CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Truant daughter followed to school by furious mom

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CASPER, Wy. — Faced with the revelation that her daughter was skipping class, a Wyoming mom took to social media to publicly shame her child and she says it worked.

Jeannie Crutchfield told ABC News that when she learned that her daughter was ditching class, she decided to follow her through her through her school recording her every move.

“This is what happens when [my daughter] can’t act right,” Crutchfield says in the video. “Her mom has to come to the school and record her to get it through her head.”

Crutchfield told Good Morning America that since the video was posted online, her daughter’s school attendance has been steady.

“Her attitude has changed. She was asked [by a friend] if she wanted to ditch school yesterday and she told the person no. The thought of mom following her again wasn’t appealing,” Crutchfield said.

Crutchfield says she was just trying to prove a point to her daughter and said other parents have been told that the school could do little to prevent truancy.

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  • MOm

    attending with your child is making a point. The comments are embarrassment and shaming, but the posting is sheer humiliation. I certainly hope she tried other tactics first because this would be my last resort without the posting online.

    • Cyntjia

      I THINK THIS IS SUOER. IBTHREATENED MY KIDS WITH SOMRTHING KINDA THE SAME…they knew I wasn’t joking and I didn’t have the problem . I also told them if they had a bad attitude in public I’d sing a little peppy jingle REAL LOUD They didn’t want that Either so thevsmiles came! Way to go Mom !!!!

  • S Burrows

    Good job mom! I may use this if the situation calls! I wouldn’t have to say a word at the school my presence
    alone would embarrass my daughter! Over embarrassment would make her attitude worst .

  • MrsMom

    I don’t believe that our children are just going to do whatever and there is nothing we can do. We may have to get creative, but when it’s all over, success is all that matters. I tell my son, I’m your Mom. I’m not your buddy. When that girl graduates, unlike her school skipping friends, she will be grateful. She may be mad now, but that’s okay. It means her mom is doing her job.

    • montanahawkfan

      I absolutely agree with you, I had a rebellious daughter a few years ago, now she’s grown up…she says she’s sorry for all the crap I went through trying to set her straight, making her sleep in my room etc. She’s a good mom and going to college with excellent grades. 4 yr business accounting almost done. yay.

  • montanahawkfan

    Good for you mom, lesson learned. She’ll think twice about ditching school again rather then getting embarrassed again..lmao.

  • ModestPrude (@ModestPrude)

    to me, this mom looks like an out of shape, stuffs her face too much, immature woman trying to parent a teenager, and the girl looks like “there goes my crazy mom again”. to me, this looked more embarrassing for the mother than the daughter.

  • Michelle Hunt

    I totally support this. The things this reporter says, such as “as if …wasn’t bad enough…” and “taking matters into her own hands” and his slightly disparaging tone just shows what the hell is wrong with this society. We all complain about how rude, self-centered, materialistic and entitled our kids have become but it’s frowned on when a parent actually disciplines their kid? No way – it’s about time we take our kids back from the overwhelming influences they are bombarded with and teach them some life skills. This mom taught her daughter one of the most important lessons ever – there are bad consequences for bad behavior.

  • John Fuller

    Makes perfect sense… The daughter is just like the mom and sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and fight poop with more poop!

  • Bob

    dont want to be the big ass sign on wall but why didnt they post the (african american lady following her daughter to school?)

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