about it

      • Lane Wilkins

        How do you KNOW she was speeding? …just because you believe everything the media tells you,…..maybe someday you will learn to be a considerate person but for now you have a lot of work to do on your personality obviously

        • Shiloh Major

          Ummm. When you crash your car into a tree and it results in you killing yourself, critically injuring your passenger and damaging your car beyond repair, I’d say, along with the rest of everyone else on planet Earth, that you were speeding!

          Such a tragedy. My heart goes out to their family, friends and anyone that knew them. Praying for that man fighting for his life.

          • Jo

            I am tempted to agree with you. Many many a time have I had to adjust driving from a truck or a car swerving …but I’ve never lost it, severed my vehicle in half, and been ejected …I’d be curious what the WSP final report says after a complete investigation.

            All of those who knew the young lady, this is a public forum unfortunately, and people will air their knee-jerk opinions, one way or the other. At any rate, this is a tragic loss for the family. So it really doesn’t matter who is wrong or who is right, at this point. The force of the crash and the end result …does lead one to believe speed MAY have been a factor

      • Mark Bradley

        I can’t believe how many ignorant people there are in the world. You will get what you deserve in time. I can’t believe how so many people can make comments on something they did not actually see. There was not any racing involved in this accident. I was car length behind her. We were simply bringing home her new furniture for her new home she purchased when a vehicle racing by cut her off causing her to lose control of her car trying to get out of his way. People have made judgments because she drove a Corvette. She was trying to quickly get out of his way. I was following her and all the sudden she was gone. These rude and ignorant people need to learn to keep their opinions to themselves. How would you like to see your daughter killed seconds in front of you then read all of the stupid comments hurtful comments idiots make. Jourdan was a Critical Care Nurse who took care of accident victims on a daily basis. She always preached to everyone to drive carefully. She did not believe in racing. She would always tell me how guys would always pull up beside her and want to race and she would just laugh at them (thinking right, I have a 427 and if I was that stupid to race you, you wouldn’t have a chance anyways.) My wife also drives a Corvette and has everyone wanting to race her and judges her as well. I feel sorry for all the people on here that have such a sad life and have nothing better to do than talking shit about people when they weren’t even there. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You will get what you deserve. My daughter was a very responsible and successful person. She had her bachelors in nursing and planned to start on her masters in the coming year. She saved her money and bought her dream car; a 1969 Corvette, and recently purchased a beautiful restored 1910 house in Everett all on her own at the age of 24. She was a very caring person and loved by everyone who knew her (that can’t be said about most of the people on this site.) Learn to have some respect for other and show kindness and compassion. I lost my baby girl, she was my world. My life has been torn apart and ignorant people like you have only made this tragedy worse. I WAS ACTUALLY THERE.

        • Nina Bauman-Pilch

          NONE of these ignorant peeps deserve your attention! STOP giving them what they want, they are evil!
          Your beautiful, sweet, daughter sounds like a great person, who as a nurse helped people everyday, and as an organ donor she is still helping people….How proud you and your Family and Friends must be of her…..Myself and my family will pray you find some peace. Please lets all pray for her boyfriend to fully recover.

      • Dani

        You sound like one of the dumbasses who drive in the left lane and wonder why people cut you off. Go raise your brats and get off the internet.

    • Danelle

      You’re right Brent. At the time she was supposedly “cut off” she was at high rate of speed. Well above the speed limit. Sounds like racing to me!!! Besides, I had a friend driving with her child and both were killed by two people racing. They were victims of bad choices made by others. They weren’t speeding, or racing, but they lost their lives. Now that’s a tradegy. I’m sorry for the families who have to live through the grief, but everyone’s so quick to point fingers.

  • Rockett

    Shut up, shut up. There are so many people that loved her and are affected by her death. PLEASE keep your opinions to yourself. PLEASE.

  • AdvocateWA

    Her family is saying she was cut of by the SUV on the “Snohomish County Crime and Community” page on Facebook , not racing. Media never has all the facts in the beginning. I will keep both of their families in my prayers. Shame on you, Mom of 2 and Brent Busch. What if it were your loved one? How would you feel seeing heartless comments? One word. Karma…

      • sam

        Anyone who knows the victim would know if she would do something like that. And it absolutely sounds like the media is denationalizing this story being the vehicle in particular is a vette. Get over it. Us locals know northbound traffic is no place for speeding/racing. This story is horseshit.

      • Natasha Laker

        You should get all you facts right before you start writing these comments. Her father was actually eight vehicles behind her! You rude people! Quick to make judgement on an accident that may not even have been caused by her!

