Alaskan TV reporter curses, quits on-air to focus on pot (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Viewers of the KTVA-TV 10:00pm news on Sunday got quite a surprise when reporter Charlo Greene not only outed herself as the owner of a medical marijuana business, but also promptly quit on the air.


Greene did a story on the Alaska Cannabis Club, without revealing her connection to it. Afterwards, she announced that she was the club’s owner and was quitting her job at the station.

“Now everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy for fighting for freedom and fairness which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska,” she said. “And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, (expletive) it, I quit.” You can see the video below (NSFW language).

The club aims to increase access to medical marijuana in Alaksa. Newspaper Alaska Dispatch News describes the club as operating within a “gray area” in the state’s medical marijuana laws. The state will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana use later this year.

KTVA-TV’s news director later apologized for the incident on the station’s Facebook page, adding that Greene no longer worked at the station.

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  • Rob

    Are you asking if Alaska has a infestation? I dont unserstand. Your comment is just about as ignorant as the way she quit her job. Has nothing to do with race! What she did was classless, this will only hurt her cause. I support the legalization of Marijuana but this is the wrong way to get attention.

  • I hate weed

    Alaska has one of the biggest drugs problems already. Deffinately a stupid classless move on her part. Once she finds she’s not going to become rich selling pot she won’t be able to go back to being a TV anchor. She blew any chance of that. No news station would hire her after that stunt

    • Edenias Shrill

      Do you really, honestly, seriously think she did this because she wants to get rich by selling pot? Dude, check your brain. She said that she’s “fighting for freedom and fairness” of pot use, not “selling pot to get rich”.

      • No wait ... What?

        Oh well that makes it all good to break FCC regs because she wants to promote her version of fairness.

        I wonder what regs and laws I’m allowed to break because I don’t think other regs and laws are fair?

        • Thuro

          Regardless of how much you dislike the idea of legalized cannibus, the federal government will eventually decriminalize it. Just like alcohol and tobacco (which is far more harmful and addictive).

    • Jonathan

      Judging only on the video, the article posted here, and the fact that I watched the medical and recreational industry form in Colorado from the start– I’m inclined to believe that she will do much better for herself after this ‘stunt’ than you seem to think. Assuming the people of that state want legal medical/recreational marijuana (and it seems that this would be the case if there is already a demand, like you mentioned there was). She’s ground floor on an industry with a massive growth potential. How can you be so sure she won’t do well? Even if she didn’t, she’s got business experience in a niche market that could be applied in any of the states that are currently legal, and/or the growing number of states that are in line to legalize. Sounds like you just cant get over your bias.

      • Thuro

        Exactly. If she’s already got her foot in the door, then that means she’ll be one of the first millionaires, if not billionaires in the industry. Because trust me, once the feds legalize weed, it will be hard for people to get in the industry.

    • Sorry you feel that way

      Do you know first hand about Alaska’s drug use? Well I was born and Raised in Alaska a lot of things could be better for sure. The fact that you don’t know how to spell some words definitely makes your argument invalid. It isn’t a stupid classless move to fight for something you believe in! She doesn’t want to be a reporter she wants to fight for freedom and fairness of pot laws. The fact that you hate weed also clouds your judgment on this topic as well. I don’t use pot I have, but I don’t like it. People that smoke pot aren’t horrible people who can’t do anything or steal from everyone for the next high. Pot should have been reclassified a long time ago and then many issues now wouldn’t be issues. That is my feelings on this yes maybe don’t curse on t.v. but she had to get her point out the way she knew how.

    • Melanie M (@smartass425)

      ppl are way too passionate about weed. its not even that great of a high. and it’s toxic. and the media keeps boring us with story after story of pot this or pot that. zzzzz already. and, that sista just reinforced stereo types of sistas- angry and in your face.

      • forreal

        I don’t know about the weed “high,” but I do know that the only reason a plant with proven medical benefits isn’t legal is big pharma and their desire to keep their customers enslaved on “legal” drugs that poison their livers and kill their kidneys. You should do some research, and move beyond the high. The FDA and pharmaceutical companies are not our friends.

    • t juanita

      Im pretty sure there are actually a TON of stations that would hire her for that reason alone. And as for her “becoming rich” by selling pot. You obviously have done ZERO research on this woman and her mission.

    • Thuro

      The people who are the pioneers for the selling of legal marijuana will be very rich. It’s not a matter of “if” the federal government will legalize marijuana it’s a matter of “when”. She said fuck her job for a reason, and it ain’t because being a news anchor in Alaska is going to make her wealthy. Remember someone told you this!

  • Bill

    I see nothing wrong with Ms. Greene leaving the TV industry…she did it in a way that she does not plan to return. and intended to burn that bridge. I think she should have been graceful about leaving the TV business but I am quite sure she had her own reasons. However, she made a good decision.

    In 6 months in the state of Colorado, the Marijuana Industry has grossed over 300 million dollars already. Ms Greene is getting on the Marijuana bandwagon early in Alaska. Marijuana prohibition in these states are ending, because the states need the revenue. During marijuana prohibition when cops catch a black man selling weed, they get thrown under the jail. Now the white folk in Colorado, California, Washington State are selling weed and making a ton of money. Why not this Black woman be able to profit from the marijuana market? Ms. Greene I wish you all the luck in your new adventure.

