TECH: See stars!

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Blood MoonSEATTLE — If the blood moon proved anything its that we are more interested than ever in the night sky, and maybe that some people have entirely too much time on their hands. But mostly the night sky thing.

Stargazing is great for the whole family (its also an awesome date night – can we say late night fun?) so with that in mind here are a few apps to get your astronomy muscle flexing.

Looking for stars on a cloudy night? Lets face it Seattle isn’t always a great place for stargazing (apparently rain clouds hinder viewing – who knew?). But never fear for Pocket Universe is here! and they mean it. This app packs a wallop

Pocket Universe:

  • iPhone, $2.99

Star Walk:

  • $2.99 (all major app stores)
  • Star spotter function
  • Augmented reality

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