Corvette driver gets BIG surprise after parking like a jerk (PHOTO & VIDEO)

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NEWARK, New Jersey — We have all seen someone parked like a jerk and wanted to do something about it.

But what can you do beyond leave a note or call a tow truck?

One New Jersey man’s response galvanized reddit readers Monday morning.

The man submitted a photo of a Corvette parked in two parking spaces.

Parked perfectly parallel to the crooked corvette, a dirt covered jeep.

The photo speaks for itself, but the Jeep driver’s caption brings it home:

“Guy in corvette parks like an [expletive]. Then I come along.”

The Jeep driver also shot video of the moment the corvette driver came outside to his car.

I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours here in NJ and when I got to where I wanted to eat I saw this in a semi-busy parking lot. I figured I’d do this because I wasn’t taking up two spaces and [expletive] people like this. The reaction on his face when he got laughed at going in his car was priceless.

The driver said he moved his Jeep right after the Corvette left the parking lot.

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  • Paul&Kathy

    City parking spaces are so small even an econo-box car can’t open its doors w/o hitting the other car.
    Liberals want you all riding bicycles.

    • Fred

      Why are the politically ignorant responding? Liberals really? you can’t state an opinion without stating how stupid your comment really is. You must be the vette owner.

    • Hannah

      Your comments don’t reflect on liberals, it reflects on you. It shows how really ignorant you are. Judging groups of people? You are not to be taken seriously.

      • Buster's friend Dave

        Awesome* sure* across* though* people* and for goodness sake if you want to stand up for “what is right in the world” be educated enough to communicate clearly and use punctuation and proper grammar. You do know you sentence makes just as much sense as the jeep driver parking the way he did, right? You should also know that “Shure” is a company who makes microphones and audio equipment and I’m pretty SURE they don’t want someone as ignorant as yourself using their name in vain.

  • Alan

    Tend to agree with the Corvette owner here. People work hard to by the things they like, only to find some other a**hole doesn’t give a dam and damages there car by smashing their door into a person’s new car. On the other hand the Verte owner could have parked out further in the parking lot as the “me first” idiots park there and are usually the ones who don’t give dam about other people’s property.

    • Moralia

      My honey drives a Corvette that’s his baby, what he does is park farther back in the lots, usually in a space that’s protected on one side by a curb. Parking badly invites retaliation.
      Corvette guy in the pictures was a douche, Jeep guy was a jerk. Both should have to go back through Driver’s Ed. :)

    • Matt

      Screw the corvette owner. He can go park at the back of the lot and walk. When I drive my porsche and I don’t want anyone to ding it. I park away from the door and walk. I would never be the guy that takes 2 spaces.

  • Champ

    No, the jerk is the Corvette owner. If he’s so worried, then he can go park where there are 0 people parking. Just because he has a nice car doesn’t mean he’s allowed to put other people out. The guy in the Jeep was making a point but I doubt the Corvette will learn.

  • Darrell Lewis

    I would have done the same as the Jeep but would have claimed out the passenger side and slammed my door as hard as possible into the corvette.

  • George W. Bush

    I agree with the Jeep driver. Its not hard to find a parking space where no cars are parking around the Vette. Lots of people these days are such inconsiderate a$$holes.

  • Alex L

    That’s cuz the Vet is a Z06 and worth over $100k. I would take two spaces too… Just in the back of the parking lot. That dump F*** in the Jeep should be glad he didn’t scratch the Vet. The courts and insurance would have hammered him. Dumpass!

  • Mike J

    XJ Cherokee for the win! Seriously though, too many people these days are too inconsiderate of others. I would have done the same, and maybe parked behind him and called a tow truck.

  • chad

    I don’t have a Vet, but I also have a “nice” car. There is a row of nice cars at my work where we all respect each other and park with an empty space in between. When I go places, I generally try to find a spot far away from other cars. I can’t say that I’ve never done the double spot park, but I’ve never done the double spot park close to the entrance.

  • BRAD E

    I agree with other posters, vette owner should have parked farther away. But, he does have a major investment and a very nice car. All the haters here probably drive a Prius and don’t have any idea of the pride this owner has in his vehicle. For example look at the jeep!

    • that is asome

      well no i do not have a vet but i do have a 65 f100 fully restored i would never park like that i park far away and walk. my daily driver is a 89 cherokee that looks about like the jeep and it is lifted on 38 the whole set up i don’t believe you know what the jeeps run about half the cost of that vet and my jeep is my pride and joy no i don’t want it scratched or dinged yes it has mud on it all the time. i take it hunting and fishing i agree with the guy in the jeep i would do the same in a hart beat.


    I have a ZO6 that’s my baby. Very fast and very expensive! I can understand the Corvette owners mentality but not his stupidity. Yes I know he wants to show off his car and feels privileged to take up two parking spots, but there is a time a “space” for that and this was not it! If you want to show off your car at a public place and feel important, that place should have vale or VIP parking otherwise park for away drom other cars…LOL

  • Fred

    If you can afford a $60,000+ car don’t park in the lot like that. Go out to spots where the lazy don’t like to park. Hopefully the retard understands that he can’t be a rude moron.

  • jm

    no, the problem is that there are people who like to have nice things and you have people who could care less about other peoples things. these assholes should ride a bike and park it in the grass. i would park far away from these dummmmies just to keep my doors from these kind of people.

  • Matt h

    The vette owner end spot. Should have been good enough. My problem w this story, isn’t that the vette owner parked like a do sh. It’s how the Jeep owner bullies him. Takes pics n vids, and does it anonymously. A huge issue w this country now.
    If u have a problem w someone, b a man. Not a 13 yo girl.
    I feel gay just posting

  • ChickenHater

    I like how the Jeep owner was to “chicken” to go out an stand up to the Vette owner. I like how he is hiding, peeking through the window like a scarred 10yo girl.

    That must make your mama and daddy proud!


  • steve

    The driver of the Corvette was a dipstick for parking like an a-hole, but the driver of the Jeep was an A$$HOLE for extrapolating the situation! Not only did he illegally park the Jeep over the curb, but he also blocked the sight line. The driver of the Corvette was a dipstick, but he did not park illegally.

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