Prosecutor: Mother smoked meth, crack while breastfeeding

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Bonney-Lake-Meth-Lab (2)

File Photo. (Credit: PCSD)

TACOMA — A 34-year-old Tacoma woman faces child endangerment charges for allegedly smoking meth, crack and weed while breastfeeding her baby.

Iuni Moana Malo went to a Tacoma hospital this summer with her 2-year-old daughter, claiming her child had been sexually abused by a man she was staying with, the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office said.

According to charging documents, doctors noticed Malo was “extremely high” while at the hospital and called police.

The 2-year-old girl was examined by a doctor, who did not find any evident signs of sexual abuse. However, police interviewed Malo who appeared extremely jittery and talking rapidly.

According to the Pierce County prosecutor,  Malo told police she and her daughter were staying with a man she met named “Red.” On July 22, Red opened the door for her with no pants on, leading Malo to believe he had molested her daughter, who was alone in the house with Red.

But rather than go to police, Malo allegedly said she walked into Red’s bathroom and smoked crack with him.

A short time later she breastfed her daughter, Malo allegedly told police.

The next morning, Malo allegedly woke up and smoked meth and crack with Red. She then decided to take her child to the hospital, both because she wanted the baby to get a sexual assault exam and because she feared Red gave her bad drugs, Malo told police. Before leaving for the hospital Malo smoked a “blunt” of marijuana, she allegedly told police.

Malo again breastfed her baby while on the bus to the hospital, charging documents state. Malo’s urine tested positive for multiple drugs, charging documents show.

Malo’s child was placed into protective custody this summer and Malo was detained. She recently pleaded not guilty to the charge of child endangerment, the Tacoma News Tribune reported, and is being held in Pierce County Jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond.

According to the  News Tribune, Malo has eight children — many being cared for by other family members.


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  • Emily

    This is why women that women that have their children taken away due to drugs/alcohol need to be sterilized. People need to speak up when they know someone with an addiction that has a child/children. Poor babies don’t have any choice , and no voice to speak for themselves. So sad, helpless babies

    • Veronica Davis McInnis

      Those children did not ask to be brought into this cold cruel world! You’re okay with them missing meals, and being homeless doesn’t concern you? They deserve clean clothes and medication when they are ill, if you disagree, you are barbaric and a self-centered jack*$$!!

      • NoU

        Who’s to say that the welfare and food stamps are going towards the children with parents like this? People like that use their children as an excuse to get a free handout so they can get their fix. What the state needs to do is do monthly check ups with families on state assistance to make sure that money is actually going towards what it’s suppose to.

  • ccompton

    I agree, those children did not ask to be brought into this world and DO deserve a roof over their head, clean clothes and food in their belly (as all children should). BUT they also deserve a mother who’s not a crack head who leaves them alone with another crack head. A MOTHER is one that cares for and takes care of her children and makes sacrifices to make that happen. She protects them at all costs. Just because one spits out a baby (or 8) doesn’t automatically make her a mother. This lady needs to get her priorities in order. If she can’t do that, then perhaps she should keep her knees together so more kids don’t become a victim to her stupidity.

  • Sad But True

    We see, as we see over and over again, that stupid people are the ones that breed profusely. And their offspring is just as stupid, and will also breed profusely. Exponential growth is more powerful than you think. America in a hundred years will be dark-skinned, lazy and utterly stupid (sad but very true).

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