Deputy ordered inside Ebola victim’s apartment transported to hospital, family ‘100% confident’ not Ebola

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

   DALLAS, Texas –A sheriff’s deputy who accompanied health officials in cleaning out a Dallas Ebola victim’s apartment is now  exhibiting some ‘signs and symptoms of Ebola’ according to health officials.

WFAA-TV in Dallas identified the deputy as Michael Monnig.  Monnig reportedly began feeling sick to his stomach and complained to his family before going to a clinic in the Dallas suburb of Frisco Wednesday afternoon.

FOX4 in Dallas spoke with Monnig’s son who said his father woke up with stomach pains.  But the son said his father did not have a  fever, was not vomiting and did not show any  other signs of Ebola symptoms.

The emergency dispatch center in Frisco received a called from a Care Now medical facility reporting the patient just after noon.

Dana Baird with the city of Frisco said firefighter-paramedics transported Monnig to a Dallas hospital.

“They are also in the process of examining clinical staff and other facility patrons,” wrote Baird in a statement to the media.  “That number other people impacted is unknown. “

“He had several, but not all five or six. He exhibited enough to trigger the preliminary screening,” Fire Chief Mark Piland told reporters Wednesday.

Health officials, he said, are “treating this as a low-risk event.”

According to WFAA-TV,  Monnig was ordered to go inside the apartment unit of Thomas Eric Duncan with officials to get a quarantine order signed.

No one who went inside the unit that day wore protective gear.

Health officials announced Duncan had died Wednesday morning from Ebola.


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    • Kayli

      If u read the article he entered the victims home with no protective equipment… viruses can live outside of the body in droplets… this means if he touched anything in that home he could be infected… I hope they sanitize his clothing and shoes as well

  • Stacy

    I sincerely hope this deputy, his family and all those working to contain it are alright – the potential of this is alarming! Why was anyone ordered into the apartment without protective gear?!? I’m so angry!!! Duncan, knowing he was exposed to Ebola, lied and got into this country and has put so many people in jeopardy. Now his family is crying foul at his and their treatment. Taxpayers have and will spend millions to try and contain this mess. The federal government is being lackadaisical in our policies – we are inviting ebola in if we don’t ban non essential air travel and passengers from the outbreak regions.

  • washington253

    Yeah , it seems like a population control to me , I dont understand why the president would allow anyone from anywhere near there to be allowed in our country right now. We can still help them by sending supplys and stuff but he should take all major procautions when it comes to his country and millions of peoples lives that he holds in his hands . Thats just my thought.

  • Dee Dee

    Wow, these comments are insane. This is America the land of the free and we have been letting everyone in for years, but this man was carrying a deadly disease in his body and no one really checked him out in customs. He should not have kiddy about his contact with this virus. How many more foreigners have we let into our country with some kind of disease? The hospital was told on the 1st visit about his travels and they state it was told but the computer information was inadvertently not communicated to the medical staff. This info came from a statement from the hospital itself. This officer must have been crazy himself knowing he was going into a place where Ebola was suspected with no type of protection for his safety. I would have been put on suspension or fired for refusing to go in without protection.

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