Broncos fans living in Seahawks territory?! Good luck with that… (VIDEO)

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SEATTLE — We know this is Seahawks country 12s, but what’s it like being a fan in enemy territory?

One Broncos fan is being featured in ESPN commercials after the team’s humiliating defeat in the Super Bowl.

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  • Ee Johss

    it’s most unpleasant living here amongst so many nasty 12th man fans.. comments are antagonistic and belittling of a soon to be Hall of Famer.. Seachickens and their bandwagon fans are too new to make much noise.. yet, they are the Loudest of all.. further.. when watching this latest game.. Manning and team were incredible in the last minutes in regular time.. yet.. the Chickens announce they beat the Broncos.. did they.. or are they just damn lucky? Local Radio announced the Chickens are the “winningest Defense playing against the winningest Offense..” hmmm…?? Since when should Defense be in the forefront of NFL? Well.. welcome to Pete Carol’s type of Pro-football.. strip the ball.. create opportunities to steal it.. and whatever it takes to win.. lie, cheat, steal… hmmmm, what does this really sound like? Wilson is one of the least likely to survive 10yrs of this sport.. as there are guys will… WILL catch and destroy him.. just wait and see..

    OT score was made by running like hell on several busted plays.. good judgement… or only thing to do? If Broncos offense was only on the field to begin the OT… hmmmm? If only.. ha! Next Time!

    • Josh

      Time to grow up. You wanna talk about luck? Your Broncos are lucky Haushka missed a 46 yard field goal, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. He is basically automatic, but he slipped……game over had he hit. As far as lie , cheat and steal, what a joke! Manning had 60 minutes to beat the Hawks and he failed….period!

      • EE JOHSS

        see Josh.. your one of the hostile 12th man.. make it personal.. most unsportsmanlike! I hate TWELVES and people like you.. and the environment your kind embellish.. very contagious.. look at human’s tragic history. YES.. if others don’t believe as you.. they must be wrong!

        In the final minute and OT coin flip.. to witness the great FEAR in the eyes, noises made, and breath held by the TWELVES said it all to me. The certain win for Hawks was in jeopardy.. and after the win.. the Announcer (wearing a Hawk jersey) at the lounge even said.. “the Hawks scared the livin’ shit out of us!”.. at least this was openly honest.. and yet.. comical.. and again, deranged? The audience of Twelves.. instantly replied.. sighing, Yeah…

        I believe there is a very close parallel in Human Nature to those horrible tragities in our Human history which replay themselves.. such as the blind ambitions and plain ole comradery vs the right and wrong… and this is over a sport no less.

        Josh, you have demonstrated how it is to be amongst the hostile Twelves.. takes fun/enjoyment right out of it for the rest of the 31 NFL Team fans.. hey.. I follow/root for 4 other teams besides my all time favorite.

        Call up the Stadiums’ security.. ask how many Twelves are booted/ejected/86’d for life per rival games.. I did.. and was very surprised at the numbers..

        Lastily.. I personally know of a incident of Hostille Twelves swearing at a 12yr old who was rootig for his beloved Cowboys in Seahawk Stadium – Century Link (by the way.. has that last Stadium, Kingdome been paid in full, yet??).. even threw beer on the kid and his Dad.

        So, I will never go to any game in Seattle! maybe if were free.. ha! There are a few Stadiums I’d like to check out.. met a few Opposing Teams Fans who have.. and, sadly.. all those I spoke with said the same thing.. nice Stadium, but really too loud, parking really sucks,.. and hostile audience. They liked the City very much.

        I really like Largent, Alexander, Zorn, Tatupu, and a couple other great Seahawk athletes.. but, the team/management sucked then too! Rewatch events leading Hawks to Superbowl XL.. review mainly the opposing teams’ and their wins to the playoffs berths.. when games are played at a different Sports Stadiums.. would Seahawks win? I believe no..

        One of the best games.. especially 1st Qtr action.. Eagles vs Giants, Divisional Playoffs in 2000.. on the road to Superbowl XXXV.

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