SEE IT: Man’s heated confrontation with panhandler goes viral

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
KFOR-TV photo

KFOR-TV photo

OKLAHOMA CITY — Some residents in Oklahoma City are angry after they claim to have been duped by a 78-year-old woman who begs for money every day.

A man confronted the panhandler after he saw her get into a brand new car, KFOR-TV reported.

A woman, who also gave money to the panhandler, recorded the confrontation which quickly got heated.

KFOR-TV reported that Daniel Ayala said he approached the elderly woman and said, “You ask for money in the middle of the street and you’re driving a 2013 car.”

The panhandler’s family reached out on Facebook and said their grandmother has a panhandling permit and they were “appalled” by the video.

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    • Ed

      People like you are what’s wrong with the world today. You take any incident and blame it on your “enemies”. In a way, you’re as bad as those ISIS militants!

      • Matt

        This has to be the dumbest, most uneducated comment I have read in awhile. Do a little research on ISIS before you try to compare the two. What ignorance.

  • tired worker

    I have a friend who was homeless, he sold newspapers on the street to make money. And I saw the way some people ignored him and I thought how rude, he was trying to make a living rather than panhandle. But she is one of the reasons people ignore those at least working for the money. Her family knows she does this and think it’s okay. There is something wrong with that family, that they would rather have grandma begging for money and risking her life than try and help her. My God just think of the dangers a 78 year old is in , robbery, being run over, even shot.

  • Westie

    K Dub, you ever hear of a “ghetto latte”? It’s where someone orders shots of espresso in a large cup then goes over to the condiment bar and empties out the cream, the milk, the half & half, then tosses in some sugars and stirs it all together.

    Where is this a problem? Poor, urban neighborhoods? Nope. Upper middle class, suburban neighborhoods. The culprits? Generally, the people who got rich by scrimping every penny and screwing everybody else.

    There’s no assuming this grandma is a liberal. From all appearances, she’s just a bad human being who is playing people for suckers.

  • theresa

    ya she has a nice car…but seriously shes almost 80 she doesn’t have many options for work so If that is her option than let her be…don’t like it than don’t give her body knows her personally,,,at least she isn’t a drug addict…maybe she needs food in her house..

    • adam

      If she needs food in her house then why did shy buy a new car. It’s that thinking right there that is allowing these people to do this. It’s just like when a girl is in a chat room asking for food money from an app on her iPhone 6. If they really need it they wouldn’t be buying the things they are.

  • Michelle

    Do you honestly believe that if someone was so desperate to put food on the table, that they would resort to panhandling and then buy a brand new car??

  • Mad

    That’s disgusting. There are homeless people who actually need money to eat, buy shoes or a blanket to keep warm. This lady clearly doesn’t need the money of she can afford that car. Her family should be ashamed of her.

  • david

    what the crap is a panhandling permit?????? Why would this ever be legal or morally ok permit or not?!!? I’m pretty astonished there would even be such a permit

  • Robin

    Do NOT give panhandlers money,ever! Give them food, diapers, baby food, pet food, shoes, clothing, toiletries, bus tokens or something they can use and need if you want to help them out.

  • mon

    Instead of giving panhandle money that they beg so much for to buy food…. just hand them food! I do, all the time. Never money, not even a time. Could go for drugs… only God knows.

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