Young woman, man in stolen car die in crash after high-speed police chase

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

crashSPANAWAY — A stolen car being pursued at high speeds Wednesday by Pierce County sheriff’s deputies crashed in Spanaway, and the young man and woman in the vehicle were killed.

Brew Baker, 22, of Bonney Lake and 18-year-old Krista Case died in the crash, the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office said.

The incident began at about 2:10 p.m., sheriff’s department detective Ed Troyer said, when a Tacoma mother called 911 to report her 18-year-old daughter’s friends had left a stolen white Honda in her garage. She called back shortly after that to say the friends had returned in a black Honda to retrieve the stolen white car.

At 2:28 p.m., Troyer said, a deputy found the two cars at 152nd Street and 22nd Avenue. The two cars split up, and the deputy pursued the black Honda westbound on 152nd Street. Troyer said the black Honda was confirmed stolen, too.

Another deputy found the white Honda at 22nd and Military Road and began a pursuit that involved multiple road and lane changes at more than 100 mph.

The white Honda collided with a green sedan at 152nd Street and Brookdale Road East and the two people inside the stolen car –Case and Baker — were killed.

The driver of the green sedan was transported to an area hospital with moderate injuries.

Neighborhood resident Mary Hesse was shaken by what she saw. She said she peeked over her back fence when she heard sirens and saw a man in a white Honda being chased by several Pierce County sheriff's deputies.

"I thought he was going to hit the fence," Hesse said. "We locked eyes at that point. He recovered and went around the corner, and I knew he wasn’t going to make it. That was when we heard the impact. It shook the ground. It shook the ground this far up."

Troyer said Baker, the driver of the stolen white Honda, "was part of a larger ring of car thieves. We've been having problems out here with multiple cars being stolen. We're still missing a lot of them. We believe this is a suspect responsible for a lot of them."

Referring to the young woman killed in the crash, Troyer said, "It's sad that the mother called us and alerted us and it turned out this way. But the 19-year-old has had some problems and was willingly in a stolen car."

"For the mother calling, wow, that’s pretty gutsy," Hesse said. "She was looking out for her daughter and obviously knew she wasn’t with the right type of people. I feel sorry for the families, I really do. I just don't feel it had to end this way."

The stolen black Honda was stopped by a deputy at 153rd Street East and Military Road East, and a suspect in that vehicle was detained.  The driver was not immediately identified.




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  • shadeyladey21

    Why did the sheriff’s have to keep chasing them at high speeds until they wrecked and died?? They knew it was dangerous! They could of backed off & arrested them later! Why did 2 young lives have to be lost for the police to catch a car thief?? It makes no sense! Cops do it all the time! Its not right! My heart goes out to the families. Especially for the mom who called the cops for help & they helped kill her DAUGHTER!

    • Josh

      The guy who stole the car killed her. Don’t blame other people for his crime. The police do have rules about high speed chases. Criminals do not.

      • Bushtilda Walker

        Its too bad that the police do not obide by their rules as law enforcement because they could have backed off and radioed ahead like they are supposed to do in residential and high traffic areas. So doont just blame the criminal cause those people didn’t have to be hit and killed if the law would have went by their own rules. They are not above the law like most of you like to portray!

    • Try Again

      How about we blame the career criminal that has a long rap sheet, including many felonies for this? He is the one that set this ball in motion. Don’t blame the people charged with trying to apprehend him.

      • casee

        He did not have a long rap sheet for this. Nor did he have many felonies. He had one, that had nothing to do with the situation. Learn your facts before you talk about someone.

    • Brian

      You really need to pay attention to detail… Her daughter wasn’t the one who was killed… It was friends of her daughter. And seriously you need to put blame where blame is due. If the cops don’t chase… All you do is give every person who doesn’t want to get caught a green light to run from the police because they won’t chase you. Soon cars won’t even stop for a traffic ticket. When you’re a victim of a crime… You’ll understand one day. How you can blame anyone but the criminals is beyond my comprehension.

