Police: Man suspected of beheading woman in workplace recently tried to convert co-workers to Islam

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Credit: Logan County Sheriff's Office

(CNN) — A man suspected of beheading a woman and stabbing another worker at an Oklahoma food processing plant had recently been fired, police said Friday.

Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, was terminated from his job at Vaughan Foods processing plant just before the rampage Thursday afternoon in Moore, Oklahoma, said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department.

After “he was terminated, he drove to the front of the business, running into a vehicle, exited his vehicle, entered the business, where he encountered the first victim, Colleen Hufford, 54, and began assaulting her with a knife. He did kill Colleen and he did sever her head.”

Nolen recently had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam, Lewis added during a Friday press conference. “After conducting interviews with co-workers of Nolen’s, information was obtained that he recently started trying to convert some of his coworkers to the Muslim religion.”

Moore police have asked the FBI to help investigate the man’s background.

“Due to the manner of death and the statement of co-workers and other initial information that investigators have gathered, we requested the assistance of the FBI in conducting a background investigation into Nolen.”

Earlier Friday, U.S. law enforcement officials said there were no indication the attack was linked to terrorism.

And Lewis agreed.

“Just based on statements made by co-workers, that’s what brought us to go ahead and contact the FBI, just to get assistance on a background investigation.

A second woman, identified as Traci Johnson, survived the attack, thanks to the intervention of another co-worker, the company’s chief operating officer Mark Vaughan, who is also an Oklahoma County reserve deputy.

She’s hospitalized in stable condition with “numerous knife wounds,” according to police.

“This off-duty deputy definitely saved Traci’s life,” Lewis said. “This was not going to stop if he didn’t stop it. He’s obviously a hero in this situation. It’s very tragic that someone did lose their life, but it could have gotten a lot worse. This guy was definitely not going to stop. He didn’t stop until he was shot.”

Nolen was shot twice, police said, and is also hospitalized in stable condition.

The attack appeared to be random. Lewis said the two victims were simply in Nolen’s way when he entered the building. “He wasn’t targeting anyone, wasn’t going specifically after them. It appears they were just in his way as he came in.”

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    • Vickie

      So “Joe is an idiot”, you are so cowardly that you cannot even leave your own name…Perhaps, just spelling and grammar are more important to you than the written word…I understood what JOE was getting at, and I am sure if you were to visit Chicago, you could agree that violence seems to be a huge problem there as well. Get over yourself with your cowardly remarks, hiding behind a false name, just as the jihadists hide behind their masks. COWARDS, each and every one. attacking women, in lieu of someone who could fend off their cowardly attacks.

    • Sean

      Lmao. What an idiot you are. Your mom should of swallowed you. Waste of a good human brain. You should be an early organ donor.. Please help your parents out!

  • Lexi Jefferson

    What a racist statment… it is shown that Caucasian men are 75% more likely to kill their employer in a work place setting then thier African American male coworker’s. So your statment holds no merit just like the faceless picture you have up. Thank you Joe for keeping your ignorant, small minded, reason why this country still has a problem with racism comment short. You sir are apart of the problem…. may you be caught in a dark ally and saved by a black man! :)

    • Vickie

      It would appear, Lexi that you too have a faceless picture, but you have left out that blinding fact.

      This “it is shown” study surely did not occur in any Chicago area business. Joe was merely relaying information he had actually read. Joe did nothing wrong. It’s always the “attack the messenger instead of attacking the message”. Lest we lose sight of the horrendous story of a man severing a woman’s head! This story is all about a BLACK man who cut a woman’s head off because he got fired. WHO does that? Most people I know, would simply go out and find a job. ANY job to compensate for what they had lost. And if that wasn’t enough, a SECOND JOB! Instead, this man cuts off a 54-year-old woman’s head. She perhaps could have been YOUR relative. I find that fact a tad more outrageous than Joe’s statements in any form, and he was in no way being racist. We live in a country where everyone should be able to say their piece without being attacked for making spelling errors or being accused of being RACIST. I am about sick of that word! It’s way over-used and always comes out when there is a black person involved in any kind of crime. Anyone who comments on said crime is called a “racist”, unless of course they come out in defense of the black person. SICK OF THIS ridiculous effort to split this country apart too!

