WHAT’S WITH THIS? A stunned commuter on State Route 167 asks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

This sign of an $8.50 toll on State Route 167 northbound got one viewer's apt attention Thursday morning. "What's up with this?" he asked.

This sign of an $8.50 toll on State Route 167 northbound got one viewer's apt attention Thursday morning. "What's up with this?" he asked.

This sign of an $8.50 toll on State Route 167 northbound got one viewer’s apt attention Thursday morning. “What’s up with this?” he asked.

SEATTLE — Yes, it’s the correct amount, the Washington State Department of Transportation said.

The toll to drive in the HOT lane of State Route 167 was indeed $8.50 Thursday morning, wrote Annie Johnson, of WSDOT, in response to an inquiry from Q13 FOX News.

“On SR 167, toll rates vary based on congestion for the whole HOT lanes corridor,” wrote Johnson.

“Sometimes congestion can be further upstream from where your viewer is. For example, traffic may be OK where they are in Auburn but very congested in Renton. The toll will be higher to keep a reliable trip through the whole corridor,” she said.





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  • James

    That is quite outrageous. I once paid nearly 6 dollars for a trip then got stuck behind someone going 45mph. This isn’t consistent with their comment on reliability. Other times the reader board states ‘HOV’ after I have already paid! It’s probably since it is run by a third party private institution.

  • Don

    This is absolute BS! ALL of our tax dollars pay for the roads and HIGHWAYS, FREEWAYS, and BY-WAYS in this state and this is just another way for our state government to rip off the populous. WHERE IS OUR LOTTERY MONEY GOING? WHEN WILL THE NARROWS FINALLY HAVE PAID ITSELF OFF? This is a F***ing disgrace!!

  • Ho-Pan O-Ren

    Damn. I remember when the East Valley Highway was nothing more than a two road. Now, you have thives charging to drive on 167, and gangs of street racers in Kent making it onto internationally broadcast TV shows.
    Makes very VERY HAPPY to have bailed out of that region 20 years ago. It has REALLY turned to shit.

  • Ho-Pan O-Ren

    …and Q13 was “That other channel at the end of the dial that your rabbit ears couldn’t quite be used well enough to get rid of the snow”.

  • Alan

    All the conservatives wanted user fees instead of tax increases. I guess when the sticker of shock or actually paying for what one uses as an individual instead of as a community becomes apparent, those folks reveal that what they really want is to have everything for free: no taxes no user fees …. umm except for the other guy. Cry babies!

  • Greg

    The Narrows have been paid off, the days of tolls being taken down after the bill is paid is long gone… these thieves will never stop gouging and will never tear down any infra structure that collects money….I have been driving this road for almost 30 years every day and how they get away with using EVERYONES tax dollars and then charging like this is bogus..I bet there was a cop somewhere down the road making sure everyone was paying and had multiple passengers also…it must be nice…heres the choice given…you can either sit in traffic on this road we should have widened years ago or you can PAY THE MAN and get home at a reasonable time…