      • Mark Bradley

        Read the facts you ignorant piece of shit. I am her dad and I was a few cars behind her. I was there! There was no speeding involved. The entire freeway was going 62 mph. She was ran off the road by a white truck. She is the only one who hit the brakes. Karma like someone else said. You will get what you deserve!

        • Jo

          Okay, so in all the comments I’m reading here, you have said you were “a car length behind her”, a “few cars behind her” and now we are up to 8 cars behind her? Which is it? This is what I suggest.
          Wait for the investigation to be completed. And don’t read this site, or any of the news sites. It’s not a place to be when you are grieving.

  • Dawson

    I really hope that the passenger lives for several reasons. But more importantly, so he can give his version of what happened as well as get a description of the person who alledgedly was racing them.

  • angryatq13

    Kiro news is way better than fox. At least kiro actually interviewed people instead of stating that she was speeding before the crime investigation is over. Such a juicy story like what fox wrote before it is final is what traumatizes the people touched by this.

  • Char

    Why is everyone picking on Mom of 2? She’s lucky a tree is all she hit, it could have been a car with little kids in it! That’s what she gets for showing off and thinking she’s cool. At least the only casualty is her and not an innocent victim of her stupidity.

    • Justin

      Char, mom of 2, brent bitch and whoever didn’t know jourdan. Fuck you you heatless pieces of shit! This girl would never of done what tje new is accusing her of it wasn’t no race the media is bullshit and you all should be ashemed of yourselves for saying this shot she was an amazing person. 100% more greatful then y’all low lives you three should burn in hell you ugly hearted low lives.. fuck you!!

  • mark turner

    Sounds like roadrage. No one in either vehicle would be racing each other. Think about it… an SUV and a 69′ vette? I had the same car with a 427hp. Very hard to control after 100mph. Especially at 130 and 140 the front end wants to lift up and fly. It’s very easy to get to that speed in a few seconds when already going around 60mph. I believe firmly it was roadrage and my sincere heart feelings go to all who are effected by this terrible tragedy
    May she R.I.P.

    • Brandon

      Im sooo sorry for the.familys of this tragic.accident right when I heard it it just sad she looked like a good girl 24 yrs old with a.bachelors obviously she was a great girl. Sickens me that shes a year younger and these.people rude.

  • ModestPrude (@ModestPrude)

    hello, her own brother posted on here Garret Bradley This woman was my beautiful baby sister. Her mantra in driving that Corvette was, “Why race ‘em when I know I can take ‘em?” and her dad on (The driver’s father, Mark Bradley, said he was driving behind his daughter) said “She was always telling me, dad, all these guys are always wanting to race me, because I’m in the Corvette.’ And she would kind of laugh at it. She did not race her car. Her car was her baby,” he said.
    as to anyone saying how did the car get so wrecked if she wasn’t speeding–fiberglass Corvettes can easily be wrecked, even when not speeding.

  • renekratz

    I knew the driver that was killed. She was a sweet, smart girl. I can’t believe that she would race. I would be far more likely to suspect the white van of doing something to drive her off the road.

  • noone

    The people claiming she was “racing” are the same typical Seattle area neurotics who claim they witnessed a bus going 80 mph when buses are governed at 65mph or less. In other words, they jump to the wrong conclusions and exaggerate things all the time. Don’t believe a thing some pasty faced neurotic driving 55 mph in the passing lane with his blinker on for no reason says.

  • Sadly

    How sad. For this family, and their friends.

    When I got T-boned on I-5 by a moron cutting in and out, there were no less than 5 witnesses that pulled over and waited for the WSP to give their testimony. WSP will solve this.

  • Kathy

    For starters mom of 2 and who ever else said anything negative are you going to tell me that you never put the petal to the metal or that you know for fact that she was racing. No one deserves to die. She was a nurse who obviously had a good heart. So before you start judging find out the facts and I bet you all are no angels. My prayers go out to all involved.

  • larry

    Judgemental is not a bad word; having judgement separates us from the bugs. But, being heartless and cruel IS bad, and the cruel ones (we all know who they are) should shut up and not trouble us with their superior virtue!

  • Stephanie

    To the family and friends. My advice to you is to not read the comments and feed into their crap. Because it is so easy for them to sit on their butts and say judgemental and mean things. You know this girl. And YOU have FACTS. These jerks do not. Stop reading this. It will only make your mourning worse. My love and thoughts to you.