      • Vickie get a life

        He comment is racist. He is saying Japanese people don’t want to hire people of color because whenever a person of color commits a crime anyone with that skin color is lumped up as one. Meaning if one black person sells drugs, EVERY BLACK PERSON SELLS DRUGS. If one black person kills then EVERY BLACK PERSON IS A KILLER. If one black female has multiple kids then EVERY BLACK FEMALE HAS MULTIPLE KIDS. That obviously isn’t true. Your commit about Chicago also makes no sense. That’s one state to how many are on the US? And it’s not only black people in Chicago that make it a horrible place. It’s lots of people with many different nationalitys and skin colors. Please log of the internet Vickie. You need a better hobby.

      • DUQUAN

        What does this persons race have to do with what he did? So what if he was Black, he killed. He should be trialed for his crimes all the same as anyone else. It’s not about race, but everyone always makes it about race, I don’t get it.. If a white man does what this man did do you refer to him as a white man or just a man? If an Asian man does it you refer to him by his ethnicity, and the same you do with every other ethnicity, but when it comes to white people white/caucasian they’re never spoke upon with their race as a base to set up reason and motive for why they committed the crimes they’ve committed. It’s pure ignorance..

  • ainpa

    Why are we not surprised that MAN-CRAZY-ISLAM and BEHEADING are in the same sentence. You can’t argue with me woman, my religions says you can’t and if you do I can kill you ______! Such ignorance, Islam the loving peaceful religion<– that I'm just not seeing any evidence of. By their fruits ye shall know them.

      • Vickie

        You already know the answer to that. You wish to bring in other religions to muddy the waters on this particular issue.

        The majority of Christians would NEVER darken the door to the Westboro Baptist church. BUT, instead of discussing what is REALLY going on here, you have chosen to bring ALL other “religions” into this particularly horrendous event. Islam is terrorism. Muslims are terrorists. They choose to go about their terrorism in different ways. They come to our country to cause chaos in our government and disrupt this country’s government in any way that they can. The more “radicals” choose violence.

    • uzi

      No one said he is muslim. And him being muslim doesnt mean thata why hebis crazy. So you can take that f u and apply it to yourself. How many whites and non muslim kill everyone everyday. Religion got nothing to do with it

      • Vickie

        He beheaded a woman, and I’ve read several different accounts that he had been trying to convert this particular woman to Islam and she refused. What more proof would anyone need?

      • Come on....

        They did not specifically say that the man was muslim. They did say that he was trying to convert coworker’s to Islam. Generally, one does not try to convert another person to a religion of which the converter is not a part. It is also true that many non muslims kill people. It is also not relevent. You also make the same mistake of assumption that “EUE” made. It is as fallacious to say that “He didn’t do it because of religion” just as much as to say “He did it because of religion.”

          • Come on Vickie...

            Cool your horses there. If you reread my statement carfully, you’ll see that I’m saying he is almost undoubtedly Muslim. Also, while he beheaded the woman likely because he was muslim, as opposed to just stabbing her, this article implies he was also fired BEFORE HE WENT ON THIS RAMPAGE.

  • Anonymous Q. Public

    Rumor mongering and fomenting Islamophobia will get you nowhere, Fox News. Before you accuse the guy of trying to convert people to Islam and beheading them because they refused to convert, dig deeper and find out what REALLY happened. You should be ashamed of yourselves for implying that this had ANY kind of religious motive behind it. Shame on you.

    • Discernment

      “Before you accuse Fox News of trying to push Islam as the cause, dig deeper and find out what the article REALLY said.”

      Rereading the article, the first paragraph states a woman was killed, a woman was stabbed, the location, and that the suspect had just been fired. It takes to the fourth paragraph for us to read that he was trying to convert coworkers to Islam. There is no mention of motive being the failure to convert. Sounds like you’re inserting some of your own biases. Shame on you.

      • Timothy

        dude if that ain’t the most stupidest comment I ever heard. we forgot Islam is a peaceful people that’s right you may be blind but we are not what we see is what we get we voted for Obama and now we got nothing but death among us. So the next time we vote I hope we can find a leader that can lead and one not afraid to put evil men out of this nation. Or in a cage where they should be moon worshipper

  • Sara

    This is what happens when we force people with stone-age DNA to assimilate into modern society. Political correctness aside….time to start shipping them back to Africa where they belong. I am fed up with their senseless crime and the price we all pay as a result of it.