  • Steve Jefferson

    Unprofessional! It raises the question if her cause is for medicinal or personal reasons? Who would want to even listen to her after such a disrespectful departure . Unfortunately she mocks owes her opportunity to even be on TV News to the history of African American journalists who fought to help get equal hiring practices in our business. How disappointing & immature. You think she thought she was hurting her bosses who obviously decided to part ways with her? You Susoect there were some employee issues with her in the newsroom?
    Nothing positive or proud about her actions!

  • Steve Jefferson


    Unprofessional! It raises the question if her cause is for medicinal or personal reasons? Who would want to even listen to her after such a disrespectful departure . Unfortunately she mocks owes her opportunity to even be on TV News to the history of African American journalists who fought to help get equal hiring practices in our business. How disappointing & immature. You think she thought she was hurting her bosses who obviously decided to part ways with her? You Susoect there were some employee issues with her in the newsroom?
    Nothing positive or proud about her actions!

  • jane doe


    • R do


      Also, let’s talk about run-on sentences and proper sentence structure.

      Don’t tell me that I’m ruining my brain, unless you have enough of yours to say it properly.

      • Gabrielle

        LOL R DO!!!! We should tell her about that squiggly red line that appears underneath words when you type sometimes… those aren’t for decoration Jane! #spellcheck

    • Jessie

      Jane Doe: At least we pot smokers know how to spell, and use proper punctuation. You clearly have your head up your ass. Pull it out of there and do some research, you bigot!

    • Billy

      Wow all I can say is I Pray that you or someone you love doesn’t end up with cancer, Ptsd, or Lupis and on and on you dont have to watch a vetran who put his or her life on the line for yours go thru losing their mind because they cant afford their meds. ( Sure the goverment will help them thats why so many are homeless and yeah they have insurance but go look at ho many drugs the va doesnt cover… )) And on your Rant someone clearly forgot her Xanex or Prozac this morning…

    • Thuro

      I really wish people were as passionate about alcohol and tobacco use as they are about smoking a joint. You obviously believe everything the government has told you about marijuana. The pharmaceutical companies are “banking” on programmed citizens such as yourself.

  • jury

    I’m no smoker but the stuff should be seriously regulated, otherwise our kids at school will be in the zone instead of the study zone….and brides will be getting fatter and fatter with munchies at the reception ….etc and etc ,,,,, perhaps some good music like Hendrix might come out of this second pot revolution -like the sixties had ! I think alcohol consumption and deaths related to drunks driving make weed seem harmless…whats the worse thing a stoned driver can do…? run out of gas??? drive in circles while tripping out on music ?? … it appears that DRINK is wayyyyy worse getting behind the wheel – but then again I am no doctor or expert on the subject .

  • Billy

    Hats off to you girl… For supporting a much needed cause But you didn’t need to air your job decisions out on tv there are more tactful ways of doing that not that I haven’t told a job to fuck it but for me I got mixed messages from that your representing as an upstanding business woman then its fuck it… if you were trying to reach the “bill and ted” stoners that are lazy why… This should be for the vets and pain killers and psych meds and all its other uses.. I think everyone should smoke a bowl now and then there would be much happier people but if you need it… also WTF its a weed people there are plenty of plants out there that can do much worse there not all illegal why cuz they taste like crap prohibition as for the wealthy in the 20s… get with the times and then heres some simple questions for you.. how much debt is the us in? how much money is the us spending fighting this plant? How many people are in prison over pot and how much of your paycheck is going to support this asinine cause. How much money does the FDA make off “prescription drugs” cancer meds, pain killers, psych meds, the list goes on and on… when there are studys which show marijuana to be a treatment to all these, not nearly the side effects of those scripts and if people could make free choice cost what a total of 30 dollars tops. with an average of 3-4 oz per plant depending on use could be 6 month + supply… How many people dont take there meds because they cant afford them…sorry off on a ramble now… Point is stick ith the business woman approach because not all stoners are Lazy Asses.. Were also doctors, and lawyers, judges, cops, your neighbors, and on and on… does that make them bad cops crooked judges … not necessarily if they got it like most people they do it on there time and such then no.. if you pull someone over and smoke there stash your a hypocrite and yes you crossed a line Karmas a bitch… Before I forget and Before you start talking about all the kids and this and that I would like to propose a test to this in a house with a teenage son or daughter and parent Neither smoke but the goal is who can score bud first… and try this all across the us I am willing to bet 90% of the time the high school student will win it is so much more prominent in high schools then on the streets and to those who do smoke how many of your dealers are high school kids or right there cashing in on money… if the money is taken out of the equation what a waste of time all that would be. ALL AND ALL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  • Rex Orp

    The comments here just prove how ignorant and close minded some people really are! As far as marijuana and kids go, it’s the lack of proper parenting that push them into doing things they shouldn’t! Live and let live and keep your uneducated opinions to yourself.

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