  • Harris Johnson

    Ok. I will say my piece to all you negitave comment posting asses. 1 if you’re not qualified to make a comment then shut up. 2 I am qualified to say this. For all you idiots that know nothing about cars le me educate you. A 69 corvette is a small very light car that had one of two motors a 350 ci motor producing 350 horses and 370ish pounds of torque or a 454 big block. With that said the peddles on these cars are designed and built very close together as needed for racing so it’s easier to heal toe. So if this girl was driving down the highway and said suv cut her off and she was forced off the road the ability to slam on the brakes with out hitting the gas peddle at the same time is next to impossible. In doing this the power of the motor will easily over power the brakes makeing it impossible to stop that car in grass and dirt. Look at the pics of the scene you can see the skid marks. I appologize to the family of this girl for all the asinine negitave comments. Hey if her father was behind her and says she wasn’t racing then there’s your answer. My condolences to the families and prayers to Phillips family for a speedy recovery

    • JC

      I just wanted to point out that the 454 wasn’t available in the vette until 1970. The 350 of that year had two HP options 300 and 350. The 427 which this car appears to be had four HP options being 390, 400, 430(L-88) and 435.

      • Pamela

        This is a very powerful car, requiring a responsible and above average driver, which I believe, Jourdan was. I didn’t know her but, feel a bond of sorts. Thirty-eight years ago, I was 25 years old and drove a 1968 Corvette with the big block L-88 engine, I had it for 15 years. The periodic harassment from idiots tailgating and trying to goad me into a race was annoying , to say the least. Several times other vehicles literally would run up on top of me, the fiberglass could be very forgiving . The pedals weren’t an issue but, the giant steering wheel had to be replaced with a smaller one for better control. Expertise at downshifting got me out of some jams. Like Jourdan , I was not tempted to race with jerks, knowing they didn’t have a chance. That’s not why I had the car. All best wishes and condolences to Jourdan’s family and friends.

  • Doug

    I would bet money that this was a case of the SUV pushing Jourdan to speed up riding her ass then once he got passed her cut in front of her. Jourdan seemed like a girl full of life with a promising future. Why would she be racing when her dad was 8 cars behind her with her new couch on his truck. For all you scumbags passing these negative cold hearted comments without facts and hurting this family more than the pain they are already feeling is just sick.. Ur a bunch of fuckin scumbags is all I can say.. To the Bradley and Chumley family I will keep you in our prayers. RIP Jourdan a good girl taken way too young

  • Ti Po

    The media is always trying to sensationalize news hand in hand with the police especially when they can talk about speeding or road racing so they can justify their everyday revenue from speeding violation fines. Speed itself doesn’t kill, but obviously the higher the speed you are going the better the chances that you will injure or kill yourself and/or others in case of an accident. You can easily hit a tree with below highway speed limit and die from the collision. A tree simply doesn’t move and its contact surface in case of a collision with it, is fairly small thus it can cut vehicles in half. Again you do not have to go over the actual lawful speed limit. However I don’t understand one crucial thing in this matter. The Highway splits there into two where there is no opposite oncoming traffic. There were two trees visible right after the split between the two separating roads. WHY???? I can understand when there is a barrier or tree line between two opposite directional ways (better if it is a safety barrier and not a tree line!) so if a vehicle looses its track at least something stops the vehicle before it might swerve over the other side causing a head-on collision. But why weren’t those two trees cut out like long ago? Instead they were left there for nothing more, but to be deathtraps. Again there is no opposing directional traffic there as far as I can tell from the pictures. In Germany it is an essential Auto-Bahn safety rule to keep the highway surroundings as clean as possible from deathtraps like trees …etc. There is always at least a double safety barrier between the opposing directions and most of the time at the sides of the Auto-Bahn. In the US many Highways are without any safety barriers. Why? So the Police and/or other emergency vehicles can get across to the other side more easily and faster in case of an emergency. Doe this statistically justify the exclusion of median Safety Barriers? I don’t think so. I think because of these missing Safety Barriers that are replaced by nothing or maybe a tree line, there are too many serious accident’s, head-on collisions or collisions with a deathtrap like this tree that tore this Corvette apart, killed this beautiful girl and badly injured her passenger as a result of this sad accident.

  • Greg Wallace

    Few mistakes made here but isnt the biggest one not having a safe car? I love old vettes but there are 100million cars out there safer,,,,,,, great show car and sunday driver but not a commuter car at ALL!….. I wish the young lady would have gotten her own SUV instead,,,,,, but I believe I read her mom even has one….. I think she will have a difficult time driving it now knowing she could have influenced her to buy that car,,,,,,, RIP,,,,,, Drive safe and buckle up,,,,, Cant google earth pull this up and we could watch the video??……. just saying,,,,,,,

  • JA

    I met Jourdan 2 weeks on a Saturday. She was one of the sweetest girls I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and very driven. I was in shock when I heard the news yesterday. To the family, I can’t tell you how sorry I am for your loss.

