Parents warned about 3 child luring attempts in 24 hours

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROCHESTER — Authorities are warning parents about three different child luring attempts in 24 hours in the Rochester School District.

According to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department, the first case happened Wednesday morning when a woman driving a black SUV reportedly drove up to a bus stop and asked a 13-year-old boy if he needed a ride to school. He said the bus had not come yet and another student showed up at the bus stop. Then the bus showed up and the woman drove off, officials said.

A second case was reported Wednesday afternoon when a scruffy looking man drove up and asked a boy if he’d missed the bus, then drove off.

Officials received a third report Thursday morning when a woman drove up a driveway and asked a boy if he had missed the bus. He told her no and the woman left, authorities said.

Investigators are not sure if the cases are related because the three descriptions were all different, but they did happen in the same area.

Here is the message sent to parents via the Rochester School District:

Rochester School District was notified by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office that a luring incident occurred on the 9700 block of 180th Way SW.  A 13 year of male was at his bus stop in front of his residence when an unknown adult female in a black SUV (possibly a Ford Explorer) approached the student to offer him a ride to school.  The female reportedly told the student he had missed his bus and the students told her he did not.  She again offered to give him a ride to school but he again said he did not miss the bus.  The female was arguing with the student when another student approached and also told her they didn’t miss the bus.  Moments later the bus was seen approaching the bus stop and the female left eastbound on 180th Way SW.

Please help keep your children safe by talking with them about what to do in these situations.  Links to resources are available in the Parent/Student Resources section of the district’s website under Student Safety.

Rochester School District was notified of a second luring incident which occurred on the 7600 block of 195th Ave SW this morning.  A 15 year of male was walking to school when an unknown adult male in a dark, older model, four-door car with squeaky breaks approached the student to offer him a ride to school.  After the student said no thank you, the man became more insistent.  He offered the student a coat and said it would be safe to go with him.  The student then ran away for the car.  The man was in his late 30’s to early 40’s, was wearing a baseball cap, and was described as “scruffy.”

Rochester School District was notified of a third luring incident.  It occurred on the 8500 block of 183rd Ave SW this morning at approximately 6:30 AM.  A 14 year of male was walking to his bus stop when an unknown adult male in a dark colored car with blue headlights approached.  The man told the student that he had missed his bus and offered him a ride to school.  The student refused and ran. The student reported the incident to his bus driver and 911 was called. The Sheriff’s Office will have extra patrols in our area.

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  • Larry Weaver

    I have a concealed weapons permit that would become unconcealed if I heard of an incident like this in progress. We all need to be pro-active in letting the lowlifes know that this is unacceptable in our community.

  • Lenny Brewster

    Just goes to show how Paranoid Americans are today.
    Try to be a good citizen and you’ll find yourself arrested for “luring” or “pedophilia” or something similar. This is really as crazy as the Satanic Ritual Abuse Syndrome of the 1980s when Christian loons believed that Satanic forces were out cannibalizing children.

    You don’t see crap like this happening in other, perhaps more civilized, countries.

    I’d be afraid to wave or say Hi to a kid on the street. Hell, if I see a kid all alone and crying for help, Screw Him, I’m running in the opposite direction!
    That’s what they want.