Revive I-5 returns: Northbound I-5 in Seattle closed this weekend

Tired of left lane campers? Tell them how you feel with this bumper sticker

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Posted by Reddit user Penitum4borg

Posted by Reddit user Penitum4borg

SEATTLE — Tired of all those slowpokes cruising 55 MPH in the passing lane?

Then express your discontent with a bumper sticker aimed specifically at Washington’s left lane campers.

Reddit’s Seattle forum exploded late Wednesday when user Pentium4borg posted a photo of a bumper sticker he saw on his way to work. The bumper sticker quotes Revised Code of Washington rule 46.61.100 dealing with traffic and moving regulations.

The law states “keep right except when passing,” a law many Washington drivers are infamous for breaking.

People immediately fell in love with the sticker, with many asking where they could buy the decal. Users quickly answered, linking to a website that sells the decal. For $4, drivers can decide if they want to show their love for RCW 46.61.100 in white, black or silver metallic.

Of course, people question if a popular sticker would be enough to change many drivers’ love of left lane cruising, with some stating the obvious flaw in logic to putting a sticker on the rear of your car.

“Someone in the left lane will never see it,” one Reddit user said.

Still, would you buy one?



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  • 03sv1g

    I think a grenade launcher would be more effective. Most of these fools probably know their breaking the law and just don’t care.

  • Get a load of that

    If they can’t read a large black and white sign, what makes you think a bumper sticker is going to do. An shouldn’t it be printed backwards and mounted on the front of your car anyway.

  • Patty Sweeney

    The problem with the sticker is if you don’t know what the RCW is it doesn’t mean anything. Make one that says it’s the law to move over and make it backwards to put on the front of the car so the offending car can see it in their rear view mirror. Its also time to start ticketing these people.

  • hikerhelper

    I’m not a real fan of bumper stickers. The grenade launcher thing would probably work well, but collateral damage might be a problem. Perhaps just more persistent public announcements would serve to plug peoples’ leaky brains.

  • Kevin Oneill

    WSDOT refuses to replace the traffic signs to remind drivers to keep right!!! They said and I quote – “It is not a priority” – the priority is to allow these folks to continue to SLOW DOWN traffic – so we all get on MASS TRANSIT – that doesn’t exist!!!!

  • RCW Keep Right

    Thanks for sharing the link to my page! The sticker isn’t meant to change how somebody drives in the moment though.. the driver of the car occupying the left lane most likely won’t even read it if they can’t tell that they’re blocking a car behind them. You’re right though, not everybody understands what it means. They may go home and look it up online, or, that may just be wishful thinking on my behalf? I just want to help spread the word, one sticker at a time. People comment on it when they walk past my car, and I’ve even received praise from a few law enforcement officers for the catchy sticker.

  • Robert

    Here’s the problem. There’s too many cars for this law to have any practical application. We already lost one lane to HOV AND HOT lanes. If everyone followed this law there would be endless traffic congestion. So the choice is obey the law and have worse congestion or use all lanes and keep traffic moving.

  • Ryan

    Sorry but it won’t work. I had a large sticker made which was a copy of the sign, including the RCW. If you get in front of a left lane camper with this large sticker in your window and use your hazard lights while slowing down, they will simply wave. I’m guessing this is because they are proud of camping in the left lane while being passed.

    In addition, the WSP has repeatedly issued statements that they are “cracking down” on this behavior. They are not actively cracking down on anything except 3 mph over the limit based on my observation.

    Sticker I had on my car. It was large enough to fill the rear window from top to bottom.

  • Kiss my taillights.

    Except no one uses the “passing lane” to just pass someone. They use it to go 10-15+ mph over the posted speed limit. So, while the “passing lane” makes sense if you are passing someone who is going under the speed limit it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for people to get all pissed off about someone who is doing the speed limit. What makes you so %#@%#@ special that you don’t have to obey the law and can travel at speeds you feel you have a right to?

  • Oh Please

    It’s not about the speeds, it’s about courtesy. You know, that stuff your parents tried so hard to teach you?