Police: Pregnant armed robber arrested after being shot, surviving weeks on the run

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Yolanda Lund

LAKEWOOD — A pregnant woman suspected of robbing a gas station and running over a police officer during her escape last month was arrested Friday in Lakewood, police said.

According to police, Yolana Lund was arrested in Lakewood and transferred to the custody of Fife police. She was being transferred to a hospital to treat a gunshot wound to her chest stemming from the Aug. 11 incident, and to ensure the safety of her unborn baby, police said.

Lund is accused of robbing a Love’s Truck Stop in the 1500 block of 33rd Avenue East. According to police, when cops were called to a report of an armed robbery, she and her alleged male accomplice — Phillip Gleason — jumped into a car and tried to take off. Police ran to the car, a struggle ensued, and an officer was dragged a short distance before dropping from the car, documents show.

The officer was taken to the hospital with minor scrapes and injuries immediately following the incident.

Police later spotted the vehicle unoccupied in a Spanaway. The vehicle was hit by gunfire from the police, and appeared the people may have sustained injuries. It was later discovered Lund had been shot in the chest and shoulder area.

Lund is believed to be six months pregnant when she was found by police Friday. She is expected to face multiple criminal charges once released from the hospital.

Gleason was arrested earlier this month in Idaho, police said. He is also expected to face charges stemming from the incident.



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  • Scott Engle

    It says that she ran over a police officer, but thats completely different from what happened. Officers ran after the car and one ws s dragged probably from clinging on. Stop over sensationalizing and get the damn story straight

    • John Fuller

      Cops had to “justify” shooting a pregnant white woman… because it doesn’t look good with all the other murders that they committed recently involving unarmed black guys.

  • Bushtilda Walker

    They always put extra crap in the stories that aren’t true . Its crazy. Like this story wasn’t interesting enough without trying to spice it up even more. They need to just tell the facts and nothing more but then I guess no one would buy the paper without all the bull they make up and put it in to be more interesting!!
    Gotta love ya Yo Yo!! Hang in there!!

  • EB

    What are the real facts? Did she not rob a place? Did she not run from the police? If she did rob a place and run from the police hands down she deserves jail time and does not desere raisng a child.

  • missisreal

    Regardless of what crimes were committed, those of us who know yoyo personally know she is an amazing woman with a big heart. Instead of judging her by her past and by the crimes she committed why can’t we love her and help her if she wants help. I know first hand that my past doesn’t make me who I am.. Glad you alive Yolanda. And everyone else.. Mind ya business.😉

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