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Tacoma mom ‘terrified’ as five drivers on I-5 tormented family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TACOMA — It was a Sunday evening drive home from Oregon to Tacoma, but south of Olympia, near Grand Mound, troopers say five young men driving souped-up Volkswagens started tormenting drivers.

“They were driving up to different cars and flashing their flashers at them and then shoving them over or pulling in front of them and hitting their brakes as hard as they could,” victim Aimee Buswell said Wednesday night.

Buswell, her fiancee and son were in one of the cars being targeted.

They sped up to avoid trouble and didn’t see the other cars for about 15 minutes, but the Volkswagens caught up and that’s when the attack started.

“The black Jetta drove onto the shoulder and the silver bug was on the side of us and hit as hard as he could on our rear bumper, which pitted us,” Buswell said.

It’s called a pit maneuver — usually used by police to stop a fleeing suspect.

When used by a civilian, it can be extremely dangerous.

“We hit the concrete barrier on my side as hard as we could and then the passenger side hit and 100 yards down the barrier we slid down. I thought the car was going to flip when that first initial hit on that concrete barrier and then oncoming traffic, we were facing oncoming traffic. I’ve never been so terrified. I never would have thought in a million years that three cars would gang up on you,” Buswell said.

Editor’s note:  After our report, troopers said there were actually five aggressive drivers involved in the incident, not three.

Aimee and her family are bruised and their car is a total loss.

"They didn't care. They were laughing when they went by, laughing like it was funny and it's not funny,” Buswell said. "It's horrible. I've never been so scared in my life.”

Fortunately, troopers caught the driver who allegedly pitted Buswell, but the other two got away. He faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and three counts of reckless endangerment.

Now, troopers and Buswell want them all caught.

The five cars involved were all VWs -- a silver Bug, a black Jetta, and a light-blue Cabriolet convertible.

WSP troopers say they know about the five drivers involved in this incident.

One of the drivers faces serious charges including leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and three counts of reckless endangerment.

Troopers say if you are threatened by an aggressive driver you should NOT engage them. Do not make eye onctact, honk or horn or gesture towards them. If you feel threatened it is ok to use your phone and call 911. If you are on a busy highway, take a nearby exit and drive to a crowded, well-lit, business and ask for help.

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  • nick

    This story is 100 percent bullshit. Im in the vdub community and I know for a fact that everyone in it doesnt want to risk damaging there ride. This woman probably saw a convoy coming back from the show in woodburn and then tried to show off and ended up losing control. Dumb bitch is just trying to fool her insurance.

    • Bob

      Nick- Thanks for proving to everyone here that you are uneducated and can only express yourself in a violent manner. Your own attitude and words have proven her story to be true. That being said – why don’t you collect your welfare check and crawl back under your rock.

      I hope they charge these complete idiots with attempted murder. That is exactly what they were doing. Guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from a bunch of animals

    • Melissa

      Nick I 100% agree with you. such a scam…
      The timing belt or turbos are probably going out on that thing and they want out from underneath it as its a maintance nightmare
      The car is not luxury its a SILVER S4 Avant max amount its worth in GREAT condition would be about $5500..

    • MKH

      Let me get this straight! My sister was trying to show off to some idiot on the road, Are you insane! first off she wasn’t even driving her fiancée was. Second I don’t see them playing games on the freeway with my nephew in the car, hell I don’t see them doing it with just them in the car. Their not dumb enough to put peoples lives at risk like this idiot who ran them off the road. Oh and BTW the cops were already looking for these people from calls they got from other drivers.

      • ed

        Lets get this straight buddy tell ur sister to say the truth because everything she said on camera is a complete lie and she explained exactly what they did there is a video and once u see it and ur sister sees it the guy in the black jetta is going to sue all those who pointed the finger including the news for false statements

    • Ralph

      Nick, is quite obvious you are well educated….don’t know the difference between (their and there). Sounds as though you are a (dip iSht).

    • Ed

      Thou protest too much. Are you one of the terrorists? Just because you’re a part of the ‘vdub’ community makes you an expert? Ooooh aren’t we all impressed. The fact is the police have made an arrest; know about the group of thugs and you sit there spouting off your ignorance. Go back to your imaginary world and leave the real world and roads to the rest of us.

