Mom sues pediatrics center, says son’s genitals damaged during circumcision

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Orthodox Jewish circumcision instruments

Atlanta, GA (WGCL) — A Metro Atlanta mother is suing a pediatrics center after she said her 11-month-old son’s genitals were damaged during a circumcision.

Stacie Willis told CBS46 that she took her son, Dejuan Williams, to Life Cycle Pediatrics in October 2013 to be circumcised. Williams was 3-weeks-old when he underwent the circumcision.

Willis is accusing certified midwife Melissa Jones of cutting too much of her son’s genitalia.

“I’m angry. I have to think about my kids at the end of the day,” said Willis.

CBS46 reached out to Jones as well as Anne Sigouin, who runs Life Cycle Pediatrics.

CBS46’s phone calls were not returned and our knocks at the homes of both women went unanswered.

Sigouin is also being sued.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about her not being able to do this,” said Willis.

Willis said a doctor was called in to examine her son, who eventually had to be taken to Atlanta Urgent Care where he was referred to a urologist.

The suit states that Jones lacked the necessary professional skill and experience to completely perform a circumcision.

Willis said medical bills have grown to more than $20,000 and could exceed $2 million.

“You stole his teenage years, his adult life,” said Willis.

Willis’ attorney, Jonathan Johnson, said Jones has been served with the lawsuit, but he has not been able to locate Sigouin.

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  • tlctugger

    Every circumcision of a healthy child violates his right to make an informed decision as an adult.

    Foreskin feels REALLY good. Forced genital cutting is unethical.

  • Jackie No

    “Says son’s genitals damaged during circumcision” – Well that is funny as the baby boys genitals are ALWAYS damaged by this practice (that is actually the original purpose of the cutting of erogenous tissue).

    A study in the International Journal of Men’s Health noted that circumcised men have a 4.5 times greater chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction. than natural men. Other studies have previously observed that circumcision’s damage results in worsened erectile functioning, inability to maintain an erection, and reducing the glans sensitivity, including an overall genitals sensitivity reduction by 75%. There are other studies as well..

    Having all of ones genitals is better than having innervated parts cut off. For the male, the long term harm is huge with nerve damage and harm to the sensory system. A whole range of sensation and sexual and protective function are lost. The lips, nipples and fingertips have similar touch sense. To take this away from another person without their consent is heinous. To do this to a baby is creepy.

    It’s about time someone stood up to these wackos who still believe that the genital mutilation of baby boys is an acceptable practice in the 21st century. If they want to chop their own let them. But doing it to a defenseless baby is, or should be, a crime.

    EVERY HUMAN (male and female) has the RIGHT (a human right) to reach adulthood with all of the tissue (particularly all of their erogenous tissue) that THEIR genetic code provides.

  • tood bates

    i am so disgusted with this, i am circumcised and i resent it, i hate the american medical industry for their so called mutilative service that they offer parents, for profit. these doctors and inexperienced interns deserve prison and more. this is what america is?

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