HEAT ADVISORY today in Western Washington

VP Biden in Seattle to talk growing jobs but will stall traffic

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Weston Hotel where Vice President Biden is staying in Seattle

Weston Hotel where Vice President Biden is staying in Seattle

SEATTLE — Vice President Joe Biden  is in Western Washington for a speaking event in Renton and a private fundraising event in Seattle before he takes off later this afternoon from Boeing Field.

Biden spent thee night at the Westin in downtown Seattle on Wednesday night. From there, he will head to Renton Technical College to talk about the importance of investing in our nation’s workforce and growing the economy. That event is at 11 AM.

Then the VP is expected to travel by motorcade back into Seattle for a private democratic fundraising event with Senator Maria Cantwell. That event is scheduled for noon and could last until 2 PM.

Then VP Biden is expected to fly out from Boeing Field this afternoon around 2:20-2:50.

Drivers might get caught in traffic as the Vice President travels between the events on his schedule. Plan ahead if you are traveling near any of these locations throughout the day.

Biden last visited Western Washington in May of this year.

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  • Frederick

    How much is this little visit going to cost us this time? I for one am really getting tired of spending our taxpayer money for fundraising events.

  • Typical Liberal Patsy

    Whenever Bush or Cheney did this, I was always so outraged at the disruption it caused to traffic and the tax dollars it cost us. Of course, if Obama or Biden do the exact same thing I am totally OK with it.

  • Joe

    Good news is after 6 years of these two clowns in office, Jimmy Carter is happy and glowing in that happiness knowing that he’s no longer the worst president in history bar none.