    • Phil

      If she is lying then why is her back bumper damaged, and why would the other driver involved just drive off? Frankly, I would rather get the others insurance information before I decided to drive away from an accident. Even if I didn’t have insurance, if she DID lie about it then it would have been HER(or her fiance’s) fault for the accident, and HER insurance would have been responsible for all of the damages. Obviously the driver known to be involved had a reason to flee. And on top of that, how could they know that there were 4 other drivers involved as well if this was all a lie?

  • julie

    we were targeted by three youths in a tricked out red vw jetta a few years ago on I-5 southbound just south of olympia – they were weaving in and out of traffic behind me, then came along my driver’s side door and tried to ‘slam’ me onto the shoulder – i had plenty of room so i stood on my brakes and they missed – i darted into the middle lane and they cut in front of me, then stood on their brakes – again i was able to avoid a collision – my hubby immediately called 911, giving the dispatcher their license plate – i thought about taking the next exit but the dispatcher said not to let them get us alone – by now the group of traffic that had been behind me had caught up with us – the jetta hit the gas and zoomed off – we didn’t see them again – really, really scary…

  • Jamie Benghazi Schiele

    Q13- do you have license plate numbers available, year of the models? We have a damaged vw jetta in the shop, and a few have come in for estimates here in the north end of Kitsap county that last few days. If you could share that or message me or send them out to our body shop and other body shops to keep a look out for them- I am sure the victims would appreciate that. Thanks

  • Jeff W

    With all the surveillance cameras around, how about playing back any one of the tapes and obtaining license plate numbers? Also, if the “victimized” drivers would have grown some balls and run one of these cars off the road we’d have had a happier ending

    • Angela

      What are people supposed to do? Call 911 for help, or forget the cops and be vigilantes? The cops are telling people not to engage these drivers. Ramming them back is extremely dangerous and won’t get them caught. It can also make what started off as a pretty black and white situation very muddy and grey. No sense making it harder for the cops to nail these guys, or endangering even more lives by trying to shoot back with your vehicle.

  • Dewey

    This story is a great example of why you should always carry a firearm…..I sure hope those punks try those stunts on me – if they do they will each get a new hole where they don’t need one

  • carrie

    I experience this type of behavior all the time on hwy 16 between gig harbor and port orchard. especially when I’m driving my luxury suv, and its typically someone in front of me slamming on their brakes trying to cause a rear end collision. {and I’m not tailgating, so don’t even suggest it} Or its young males wanting to race or driving side by side with me for miles on end staring and trying to get my attention, so I speed up, they speed up, It makes me wonder if there isn’t a ring of people going around trying to cause wrecks for insurance claims? If I’m in my old car, i don’t have the harassment, and I notice this family was in a luxury vehicle too. Just saying, there is something to this, and in Las Vegas back in 2006-2009 there was a rash of this behavior and it was for insurance claims. maybe the laws need to change to stop making the person who rear ends a person not ALWAYS liable. Many times its on PURPOSE by the lead car. Just saying, take away the financial gain, maybe some of this will stop

    • Krissi

      I also drive a “luxury” car and dont think it has anything to do with the fact she was driving an audi! Hwy 16 between port orchard and gig harbor is a straight up JOKE! The left lane ISNT a cruising lane, its a PASSING lane so maybe there wouldnt be issues if people just moved over and let the speeders pass! You’re not the police…justsing…

      • Nate

        Ur absolutely correct Carrie, I drive that same route and see the same garbage, and yes your being targeted for insurance scams.
        Best thing to do is snap a picture of that plate if you can, take the next exit and dial 911

  • Grace

    Being someone highly involved in the VW community this story is BS. Looking through some online forums and talking to people that know about this it has been found out that all these vehicles were found and even at the scene. The “victim” of this story was actually the instigator and was racing and messing around and decide to brake check and ended up crashing. If this story was actually researched this already would have been told and wouldn’t paint VW owners in a bad light. From the sounds of it the driver is just trying to collect some insurance money for their b5 s4 audi avant…

    • ed

      Grace idk who u are but there is evidence and it will be proven and presented to a judge and that lady will be in jail for liying and giving false and incriminating testmony and she will pay for the damages on the “black jetta”

