Developers of new wearable device claim it will actually SHOCK you into working out & eating better

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Pavlok 2BOSTON, Mass.  —  Developers of a new wearable device to help you eat right, exercise more and break your bad habits say their technology will shock you.

They mean that literally.

Pavlok is a small device that can be worn as a watch, a sleeve or attached to pretty much any other part of your body you choose.

Company founder Maneesh Sethi says once Pavlok is attached, you program it with the habits you want to break and when it catches you doing one of those things it delivers an electric shock to your nervous system.

“I know that electric shock sounds crazy, but sometimes crazy works,” says Sethi in a video explaining the device.

Sethi says along with the ‘punishment’ of the shock, Pavlok helps you set goals and unlock virtual rewards when you replace your bad habits with good ones.

“People are already using Pavlok to begin writing everyday, learn new languages, to exercise, to journal, to begin to form and break dozens of new habits,” says Sethi.


Developers say the combination of shocks and rewards have helped many of their human testers break old habits and develop new ones in 30 days.

Now Sethi and his co-founder Jim Lynch, inventor of LEGO Mindstorms and lead engineer on the Roomba robot vacuum,  have taken to the internet to raise $50,000 to bring Pavlok to market.

Within hours of putting their pitch up on crowdfunding site IndieGoGO, the company had raised more than $12,000 in pledges toward their goal.

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