Did a local guy just invent the best cupholder ever?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KIRKLAND, Wash — A local inventor may have just designed a better cup holder for your car.

The Maksimatic Cup Holder has one mission, to stop spills completely.

A new video of the working prototype shot to the front page of Reddit Wednesday and has prompted thousands of comments.

On the Maksimatic facebook page the inventor explains:

In a nutshell, Maksimatic is a centripetal-force-utilizing cup holder that is held with a half-spherical upper tilting one’s beverage up to about a 25 degree angle on a 360 degree swiveling joint which helps prevent your beverage from spilling or coming out altogether regardless of how fast or hard you accelerate, brake or turn or any combination of the two.

In the demo video two full beverage cups can be seen twisting and tilting as the driver takes the car through a series of moves including sharp turns, steep grade hills and jerky parallel parking jobs.

The beverages not only survived, but not a drop of liquid is spilled.

The inventor, Maksim Ghyvoronsky of Kirkland, tells Q13 FOX News that the goal is to get these into factory production.

“Maksimatic has already been in the process of being patented for several years and all aspects concerning intellectual property are being covered including international filing,” writes the inventor on Facebook.

The concept would not only work on cars, trucks and SUVs but boats as well.

Ghyvoronsky says the  invention hasn’t been utilized anywhere.

“Gimbal holders allow cupholders to swivel back-and-forth: forward and backward, and side to side: to the left and right on two hinges,” says Ghyvoronsky.  “No concept has ever utilized an upper spherical member to allow a cup holder to tilt on a 360° swiveling joint, key difference here.”

Ghyvornonsky is looking for partners, investors as well as venture capitalists to help bring the dream to market.


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