Report: Bellingham man stabs two vet workers over dead cat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — A man upset at a veterinary clinic because he was told his cat wouldn’t survive allegedly stabbed two vet workers, KGMI News reported.

According to KGMI, Bellingham police were called to a vet clinic in the Maplewood area Thursday morning when a man became angry after he was told his cat couldn’t be saved. The man allegedly grabbed a sharp object and lunged at a male vet worker, stabbing him in the hand.

The man then left the Maplewood clinic and drove to a vet’s office in the Fountain district, police said. There, he attacked a female employee, cutting her on the neck before fleeing.

Neither of the injuries were life-threatening, police told KGMI.

Bellingham police officers arrested the suspect near the intersection of Baker and James Street shortly following the incidents.

Neither the Maplewood Animal Hospital nor the Fountain Veterinary Hospital — believed to be the locations of the stabbings — gave a comment to Q13 FOX News.



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  • justme

    The vet workers were probably being callous and rude. I’ve had it happen when an old hag vet receptionist kept berating me about how busy she was as my cat lay dying. Fortunately, she retired soon after. My final memories of my cat are painful not just because he died, but because I had to take abuse from that hag in order to try to get care for him. The vet is very good, but apparently not a good judge of character.

    • 03sv1g

      You’re making a really stupid assumption, and by the way, even if what you say was true, it doesn’t justify stabbing someone. You have serious mental health issues.

  • Sammy

    That can happen at a vet’s office, and did happen to me a few years ago. The two people at the front desk were so cold, rude and callous after I had lost my beloved dog, when I went in to pay for the cremation. Everyone else at the clinic was wonderful to me, and understood my loss.

    However, there is no way that anyone is justified in causing another person or creature bodily harm. There should be consequences for his actions, at the same time he is getting help.