  • Lawrence

    Such a sad tragedy and I have reviewed a lot of these comments and they are just as ignorant as those who automatically assume because you own and drive a corvette or a muscle car that you race.
    I have spent many hours traveling throughout the United states and Western Washington drivers are some of the worse drivers I have ever seen. I do not doubt the SuV cut her off and more than likely did not even bother to signal while doing it or look in their mirrors. at 50 to 60 miles an hour in a car mostly made of fiberglass not carbon composite or steel the likely hood if you hit a solid object you would get ejected is very high and there would not be much left of the vehicle. there was even some accounts that the SuV stopped and backed up before speeding off. IF that is the case I hope the police do find them and they get their just reward from fleeing the scene of an accident. Oh and by the way for those saying the car is a steel body you are absolutely wrong and should know it is Fibreglass over Steel Network Frame. meaning the frame is steel not the body itself. My condolences goes out to her family and friends and I hope they will move forward in life.

  • GBR444

    This is so sad. My heart goes out to the family of Jordan. I was in a horrible crash a few years ago I shouldn’t have walked away from. Witnesses said I was racing, except I was the only person on the back road, going the speed limit, and my tire blew. I know the passenger that was in the car and friends of mine work with the driver, I don’t believe she was racing and its shameful the things people write on here that are hiding behind a computer screen depressed so they try and inflict pain on others.

  • Jo

    Okay. So, how were they ejected if they were wearing seatbelts. I assume a nurse would know better than to NOT wear a seatbelt. She was in a corvette. Witness would lie because of that? Or assume that she was racing because she was in a corvette? One could say the same about her father … why would he say she WAS racing? There have to be some traffic cams, or … how many witnesses saw them racing….? Either way, it’s tragic. Hopefully they catch the white SUV (again, review traffic cams) …Speedy recovery to the survivor

    • Nancy

      Jo Im pretty sure if the Vet split in half. That the seatbelts would also break to. And with that in mind and having the top down or up would have not made a different. Because the top is only fabric it wont hold much in the car. As I have said I own a VET and in the past 4 other sports cars. I have never been in an accident with me driving. But it seams like to me I was not cut off much at all with my other sports cars. But I couldn’t count how many times I have been cut off with my Vet. To me many people seam to think oh they have an expensive car. They wont hit me and will slow down for me so they cut us off.

  • Nancy

    Mom of 2 and the rest of you retards. Have any of you ever drove a Vet or sports car? Im pretty sure you have not so shut the hell up. I myself have a Vet an just cause we own a SPORTS CAR does not mean we are always or ever race. You people are evil Monsters and just jealous cause you cant afford a sports car. So Please answer this for me, what do you call all the people who roll there cars cause of the rain? I just cant wait till KARMA comes and gets you in you lazy no good for nothing a$$. I don’t know any of the family’s involved. But I have a heart and mine pumps warm blood unlike urs. I don’t care what the news or paper’s says. Because this is a very sad for the family and friends of both parties. Im Sorry for all of ur loss an will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Jimmy Johns

    I’m confused .. first the father said he was eight cars back and couldn’t see her and drove on over to her new house. Now he says he was closer and that he saw the white SUV pushed her car off the road. Doesn’t make sense .. which is it?
    Also, as a former EMT (I have seen a lot of accidents) I can tell you that the car was clipping along to be torn in half (and yes I know it has a fiberglass body) … but one only needs to look at the steel frame of that car to know it hit with a great impact into that tree to basically disintegrate the rear of the vehicle and send the front of the car another 20 yards or so forward.
    That was simply too much car for young lady to handle. I don’t believe for a minute that she hadn’t either that day or another raced a car or two .. we were all young and dumb once … fortunately we survived our stupidity .. simply put she did not.
    There is a reason her father is changing his story .. either insurance money or something.
    Being in denial will only prolong the healing process.
    A mistake was made and the price was a life.
    I think that any person in their right mind who might accidentally run someone off the road would have stopped to help and not taken off. Just another reason that racing had to be involved.
    It’s a sad situation .. but it is what it is and she is gone.
    One thing I always tell everyone .. that I learned in EMT school and it is the last comment made in one of the video’s I saw covering this story .. and that is … and everyone should remember this … SPEED KILLS !!!

  • Jeff frazee

    It was nice that phil was just helping her move
    After all after the accident he told his wife they were only friends and only hung out a few times.

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