    • Tyler

      I guarantee there are a ton of African-American people with a much better understanding of logic, intelligence, and “stone-age” DNA then you will ever muster in your entire life. You make me laugh out loud at your ignorance and hatred. Jesus loves you still, though.

    • Sarah is a cunt

      Stone age DNA? How does that make any sense? I just read about a WHITE man who killed his 5 kids because his WHITE wife was divorcing him. Or how about the story of a WHITE father who killed his WHITE daughter and her 5 kids?? Quite alot of kids for a white person huh?? I’m sure you have no comments for all the WHITE men who rape, run into school going on shooting rampages and white men killing their family’s over senseless bs. Keep your retarded window licking comments to yourself. Your one of those stupid b*tches who only make racist comments online. Such a waste of human flesh you are. I bet your parents are proud.

  • Michael Fusco

    Well, lets see:
    1) He was trying to convert people to Islam
    2) He beheaded one person and attacked another

    You can find out all the information you want, and wait for the dust to settle. In the meantime, I will protect myself and mine. Hopefully, when the dust settles, we are both still here to discuss the whether or not we should be ashamed of assuming there is a religiious motive. Oh….and by the way….ISIS isn’t religiously motivated either….right?

    • Tyler

      I was surprised by the amount of ignorance and hollow knowledged hatred in the comments, but then I realized it’s a site on the internet on a Fox News page. Enjoy your circle-jerk, morons.

  • bob

    Gee that’s odd they forgot to mention that this would have been much worse, if a fellow worker didn’t stop this attack with a concealed weapon. He was going to just keep killing people.

  • trixy

    With every example of Islam, I see. It doesn’t help their cause in trying to convince Americans that they are a religion of peace and not a bunch of murderous killers and women haters. !! Disgusting slimebuckets

  • Bee Oab

    FACT: Blacks and Hispanics together account for 29% of America’s population, but account for 63% of America’s prison population. This will upset all of you liberal whiners who want us to ignore these FACTS and “embrace diversity” but it is a fact and for you to ignore it shows how ignorant you really are. We are all burdened by these people in the form of crime, welfare and higher taxes.

  • Paul

    sura (or chapter) 47, Allah commands Muslims, “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks.”

    The accompanying English commentary helpfully explains:

    When once the fight (Jihad) is entered upon, carry it out with the utmost vigor, and strike home your blows at the most vital points (smite at their necks), both literally and figuratively. You cannot wage war with kid gloves. [Italicized parentheticals in original.]

    Sura 8 underscores the point with another of Allah’s exhortations: “I am with you: Give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: Smite ye above their necks and smite ye all their fingertips off them.”

  • TheMiddleFinger

    50% of all prisoners are in for drugs. Non- violent crimes. 27% of them are in for weed. Which is now legal in some states. American has been built on corruption and how they get away with it is by keeping the the population stupid. Like BEE OAB and scared of different people like the coward BEE OAB.
    Look at the history of serial killers. You will find that they are 90% white. F’d up religious crimes? Waco! The inquisition! The Witch hunts! These crimes were by white Christians. Killing way more people than ISIS can even dream of. And ISIS won’t get the chance because your Black President is about to put them down. Unlike all the white presidents who made deals with terrorist or stop chasing them because of Oil money in another part of the world. Yeah. The Bush Family’s main investor to there first oil company was from the family of Osama Bin Laden.

    • Jeff Zander

      Yes, whites still commit about half the crimes in this country – mostly drug and weed related…..so you can cherry pick all you want to and find plenty of hideous crimes done by whitey. The point being made here is that blacks and mexicans commit crimes at a MUCH higher rate than whites do, and there is no way an intelligent, objective person can argue that. It’s their “entitlement” culture that fosters it.

    • TheThumb?

      Just as a heads up, while Marijuana may be legal according to the state, it is still illegal according to federal law. The current administration may not be enforcing the statute in states that have legalized pot, but they or another administration could change their minds whenever they like.

  • Jeff Zander

    I used to be strongly anti-racist but unfortunately I now agree with what “Bee Oab” said…..I have just seen too much over the years to deny it any longer. I’m not happy about it – I really do wish we could all be “equal” but the sad reality is that it’s just not true.

