Man accused of killing neighbor’s ‘barking’ dog pleads not guilty to charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BELLINGHAM — The man accused of shooting dead a neighbor’s dog for allegedly barking pleaded not guilty to the charges Friday.

Police said David Latham, 55, walked over to his neighbor’s yard and shot dead the neighbor’s corgi two weeks ago, allegedly because he was angry over a dog’s barking.  As it turned out, the corgi wasn’t the dog that had been barking.

But Latham is in serious trouble with the law.

It happened in the backyard of Cary Chunyk’s home on Undine Street. Chunyk said he watched in horror as his 13-month-old corgi named Molley was shot in the chest.

“Its unbelievable,” he said, “You can’t even fathom what’s happened.

“That’s when he just reached, leaned over the fence and put the barrel of the gun right up to Molly’s throat, chest area and pulled the trigger,” said Chunyk. “I just heard this little pop and then Molly just screamed.”

Police said Latham admitted to them that the had shot the dog. He’s charged with animal cruelty, trespassing, and brandishing a weapon.

“We acknowledge receipt of those charges and waive formal readings, enter not guilty pleas to all of those charges,” said Latham’s attorney in open court.

A small handful of dog lovers braved the rain outside of court to show their support.

“He is a ticking time bomb,” said Bren McKinley. “I think there’s something not quite right for someone who can just go be a loose cannon.”

Chunyk wants Latham to face the harshest punishment possible.

“A max penalty needs to be tenfold, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

The judge told Latham he’s not allowed to have any contact with Molly’s owners.

A trial has been scheduled for Dec. 15.

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  • Marni Montanez

    This man is a coward who now hides his cruel act behind a not guilty plea. I can’t imagine feeling safe in that neighborhood. What is really sick is he shot and killed this dog, Molly for absolutely nothing.

    • Mike

      Like other dog owners who don’t train their dogs not to bark,it is extremely irritating to hear dogs barking all the time.try being considerate instead of ignorant about how all you dog people can be…..

  • Angela DeMahy

    CORGI STRONG! No person should ever have to deal with what the Chunyk’s have had to deal with. There is a dedicated study of animal abuse being the start of further mental issues and endangerment. This man worked in a bank, imagine if he snapped at his place of employment the people that could be killed.

  • lady

    I feel for this man.I have to listen to my idiot neighbors bark machine all day and most of the night.Constant loud piercing yelping EVERY DAMN DAY! Leaving notes hasnt worked,talking to them hasnt worked and calling AC hasnt worked.My daily/nightly schedual revolves around an idiot dog that I dont even own.Can I watch my baby nephew without his sleep being constantly interrupted?Nope.Can I bbq with friends & family in my lovely yard without having to shout over the dog?Nope.Can I leave my windows open when it gets hot without the sound of a screaming mutt echoing in the house?Nope.There is a reason our military uses noise as a form of torture.
    Have respect for your non dog worshipping neighbors FFS.I like heavy metal but I dont blast it at the people next door.

    • Jordan

      You sound to me like an entitled moron who somehow thinks annoying sounds are somehow exclusive to dogs. I’m sure there are plenty of people in the neighborhood that hate the sound of children crying, screaming at the top of their lungs and making ridiculous noise all hours of the day, but we do not go out and shoot kids in the chest to shut them up.

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