    • SomePeople

      Really “Grace”? Or “Nick”, or whoever you actually are? I’m guessing you don’t have children. What parent do you know that would purposely and willingly put their child’s life at risk while driving a very expensive car just to try to “show off” bc they see a “convoy” of Volkswagen’s coming down the interstate….One of which being a bug….really? Your inflated ego is showing. I’m pretty sure a family driving an Audi could care less about your little “VW Club”. It’s hard to even say without laughing, showing off for a bug and some Jetta’s. Both her car and certainly the life of her child are worth WAY more than any of your toy cars. Grow up and open up your eyes. Or at the very least, use your brain a little…

      • austin

        Somepeople i guess your not too bright are you? Ive seen many parents endanger their children while driving. Texting, calling, looking in the back, yelling at the kids, even seen some racing with kids in their car. Also being a fellow car enthusiast i find it hard to believe that they would hurt their car knowing they put all their blood, sweat, tears, and money into it. Because when you own a car and fix it up it often becomes like a child to you. Ive also seen numerous accidents were a luxury car brake checks and hits the person behind them for money. Happen to me with a lady in an audi as well. Lucky there wasnt too much damage

      • Bill

        An Audi S4 of that vintage isn’t an “expensive car”, I bought ours 2 years ago for $5k, and they’re less now. Your contention about her not wanting to “willingly put her childs life at risk”, I see both mothers and fathers put their kids lives at risk by both being actively idiots (reckless driving), and passively (distracted driving).

      • Melissa Moore

        How was she not driving??
        Are you stupid read “We hit the concrete barrier on my side as hard as we could and then the passenger side hit”
        So who was driving since of course they are not going to say the name of her Finance is..
        Justin Allen Ebensteiner…
        Do some research on this guy and tell me how accredit able this story is then.

        • ashley

          Damn I did just google his name. I also looked him up on facebook. The girl is busted as hell.. I wouldn’t think a cuter guy would be into her. Seems totally fishy!!!

  • Bob

    When they find these little punks I hope they charge them with attempted murder.
    First things first- If their families are on any type of Public Assistance- Cut Them Off Immediately.

    Time we enacted new laws in this country and start to hold people accountable for their actions.
    1st offense: Lose PA for 6 months
    2nd Offense: Lose PA for 1.5 years
    3rd Offense: Life time ban. Period.

    **If the crimes was of a violent nature they jump to number 3. These punks qualify for number 3.

    **This goes for anyone in the “family”- meaning if little Johnny is out gang banging or whatever and committing crimes then the Family loses the PA. Maybe then they will start to hold their kids accountable and act like real parents.

    **Family: Does not mean they have to be married since many of folks these days don’t get married but shack up together and pump out kids. So if your ‘old man/old lady’ is a criminal- you lose the PA. You chose them and the life style so you get to suffer the consequences of your actions.

    **Also- after 2 kids you get No More PA. If you could not afford the first 2 then you will not be rewarded for having more. Major problem in Detroit.

    Commit a crime and lose the public dime.

  • ed

    Who the hell said anything about pa lol thats stupid so now every incident is pa related wow some ppl need to go to te library and read!! And then look into the facts and fyi all she said were lies

  • a guy in tacoma

    Having known these people personally, I cannot take this seriously.Check the backbackground on her partner. The truth will come out.

  • bt

    Everybody who believe this story is letting Fox news lie to you. There are five cars yet only descriptions of 3. There is a video of the actual encounter showing the driver of the Audi is at fault. All three (not five) cars stopped and waited for WSP. They were questioned and released, no one was arrested,NO ONE. Get your facts right Fox “news”

    • ed

      Agree % 100 with u BT I know the drivers personally and can testfy and say about them anything needed why wouls they ever put at risk their cars that are woth mor than that wagon im gust saying it dont make sence and when its time comes all u will see the video along with an apology from fox news

    • ed

      Agree % 100 with u BT I know the drivers personally and can testfy and say about them anything needed why would they ever put at risk their cars that are woth mor than that wagon im gust saying it dont make sence and when its time comes all u will see the video along with an apology from q13

