Violent liquor thief: Fills pack full of booze, takes swing at store worker with boosted bottle

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A bold liquor heist turns into an attempted assault outside a Safeway store — after the thief turns one of his boosted booze bottles — into a weapon.

This is the guy Edmonds police need your help identifying.

He was wearing a gray t-shirt, gray sweat pants, black shoes with white logos…and had a dark green backpack he didn’t waste any time using.

“As soon as he entered the store, he walked immediately over to where the hard liquor was, turned the backpack around and right in front of another customer, started filling the backpack with hard liquor,” said Mark Marsh of the Edmonds Police Department. “When that was full, he grabbed two other bottles and proceeded to walk out the door, very brazen right in front of everybody.”

Marsh continues:

"At that point the manager who had observed him doing this walked over and contacted him, tried to get him to stop. The guy put down one bottle but took the other one and actually swung it at the manager trying to hit him, and that's what really concerns us, that unlike a lot of shoplifts that people are more desperate and they're a little bit more passive. They might run, but they don't become assaultive, and you know, a bottle in somebody's hand like this is certainly a weapon.”

The attempted assault happened just off to the right of the camera's eye.

From the way this guy worked, I doubt it's his first booze boost. He's willing to hurt someone, and likely won't stop until he's caught.

If you can tell Edmonds detectives his name, call an anonymous tip into:
Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-tips

You must call the crime stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.

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