  • Vickie

    “Equality” in any form is a lie. This is a trick of government wanting everyone to be “equal”. Equality in everything is a complete and total lie. The poor you will have with you always…Jesus said that. I think he ought to know, he was the Son of the Living God. HE KNEW. There is no such thing as equality. None of us are equal in any way. The white race is just as separated as the black race. Many whites were raised in squalor and ignorance. Are they equal to other whites? No. There is no way that every single white was raised in so-called “white privilege”. It didn’t happen. So to pit one color against another is pure manipulation of the masses by the government itself. Obama was raised in privilege. More so than most white people that I have ever met. Blacks should be outraged at HIM for being raised in such a privileged manner, but they aren’t. They believe the equality lie between black and white only.

    It’s manipulation and you are the puppet.

    • Vickie get a life

      You don’t understand anything. The story isn’t talking about Chicago nor does making racist comments do you any good. The color of the mans skin doesn’t matter. You agreeing with “Joe” saying you get what he is dating makes no sense. The guy in this story isn’t the only idiot who has killed people for getting mad he was fired which is most likely why he went on a rampage. Not that he was upset people weren’t goining full blown Muslim. Many men have gotten mad they were let go and tried to kill or indeed kill people and most of those men were white. Most serial killers are white. What this guys did was wrong obviously but you really need a life and need to get off the internet. You try to sound all intellectual but you need a life. All your doing is arguing with people’s opinions while trying to way your right. That’s ignorant. Again. Get a life. Log off your computer and get some fresh air. You need it.

  • Slam1263 (@IKnowBO)

    Well, the comments just about cover it.
    Terrorist apologist , apologizing for terrorist, and the normal people asking; When is enough, enough?,
    I’ll come right out and say it, I hate Islam, and all it stands for. After losing good friends, and Brothers in Arms, in a cowardly terrorist act during the Beirut, UN sponsored, peacekeeping mission, and the continued actions of Islamist since then, I don’t see that changing.

  • Trina

    Does any of this speak to the education of the average person from Oklahoma. What do they teach?, bigotry, hatred, lack of a sense of common good and community. I think the country should take Texas and Oklahoma and sell them to Mexico. We are tired of the hatred and bullshit from places like those 2 states.

  • duke

    Were the women white or black is all I want to know. If white we should all March in fetters on mo. Loot black businesses and burn them
    How’s that? Would only be fair. I think average American tired and sick of blacks saying they are discriminated against. We even voted for the president because he was neither black or white but I believed in him. Guess what it is time for AL Sharpton again.By the way, who pays his wages?

    • duke

      I have a great idea with all the mexicans coming into this country illegally, let them serve in service 2 years in afghanistan and all these other weird countries and we will make them citizens legally but they have to go to that process first to prove lame want to be a citizen of this country and prove it

  • Shad

    This was a horrible Thing that was done by this fool. You show everyone you are also a fool by not knowing your own history. Some of the worse, and most deplorable violence in this world was perpetrated by white society. Tuskegee airmen, small pocks blankets for Native Americans, Be headings by whites in Louisiana to black Men, women, and children. Slavery, hangings, lynchings, raping, and more. Point is, there are already enough sad idiots like this fool in the world, so don’t add to his population because with your comments, it looks like you’re pretty sad yourself. Stay positive God Bless.

  • Semple Minds

    O.J. almost got Ron Goldman’s head completely severed.

    Does that count?
    Does he get partial credit?
    How many virgins does a “partial decapitation” get you?

    Who came closest to “losing their head”?
    Nicole or Ron?

    At least, this time, ISIS didn’t bore us with the standard “White Bronco” reality show !

  • somebody

    I’m so tired of these middle eastern religions… They ought to have stayed in the middle east forever, where they originated and where they belong.

  • Linbru3

    On line is where you will find most racist people, because they don’t have enough gumption to express their opinions in the presence of others. They are what you would call Dumbasses.

  • Natalie

    Unfortunately he not going to be punished what he did.You will see he will spend sometime in a hospital and will be convicted mental dissable.He will spend couple years in prison and will be FREE to do again Most painful he will be supported by OUR TAX money Somebody have to stop it!

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