  • Conner Punk Teal Mk3 Golf From tacoma

    The dumb wench driving the Audi wagon is OBVIOUSLY a drug addict who is falsely accusing the Volkswagen community for insurance reasons because she mad a mistake and “pitted” herself in to the median. The first mistake she made in the interview was saying the 1,000 pound Volkswagen Bug “Pit Maneuvered” the 4,000 pound Audi Wagon on the driver side. As well saying the Jetta passed her on the inside shoulder (driver side) when the Bug was on the passenger side (opposite of where she was “PITTED”) Second mistake, she admitted to speeding to “avoid” the situation when we all know she had road rage, WITH A CHILD in the car. These SMOKEBOBS who believe everything and anything they hear on the News are just adding on to the rumors. If any of you actually knew anything about us “punk” Volkswagen drivers, then you would know none us would use our “souped up” Volkswagens to Pit Maneuver some smoked out, Audi mom on the freeway. From the perspective of a local punk Volkswagen driver from Tacoma (BOB) I might not be educated, but I’m intelligent enough and have common sense to know she’s faulty. Rumors on the VW forums say the three alleged punk drivers stayed on the scene, waiting for the police to show. What Jerks!

    • Ed

      You obviously don’t belong in a civil society as you’re clearly insane. Even faced with the FACTS of the incident and revealing it’s individuals driving v-dubs suddenly makes you wet your pants because you can’t believe it. Truth hurts and face the facts that not everyone in that ‘community’ or any community for that matter is going to be angels.


    This is ridiculous. These individuals should be charged with attempted murder. This family is lucky because they were driving a vehicle that is capable of handling impacts at higher speeds. Any little Civic or older vehicles involved in crashes like this would likely result in passengers’ deaths.

  • conna

    The story is actually true except the fact its 100% flipped to make the aggressor look like the Volkswagen drivers, when in reality the mother describes her bad driving behavior in perfect detail, May i add in she had her kid in the car. But can not get her story straight about which side the vw bug hit. Also No untrained or trained professional can “pit maneuver” a car on the (drivers side ) from the ( passenger side ) of the vehicle as stated by the mother, “The jetta was on the inside shoulder ( drivers side ) and the bug on Passenger side. But the “Pit Maneuver” took place on the drivers side sending her into the median. One good reason why not to believe everything you hear on the news. From what i have here’d their is a video of the incodent and everyone should be more concern about her driving then any Volkswagen driver

  • 360ladies

    Looks to me from seeing how HI that mom is that she was to blame just as much as the other drivers who probably actually know each other. In other words it was probably a drug related crime.

  • Chelle

    I am glad the family is ok. And to the aggressive driverS….. just remember this…. Karma, well she’s a bitch no matter how you look at it.

  • Mike

    That lady looks really cracked out, she admitted to speeding and driving dangerously with her kid in the car. The audi they were in is an audi s4 a performance car. The audi and vw community share many events together. vw makes audi so I don’t know why everyone seems confused. She is lying her ass off and Her fiancée is an asshole, This is her fiancée so after seeing that, are you guys going to believe what this “family” says? Why don’t they ask the the child in the car what happened? That would be very interesting.

  • bryan

    Any word if one of thos five were a green vw jetta vr6 seen a strange person getting door for nice one in parkinglot at i5 auto down in that area

  • Chris Mattern

    Dear Troopers,

    My dad was on the Washington State Patrol. I can tell you this….If I felt myself, or my family washreatened you would be investigating the deaths of 5 volkswagen drivers.

  • Victim

    Justin Ebensteiner has a criminal record for scamming consumers . His father , Mark Ebensteiner, also part of the scams, has a felony warrant for his arrest .

    This ” accident ” was no accident. Justin was driving , all a set up for money.

  • kimberlyott

    Mark Ebensteiner, Josh Ebensteiner and Justin Ebensteiner are crooks. Mark has a felony warrant for his arrest. Justin already has a record for scamming consumers. This is what they do. Until they are stopped.

    • Tom tom

      I also heard Kimberly otte is a Craigslist hooker? She meets strangers in parks and has sex with them in her car. Ewwww……. I know all is true because gay friends don’t lie. She stole all of her blind husbands money and spent it on drugs . Watch out for “Kimberly otte ” she’s a nasty person.

      • Samantha

        Everybody who believe this story is letting Fox news lie to you. There are five cars yet only descriptions of 3. There is a video of the actual encounter showing the driver of the Audi is at fault. All three (not five) cars stopped and waited for WSP. They were questioned and released, no one was arrested,NO ONE. Get your facts right Fox “news”

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