    • Warren

      Why did the criminal driving the car, keep driving at high speeds, that is the question you should be asking. The criminal knew it was dangerous. Two young lives were lost because of the CRIMINAL THIEF who stole the car, NOT because police were enforcing the law. Yes, it does make no sense, yet CRIMINALS choose to try and out run police all the time. The cops didn’t help kill her daughter, the CRIMINAL THIEF did. No one forced her to be in that car, SHE made the choice to climb in a stolen car with the CRIMINAL. Don’t blame law enforcement for enforcing laws!

  • Sarah Christina Bolstad

    I agree they knew the outcome of a chase they don’t catch them they kill them ….catch them later and stop potentially risking the lives of Innocent bystanders like kids that could have been walking home from school at that time ! …Coldolences to the two families that lost !

  • Dima.a G

    No one killed any one a thief who stole cars for many years,who did not learn his lesson in life,made that decision to believe he is smarter then the law, The law clearly states you need to make a hard earned living in this world in order to have that car or those things people put there hard earned money,time and effort into to just wake up one morning to see that car get stolen or broken into this is a lesson to all thieves and robbers.

    • casee

      He did not steal cars for many years. Please learn straight facts before you talk on any situations. There’s more to the story then police are leading on, and that very obvious. But he did NOT have a long history of stealing cars

      • duh

        What kind of decent person goes and steals other people’s belongings? It’s called getting a d@mn job. He didn’t steal cars for a long time…. Pshhhhh…. He shouldn’t have stolen them…. EVER. He was making a dishonest living stealing from honest people and by speeding away from the cops he risked his own life and ended up losing it.

  • gary

    sad,…… but car thieves just don’t seem to pull over for the flashing lights of the law, worse yet their passengers don’t have a whole lot of choice when or how to get out of the seat they put them selves in ! Cops can’t just let them go, to crash into innocent people ‘like one of you’ driving to pick up a child from school or ? sad for all involved, i’m sure all lost sleep last night.

  • Kenny Starkey

    I live 10 miles away from that spot it happened. I just don’t understand in a rural area why the police were chasing a couple kids over 100 mph. They are the ones that caused this terrible accident. Pretty sure there is a safety protocol these police are supposed to use for the public’s safety much less the perpetrator. 2 kids in a stolen car with police chasing I would think were scared and the reason they were driving that way. Wake the FK up. Police everywhere think they can do whatever they want wherever and if someone dies because of it, so be it. makes me sick. RIP over a stupid fkg car.

  • joeblow flipperhead

    everyones got somthing to say but no one does anything. how many people do the washington police kill every year u all ack like r outraged but thats as far as u go. maybe if u all would hold someome accountable this type of thing wouldnt happen these are not accidents this is murder plain and simple and to this dustin fuck you

    • 03sv1g

      Typical bleeding heart liberal reaction. I’ve got news for you, these kids weren’t killed by the police, they died from being worthless, POS criminals. Nobody put a gun to this kid’s head and made him become a career criminal. Most of us are tired of being victimized by thieves, and would like to see all of them meet the same fate. The old “it’s just a car” B.S is getting irritating. Somebody who actually had a job went to work to buy that car, just to have some piece of crap take it away because he thought he was entitled to it. He didn’t just steal a car, he stole part of somebody else’s life. All the hours that person spent working for that car were stolen from them and they’ll never get them back. Other than the other person being injured in the crash, this couldn’t have gone any better.

      • casee

        So let me understand this, you believe that the people in the car deserved to die? That’s pretty fucking sick. Two people lost there lives, and its okay cause they were in a stolen car? That’s sick. The people involved had friends and family who loved them dearly, and it’s a devastating loss. Don’t you dare think for a minute its a good thing they have died. Shame on you. People make the wrong choice and go down the wrong road, don’t sit there and act like you have never done anything wrong. Cause we all have.

      • duh

        You are a moron. The police killed NOBODY in this situation. They recklessly endangered their own lives. If police stop chasing because the person won’t pull over to keep people from doing stupid $h!t and killing themselves NOBODY WILL PULL OVER. EVER. This makes it impossible to enforce the law. Don’t steal cars. Don’t run from police. Don’t attack police with OR without a weapon. Pretty d@nm simple. Doesn’t take anymore than two brain cells cell rubbing together to figure that out.

