Check before your commute: Metro Transit bus cuts, changes now in effect

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King County Metro bus (File Photo)

SEATTLE — King County Metro Transit eliminated 28 routes effective Saturday because of a budget shortfall.

The county is also altering the schedules for another 13 routes.

“I’m kind of shocked right now because this is the way I get home,” said Sara Savlan.

Savlan was the only person waiting for the Route 47 bus in Seattle at lunchtime earlier this week. The route is one of those that will no longer be in service.

“This is affecting a lot of people,” said Savlan.

At bus stops, King County has posted signs to inform riders about the changes. There are also pamphlets inside the buses with alternative routes.

Data pix.

This is the first round of cuts due to a budget shortfall over several years. Metro Transit is reducing service by 400,000 hours. The elimination of routes will be phased in with the next cuts scheduled in February.

“It is the largest service reduction in Metro Transit history,” said Metro Transit General Manager Kevin Desmond.

Metro expected the cuts to be worse, but a combination of reforms and a decline in fuel prices saved additional bus routes. Metro reports an increase in ridership and officials said they should be increasing service to meet demand.

Metro employees will be out at bus stops Thursday and Friday to remind riders about the route changes coming Saturday and next week.

For a list of eliminated routes and other changes:

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  • John Fuller

    Even with deep cuts to Metro routes, Seattle Metro transit is still far superior to Sound Transit. Citizens fully support Metro since they are doing such a great job with the limited resources that are available. Not to mention the complications that Metro drivers have to face when transporting unruly passengers in Belltown and certain South Seattle routes. Metro transit quality of service in a reduced capacity is still better than Sound Transit, which has increasingly substandard service.

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