    • tucker

      He was a career criminal and should have been behind bars, No it was no accident he chose to run on purpose. The mother who most definitely did the right thing is a victim now also because the court system failed to keep this man locked up. The court system failed here not the police

  • tucker

    It makes no sense to run from the law. I am sorry that lives were loss. The officers are not to blame, the car thief who chose to put himself and his passenger at risk is the only one to blame.

  • Susan

    I really do not feel bad for a couple of worthless criminals getting killed during an act of criminal stupidity. Darwin scores another two points here.

    • casee

      That is a very sick thing to say. Lives were loss, regardless of how that happened, lives were lost. Families and friends lost someone very close to them. You should be ashamed of that comment.

  • Darrin

    I am sick and tired of small-brained folks who blame this on the police. How effin STUPID. The idiot criminal is the one who chose to risk his own life and the lives of others – and he got what he deserved. Society’s gene pool just got a bit stronger.

    • casee

      This happened in a residential, high traffic, school zone. The police are some to blame. Lives were list. Parents there children. Friends and family lost someone there close too. Everyone males bad choices. Don’t act like you haven’t.

    • sambo253

      maybe it was her birthday..who cares, doesn’t matter anymore.
      they got what they bargained for. and we have two less trouble making thieves to contend with on our streets.

      • casee

        She was 18, and no they did not get what they bargained for. That’s sick yo say. Lives were lost. Regardless of the situation. Lives were lost. And there is steps cops could have taken yo prevent this whole situation. Don’t act like you’ve never made a wrong choice before

        • duh

          The police did nothing wrong! They were doing their JOB…. law enforcement…. They do this thing called ENFORCING THE LAW. All the dumbass kid had to do was pull over in order to keep from killing HIMSELF…. and another person. Not shame on the police. Shame on the criminal making it an issue in the first place.

  • Puyallup Dude

    I am happy to see that these two drains on society both got a Dirt Nap, but it’s sad that another inncent person got injured. It also sucks that many people were delayed in traffic for a little while.

    • casee

      That’s a really sick thing to say. Lives were lost.Regarldess of the choices they made, we all do make bad choices at one point in our life. Don’t act like you never have. Families lost someone they love and care for

  • jennifer

    the cops are deffinately not to blame, the punk ass driver is but on the other not my truck and my moms car were broken into and the cops tried to refuse coming out and they wouldnt take a report either even though the person stole the keys to my moms car out of my truck and her registration and insurance. they said we had to make the report online and the cop left. those two jackass kids should not have been allowed back on the streets. these damn judges need to pull their heads out of their asses and start following the law. they sit there and let these worthless people go but yet try to put someone in prison for five years because of a suspended license, bullshit. i hope the driver in the other stolen car that did get arrested rotts in hell with a shit load of severe guilt for being a part of this stupidness. the cops are not the ones to blame in this particular case

    • casee

      So you clearly no nothing about went down. Peoples lives were taken because of the recklessness of the police in charge of making our streets safe. Yes, the kids involved may have made some bad choices, but st some point in our lives we all have. Lives were lost, regardless of how it happened, we should be sad about that. That was someone’s daughter, someone’s son. Regardless.. Lives were lost

  • shadeyladey21

    How the heck can he be a so called “Career Criminal”? He was 22 years old! Also, the police can & should stop high speed chases putting all lives at risk, innocent or otherwise! But they dont! They already had the suspects names etc. Her mom called them! (wouldnt be hard to find & arrest them later.) But they get a call from a mom thats trying to do the right thing, & they knowingly keep chasing the car that kills her daughter? & most of you think thats ok??? Its not!!! Would if it was your daughter, sister, niece, friend?

  • Parakeet

    The mom did the right thing. Too bad her daughter chose to hang out with the wrong crowd. Don’t blame the cops for this. Blame the criminals who chose to break the law. Stupid way to die if you ask me. Hope it was.worth it for them.

    • casee

      The cops are somewhat to blame for the way this all went down. They didn’t take the proper steps to prevent the situation. And the kids involved didn’t deserve to pass this way. Families lost someone important to them

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  • marsina johnson

    That was my good friend… she was such a beautiful girl with a big heart… i miss her so much…. R.I.P Krista Case i love you baby girl …